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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Kurumi Refrain[]

After Westcott decides that enough Spirits have gathered around Shido, he calls Ellen and Artemisia to a meeting to discuss their next course of action. Westcott deems the time fit in utilizing Shido as their key to inversing the other Spirits. But just before Ellen and Artemisia depart for this mission, Westcott also adds that he has personally decided to add supplementary personnel to bolster their forces. Snapping his fingers, <Beelzebub>'s pages fluttering in the air as droves of girls emerged from the confounds of the pages. Each one of them has an identical face and is wearing the same outfit. As Ellen and Artemisia are left stunned by this sight, Westcott smirks and introduces them to the Nibelcole.

Ellen is first seen summoning the Nibelcole to overwhelm Mana with numbers, as Mana had been warned in advance of Ellen's attempt to assassinate Shido. However, their threat is offset by Kurumi, who brings her clones to even the numerical disadvantage. Later that night, several Nibelcole are summoned to attack Shido at his house. They learn that <Camael> helps Shido recover even after his legs are cut off, so they continue to attack Shido until he dies. Upon waking up in his bed, Shido dismisses what had transpired as just a dream. During Shido's date with Kurumi on Valentine's Day, several Nibelcole invade the abandoned building that the two of them were in. All of them are shot by Kurumi using <Zayin>, and absorbed into the shadows.

On another day, three Nibelcole taunt Ellen for her failure to kill Shido. Upon Westcott's arrival, they vent their frustrations, leading Westcott and Artemisia to realize that Kurumi is repeatedly foiling their plans. A successful attempt to kill Shido is told in a flashback, in which Ellen summoned several Nibelcole to keep the sealed Spirits at bay while she carried out the decapitation.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

While waiting for Westcott to arrive for their meeting, the Nibelcole began to chatter endlessly, greatly annoying Ellen with their gossipy nature and numerous personal questions. Despite Artemisia's attempts to pacify Ellen, their taunt of calling her a bean sprouts director causes Ellen to snap and prepare her Territory to attack the Nibelcole. While initially stopped by Westcott's timely arrival, their subsequent complaints about Ellen to their father compel the DEM Wizard to resume using her Territory to torture a nearby Nibelcole, tightening her body to the point that she reverts back to a sheet of paper. After calming down Ellen, Westcott then restores the Nibelcole from the sheet of paper, who then proceeds to stick out her tongue at Ellen before hiding behind Westcott.

As Westcott continues to discuss his plan to mobilize DEM in its entirety to kill Shido, one of the Nibelcole emerges holding the head of a decapitated clone of Kurumi. However, several other Nibelcole worry that they are being spied on. On the day of their mobilization, several Nibelcole surround Westcott as he and Ellen discuss their opponent's move. When the battle begins, the Nibelcole army are deployed in their numbers to take on the Kurumi clones who have arrived to attack DEM's armada.

As the fighting continues, several more Nibelcole are generated with the aim of destroying the ground artillery belonging to Ratatoskr's Wizards. Initially appearing to have the upper hand against Ratatoskr's forces, the Nibelcole are then pegged back by the arrival of Tohka, Kaguya, and Yuzuru. The three Spirits command Ratatoskr's Wizards to retreat. The Nibelcole taunt their opponents and begin to attack them, only for Kaguya to point the Nibelcole to their real opponent, a certain Shido Itsuka that they had sought to kill. The three Spirits quickly shield Shido from the Nibelcole's attempts to attack him from range, allowing Shido to grab hold of one Nibelcole attempting a direct assault. He declares "I love you" before kissing that Nibelcole on the lips, reverting her into a piece of paper. The sight of said kiss becomes sufficient for some other Nibelcole to begin reverting to paper form, in turn enraging the remaining Nibelcole, who charge forward to attack. Shido summons ice pillars from <Zadkiel> and <Haniel> to protect himself from being ambushed from behind, while also using <Gabriel> to amplify his movements. Shido kisses one approaching Nibelcole to make her, and those Nibelcole within sight of the kiss, revert to paper form. He then blows a kiss at several Nibelcole to cause them to revert as well. This causes the remaining Nibelcole in Shido's sights to flee, but Shido uses <Raphael> to catch up to them and kiss them.

Shido's attempt to seal the rest of the Nibelcole army is stopped by Kurumi emerging from the shadow in front of him. Kurumi shoots down a Nibelcole attempting to sneak up on Shido from behