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It was a Spirit's fault, that five years ago... my parents died.

—Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi
Kanji 鳶一 折紙
Romaji Tobiichi Origami
Birthday November 11th [1]
Age 16
17 (During Volume 11)
18 (By Volume 21)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 152 cm
Blood Type A
Species Human
Spirit (Formerly)
Hair Color Silver White
Eye Color Blue (Normal)
Light Blue and White (Spirit)
  • Combat Wiring Suit
  • CR-Unit
  • Ashcroft I Alice[2]
  • Mordred[3]
  • Brunhild
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
  • Student
  • AST's Wizard (Formerly)
  • DEM Wizard[8] (Formerly)
Rank Master Sergeant (Formerly)
B+ Rank Wizard (Formerly)
AAA-Class Spirit (Spirit Form)
SS-Class Spirit (Inverse Form)
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Misuzu Togashi
English Michelle Lee

Origami Tobiichi (とびいち おりがみ, Tobiichi Origami?) is one of the main female characters of the Date A Live series. She is Shido's classmate, famous for her top grades, athleticism and beauty. She is also a Wizard of the AST, determined to avenge her parents by killing Spirits, but later becomes the eighth Spirit to appear in the series.


Origami is a top student in her school in terms of academics and sports. Of course, with a few exceptions, none of the student body and facility members know that she is a member of the AST. Origami is a very skilled Wizard but can lose herself in her emotions when it comes to dealing with Spirits in combat.

Origami is romantically interested in Shido. Her devotion towards him causes her to develop stalking habits such as sniffing his gym clothes. Shido is also the only person not related to any military institutions who knows that Origami is part of the AST.

After being transformed into a Spirit by Phantom, she realizes that Phantom is the Spirit that made Kotori into a Spirit. She concludes that Phantom probably killed her parents on the same day and travels to the past with the help of Kurumi to save them. She attacked Phantom soon after but finds out that their battle caused the attack that killed her parents. She then realized that the enemy who killed her parents was herself all along. The realization pushed her into the abyss of despair, creating the negative emotions that caused her to inverse as the time-traveling ended.


Origami has the look of a young, attractive female with blue eyes, and short, silvery-white hair arranged in a bob cut with three hair-clips in the right part of her hair. Her facial features are often compared to a doll for both their beauty and lack of expression. After becoming a Spirit, the color of her eyes turned from blue to light blue and white. In the new timeline, Origami is initially shown with much longer hair reaching down to her waist, before cutting it back down to its usual length after having her Spirit powers sealed. She usually wears the Raizen High girl uniform like her female classmates when at school. Origami's height is stated to be 152cm, and her three sizes are B75/W55/H79.

In her AST Combat Wiring Suit, Origami's appearance is more fierce. She does not wear her hair clips; instead, a pair of sensors are attached to her hair with armor covering her from her shoulders to her hands, as well as a part of her body and legs except for her thighs. Her chest is visible at the top of the transparent suit that reveals her belly.

Origami's Astral Dress resembles a wedding dress, reflecting on her childhood dream of wanting to be a cute bride. It is said to look angelic when gazed from a distance. In this form, she wears a golden crown with a white veil attached to it. She has a white bow with a gem attached to her neck. Additionally, there are gold extensions attached to both her hips and forearms. The edges of her skirt fold together like flower petals, while the tips of her skirt are also gold in color. She also has a wedding ring attached onto the ring finger of her left hand.

In her Inverse form, her Astral Dress changes to a revealing dark blue mourning dress. She wears a large veil over her head and has jagged markings on her exposed torso and thighs.


Old Timeline

Origami is a person that rarely openly talks with other people unless needed with only a few exceptions such as Shido Itsuka and Tohka Yatogami. She isn't a shy person, but more of an unsocial type of girl that speaks with a blunt and forward tone. As such, she has virtually no shame in displaying extreme lust toward Shido even during public scenarios.

She can be a bit reckless or aggressive if she has a goal or purpose to fulfill; she's also willing to do something that someone else wouldn't do to accomplish such goals. This determination is shown when she did everything Shido asked her when he was trying to get her to not like him which shocked everyone around her.

Due to a Spirit killing her parents five years ago, Origami has harbored an intense hatred and hostility towards all spirits, as whenever she sees a spirit, she loses all of her common sense and tries to kill it any way she possibly can. This hatred is shown to be intense enough that she was willing to kill Kotori despite the fact that she knew Kotori was Shido's sister and only stopped because he pleaded for her not to kill Kotori, and told her about Phantom's existence.

As the series progressed, Origami has shown a growing desire to obtain power. This desire eventually caused her to join DEM, and later, after she was defeated, to accept a Sephira Crystal that turned her into a Spirit. Although disgusted that she became what she had always despised, Origami was somewhat satisfied that she finally gained the power to fight evenly against Spirits. She thus decided that she would become the Spirit that kills other Spirits, and then would end her own life when her job was done. But the event caused her to be unable to face Shido after she transformed into a Spirit and immediately flee, despite the fact that she was in the middle of using her strongest attack against Tohka.

After finding the truth of her parents' death, Origami suffered an emotional breakdown and inverted. In this state, Origami is emotionally dead and completely unresponsive to everything around her. She is compared to a corpse, as Kurumi noted that she had fallen into an unrecoverable state. This Origami continues to exist in the new timeline, as all of her memories are retained. After resolving her emotional issues, the Old Timeline Origami becomes the predominant personality.

A year after the disappearance of Spirits, Origami has become more cheerful, displaying several smiles and even laughing as well as making jokes.

New Timeline

Because Shido prevented the deaths of Origami's parents by her Spirit self's hands, Origami never "entrusted" him with her emotions and became an avenger. As such, the new timeline's Origami is a more cheerful girl, even questioning at times if it was right for the AST to try to kill Spirits. She was shown to be quite a bit shyer and more normal than the old Origami when it came to Shido asking her out on a date, where she found herself constantly trying to find the best way to reply to it. Shido observes that her behavior and choice of clothing are much more feminine than her previous timeline self. She also has no idea about the fact that she has Spirit powers, which were inherited from the old timeline alongside her memories.

However, while the old timeline's Origami does continue to exist within her, she is suppressed for the sake of her own sanity, due to the catatonic state of mind that version of her is still stuck in. Old Origami manifests often during her date with Shido through rather perverted or stalker-like actions, much to her confusion, embarrassment, and even horror. When she senses Reiryoku, her original self's hatred of spirits takes over, and she immediately transforms into her inverse form. Later, when the new Origami meets the original Origami and fuses with her, it is finally possible for Shido to save her from her unrecoverable state. It is revealed that the old Origami personality had never actually loved Shido, but depended on him, but the new Origami did come to love him on their date.

Following this event, Origami regains her memories from the original timeline, cuts her hair short again, but she lets go of her longtime grudge against Spirits and "reclaims" the emotions she entrusted to Shido five years ago. She also admits that she is now genuinely in love with Shido, and will not surrender to Tohka, as Origami states that, while she no longer hates Spirits, she, the <Angel>, is still the <Princess>'s enemy for this reason. Oddly, realizing her true feelings for Shido rather than just having him as an emotional crutch for her sanity has made Origami even more blatant in her already stalker-like tendencies to gain his affections. This development is very likely to be either a result of simply knowing no other way to act around him or evidence that she is now even more obsessed with gaining his attention than she was before.

In Itsuka Disaster, it's mentioned that both timeline's personalities have been reconstructed and mixed, but her new timeline's personality is more dominant due to her body being the result of the new time route. The traits of her old timeline's character usually tend to manifest when around Shido or when being competitive against Tohka, and her new timeline's personality often shows in ordinary and everyday situations or when she panics over her actions towards Shido in private. She's also now very concerned about what Shido might think of her, often worrying if her actions towards him will make him believe she's weird.

As of the new timeline, she also possesses debates in her mind represented by an Angel and a Devil that try to decide which action to take. Surprisingly, the Devil is the reasonable one while the Angel tries to make her follow her desires. The Angel is represented by her old timeline's appearance, while the Devil is represented by her new timeline's appearance when she had long hair. Their debates often lead to Origami losing focus towards reality quite often and are a possible explanation for some of her behavior.



Before five years ago, Origami seemed to have once been just an ordinary girl. At school, her favorite subject was noted to be math, while her weakest subject was noted to be the Japanese language. Her favorite food was gratin, while her hated food was celery. Back then, her dream was to become a cute bride.

Old Timeline

Five years ago, when Origami was returning home, her neighborhood was caught in a blazing fire. Worried about her parents, she went into her house and was happy to see that they were both safe. However, at that moment a mysterious laser of shining light descended on them from above, hitting and killing her parents and causing a shockwave that knocked Origami back. Looking into the sky, Origami saw a being she could only describe as an angel. Realizing that thing killed her parents, Origami swore she would one day kill it. She was comforted soon after by Shido Itsuka and became emotionally dependent on him as a result.

It is noted that from that moment on Origami's dream changed to just killing that Spirit and became obsessed with trying to obtain the power to do so. She began to push herself to excel in all subject and also no longer cared about food, only eating to gain the adequate amount of nutrients to make her body healthy.

Afterwards, Origami was taken in by an aunt who lived nearby. She was a former AST member and through her, Origami learned about the Spirits. Through her aunt's connections, Origami was able to become a member of the AST after she was proven to be compatible with the Realizer.

New Timeline

As a result of Shido using Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet <Yud Bet> twice to travel back in time to 5 years ago, Origami's past was considerably altered.

Shido was successfully able to prevent the deaths of Origami's parents. However, this would cause Shido to be hit by the laser of shining light instead. After seeing someone seemingly sacrifice himself to prevent her parents from being killed by a Spirit, Origami felt powerless and vowed never to let someone die to protect her again, wanting to be the one who protects others. Because of this Origami would still end up joining the AST, but this time not for revenge but to protect others. Unfortunately, Origami's parents would still end up dying, this time during a traffic accident, a year later.

At some point, the Spirit powers and memories from the Origami from the old timeline would transfer to her. However, to prevent her mind from breaking, Origami developed a split personality. The Origami of the new timeline would have control normally, with the Origami from the old timeline becoming the dominant personality when assuming her Inverse Form. Whenever Origami sensed Reiryoku, she would transform into her inverse form and end up fighting the Spirit to whom the Reiryoku belonged. This tendency often brought her into conflict with the AST and DEM alike. Because of this, she would often transform into her inverse form during her missions as an AST member, but from all Origami and the AST knew she was only blacking out, and it was never discovered why. As a result of this, along with the fact that she had also begun to question if the Spirits are truly evil, Origami would end up leaving the AST and transfer to Raizen High School shortly after Shido returned to this new timeline.


  • Manga
    • Appearances:
      • Date A Live (2012): Chapters 1-6
      • Date A Live (2013-2014): Chapters 1-
      • Date AST Like: Volumes 1-4

Powers and Abilities

Origami is unique for being able to combine her powers as Spirit with her skills as a Wizard. This allowed her to fight on par with Artemisia Ashcroft despite the latter being a superior Wizard. In combat, Origami primarily relies on her CR-Unit for close range attacks with her lance and long range attacks from her Angel <Metatron> as support. Between her physical training as a Wizard and the sheer firepower of her Angel, Kotori considered her a good candidate for the strongest Spirit who could win the battle royale.


As a Wizard, she was the vanguard and current "Ace" for the AST. Her skills as a member of the AST were noted to be quite phenomenal, as she was the only one who at first could manage to fight a Spirit in close quarters briefly. DEM's Adeptus 2 Mana determined on sight that she was the only member who could put up a fight, which was proven true during a 10-on-1 sparring match. Her skill set is also accompanied by her clever intellect, being willing to use indirect methods to kill Spirits like manipulating her Territory to move a building in order to flatten Yoshino.

She has even managed to utilize the CR-Unit <White Licorice>, which is noted to be very dangerous and difficult to handle. In fact, no one else but her has proven to be capable of using it long enough to actually put it to practical use. Westcott deems doing so a remarkable achievement and considered her too valuable to be discharged for using <White Licorice> without authorization. Even with only a makeshift CR-Unit from former SSS terrorists, she was able to find an opportunity from Fraxinus’s attack to land a hit on the world's most powerful Wizard, which Ellen herself considers worthy of praise as the second person who had ever done so. Both Westcott and Ellen would later agree that Origami's skills would provide a suitable replacement after Mana's defection and Jessica's death.

Equipment & Weapons:

  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit): The standard combat wiring suit of the AST is usually worn around the AST base and underneath the CR-Unit when a user is in combat.
    • <C C C> (C C Cクライ・クライ・クライ, Kurai Kurai Kurai?. lit. "Cry Cry Cry"): An Anti-Spirit rifle that has enough power to blast a large hole through a person's torso. However, the weapon is unable to pierce through a Spirit equipped with their Astral Dress.
    • <No Pain> (ノーペイン, Nōpein?): An Anti-Spirit laser blade used for close-range combat.
    • <Oldest> (オールディスト, Ōrudisuto?): An Anti-Spirit gatling gun used for long-range combat.
  • <Alice> (アリス, Arisu?): Unit 1 of the Ashcroft series, this experimental CR-Unit specializes in using the composition of its Voluntary Territory for defensive purposes.
  • <White Licorice> (ホワイト・リコリス, Howaito Rikorisu?): A new, experimental set of equipment, White Licorice is a CR-Unit that has been optimized for pure destruction. DEM brought the machine to Japan intending for it to be used by Mana. However, due to Mana being hospitalized, it was instead taken by Origami to inact her revenge on Kotori Itsuka, whom she believed responsible at the time for her parent's murder. She would later use it one more time to repel the DEM Wizards coming to invade the Tenou Festival. However, the unit puts a large amount of strain on the user, limiting its use to around 30 minutes. Using it any longer will put the user's life in danger. Despite the risks, Origami is able to use the Realizer to its fullest potential before hitting the time limit. The DW-029, Destruction Armament is equipped with:
    • <Cleaveleaf> (クリーヴリーフ, Kurīvurīfu?): A pair of large-sized laser blades that are mounted on the user's forearms; it can be used for binding.
    • <Blastalk> (ブラスターク, Burasutāku?): A pair of 50.5cm magic cannons. This weapon's firepower can easily destroy a normal <protect> Realizer.
    • <Loot Box> (ルートボックス, Rūtobokkusu?): 8 containment units that can store a large amount of weaponry.
  • <Mordred> (メドラウト, Medorauto?): The sister model of Ellen's <Pendragon>, which was given to Origami after she momentarily joined DEM. With <Mordred>, Origami was capable of destroying a satellite bomb alone, a task which previously took Shido and multiple sealed Spirits to combine their powers to destroy. Likewise, she was able to pressure four sealed Spirits into a corner with this unit and would have succeeded in killing them if Tohka hadn't regained her full powers. Even then, she was capable of momentarily fighting against Tohka at full power. However, the enormous stress put on her brain left her vulnerable until she was ultimately defeated.
    • <Clarent> (クラレント, Kurarento?): <Mordred>'s main weapon. It has two forms, a laser sword, and a Maryoku cannon.
  • <Brunhild> (ブリュンヒルデ, Buryunhirude?): Code-named AW-111, it is a new CR-unit created by Asgard Electronics that was first used by Origami against Artemisia. It combines Origami's skill as a Wizard with her powers as a Spirit.
    • <Einherjar> (エインヘリャル, Einheryaru?): A spear that can absorb any Reiryoku or Maryoku scattered in the surroundings and turn that power into the sharpened edge of a blade.

Spirit Form

As a Spirit, Origami's powers are of the long-range type, attacking her enemies from a distance with lasers of shining light and creating some distance between them when they get too close. Immediately after becoming a Spirit, Origami is able to fight on par with Tohka at full strength, even having somewhat of an advantage against her because Tohka's powers are a close range type, making her a bad match for Origami's long range abilities. Miku and the Yamai sisters determined on sight that they stood no chance against her in their sealed states. According to Phantom, Origami is the ideal candidate to be given a Sephira Crystal. She was able to control her abilities with such fitness that even Phantom deemed her too valuable of an option to pass turning into Spirit.

Spirit Data

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
158 152 219 136 243


Angel: Metatron (絶滅天使メタトロン, Metatoron?. lit. "Angel of Extinction")

Weapon: Crown

Astral Dress: Ehyeh (神威霊装・一番エヘイエー, Eheiē?. lit. "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 1")

Her Angel, Metatron, is a set of golden, feather-like pillars that surround her and, when put together, resembles a large crown. The pillars can shoot out lasers of shining light from their tips. Each ray of light has proven strong enough to easily pierce Tohka's Astral Dress, which boasts exceptional durability among the Spirits, when she does not create a barrier around herself. Tohka has also claimed that even if she does create a barrier around herself, the lasers would still be able to pierce through. Origami can summon up to 100 pillars by pushing her Reiryoku to the limit.

Metatron can also take on various formations, and each of these formations has shown to have a unique ability. So far, Metatron has displayed the following configurations:

  • Shemesh (日輪シェメッシュ, Shemesshu?. lit. "The Sun"): The floating pillars spin around her, gathering light particles in which she can release as a rain of energy blasts.
  • Mal'akh (天翼マルアク, Maruaku?. lit. "Heavenly Wings"): By taking on a wing-like formation and folding the pillars behind her back, Origami is able to fly and achieve great speeds.
  • Kadour (光剣カドゥール, Kadūru?. lit. "Sword of Light"): By breaking formation, the pillars can each attack its target(s) individually, making it look as if they have a will of their own.
  • Artelif (砲冠アーティリフ, Ātirifu?. lit. "Crown Cannon"): By making all of the pillars take on a circular formation and pointing their tips in the same direction, Origami can shoot out a beam of pure shining light. Before firing the attack, Origami can trap the target in a net of light beams to prevent any escape.
  • Unnamed Defensive Formation: By making the pillars surround her, Origami can use their gleaming light to create a barrier that can block incoming attacks.

Finally, Origami has shown the ability to transform herself into light and teleport herself. This unnamed ability automatically activates when she is about to be hit by an attack and teleports her a few meters away. However, the position to which she teleports can be predicted and intercepted. Also, after teleporting herself, she cannot dodge an attack by teleporting again in quick succession. Tohka theorizes that Origami either can't teleport continuously or that she can't teleport away from an attack she couldn't predict. Tohka also theorized that, if Origami is caught in an attack that is so large that it reaches to everything within the range of her teleportation, she cannot avoid taking damage. While Origami was initially surprised by the ability's automatic activation, she was later able to control its usage in order to conserve Reiryoku.

Inverse Form

Demon King: Satan (救世魔王サタン, Satan?. lit. "Demon King of Salvation")

Weapon: Spiked Crown

Astral Dress: Unnamed

After prolonged exposure to negative emotions when she found out that she was the one who killed her parents, Origami transformed into her other form, which, according to Westcott, is a genuine form of Spirits in the bordering dimension.

Origami's Demon King is <Satan>, a darker and sinister version of <Metatron>. Overall, Origami's Demon King has the same powers as her Angel, just darker in coloration. <Satan> boasts enough firepower to critically damage Fraxinus in both timelines, dealing enough damage that the ship could no longer remain airborne.

Much like with Tohka, her Astral Dress becomes much darker and more revealing, and she gains a veil over her head. According to Ratatoskr's Daily Observations, her offensive abilities in this state are actually even higher than with her regular spirit powers, though at the cost of severely lowering her defenses as a trade-off.

Initially, Origami had no control over her body in this form, attacking everything and everyone in sight. However, this could also be because of the shock she suffered when she found out the truth. However, during the Spirits' battle royale, after being knocked out by Mukuro, the New Timeline Origami briefly took over her body and displayed the ability to consciously summoned her Demon King to defeat the key Spirit. However, Old Timeline Origami was completely unconscious during this process and woke up shortly afterward, confused over the events that had just transpired.

Inverse Spirit Data

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
198 202 242 128 230

Other Abilities

Origami is publicly known as the most intelligent and athletic student in Shido's class, even before she became a Spirit, easily acing all of her classes and having a body in peak human physical condition. In addition, as a member of the AST, Origami underwent military training where she was how to fight and utilize weapons, including a handgun which she keeps hidden on her at all times. After being made into a Spirit, Origami displayed excellent control over her strength, which remained far above that of an average human even whilst sealed. She manages to hide her true abilities whilst simultaneously making sure to just barely beat out Tohka's scores during the sports portion of their physical examination.

Aside from her high intellect and athleticism, Origami has also displayed high proficiency in several miscellaneous skills, such as playing music, cooking and drawing.

While her classmates regard Origami as a genius due to her various achievements and wide skill set, this is not actually the case. In reality, she is a silent hard worker who secretly pushes herself to excel at everything she does.


  • (To Reine Murasame) “I want……….to be stronger. Not relying on anything, enough………… protect Shido………… ” [9]
  • (To Phantom) “I…….want power. Even if I have to leave everything. Even if I have to sacrifice everything…..! I want the absolute power to grant my dear wish! I want…….The strongest power that no one can reach!” [10]
  • (To Tohka Yatogami) “I will now wield this power to defeat the Spirits. I will become the Spirit that kills Spirits. Once I eliminate all Spirits----I will erase the last one, me” [11]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) “I will leave my tears with you. I will give you my smile. Please take my happiness, enjoyment, everything----This will be the last time I cry. This will also be the last time I smile. But, this anger is only mine. This ugly emotion is only mine----I will kill. I will-----that Angel. No matter how long it takes. No matter what method it takes-------------- So until then, please keep them for me. Until----I kill that Angel” [12]
  • (To her classmates) “-----I am Tobiichi Origami. Everyone, glad to meet you all” [13]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) “The emotion I have been harboring to Shido wasn’t love, but instead it was reliance. The real love starts now” [14]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) “──This time, I can say with confidence. The feeling in my heart is unmistakably──love.” [15]


  • Origami has the character for "One" in her surname (鳶「一」), referring to the first Sephira on Kabbalah's Tree of Life: "Crown".
  • Origami's rank in the JGSDF is at the same level as the Enlisted officers, Master Sergeant.
  • Origami shared her family name "Tobiichi" with Makina Tobiichi of the Sōkyū no Karma series, another Sci-fi romance series written by Kōshi Tachibana.
  • Her Angel, Metatron, means "The One Who Guards."
  • The archangel Metatron is closely linked to the archangel Sandalphon, considered twin brothers with interchangeable positions, which is ironic considering the initial animosity between the owners of their namesake Angels.
  • Metatron's configurations, Shemesh (שמש), Mal'akh (מלאך), and Kadour (כדור), mean "Sun", "Angel", and "Sphere" respectively in Hebrew.
  • Her Astral Dress, Ehyeh, means "I Will Be" or "I Will Be What I Will Be."
  • Mordred is the illegitimate son of King Arthur who later betrays him in Arthurian legends. Clarent is one of Arthur's swords that Mordred stole to kill him.
  • In the Norse tradition, Brunhild is a shieldmaiden or valkyrie, who appears as a main character in the Völsunga saga and some Eddic poems treating the same events. In the continental Germanic tradition, where she is a central character in the Nibelungenlied, she is a powerful Amazon-like queen. Einherjar refers to the souls of dead warriors taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla.
  • Her Astral Dress directly reflects her childhood dream of becoming a cute bride. According to the author in the volume 10 afterword, he made it so because the idea of Origami in a wedding dress is "scary".
  • Origami was intended to have long hair, which she would have in the new timeline until her sealing, but she was given short hair for the sake of diversity in character design. [16]
  • Her favorite thing is CalorieMate energy bars, while her least favorite is Spirits. [17]
  • The color scheme of Origami's Astral Dress was designed to contrast Tohka's in display of their rivalry.[16]
  • Origami’s birthday November 11th is National Origami Day, a day celebrating her namesake, the Japanese art of paper folding. It is also the day that Shido seals her in the new timeline.
  • Tachibana admits struggling to come up with an anthropomorphic disaster for Origami, as both meteorite and thunder are already covered by Mukuro and Mayuri respectively. Upon Tsunako's suggestion from the light of God from Origami's attacks, Tachibana suggests divine punishment, although he does admit it's a bit of a stretch.[18]


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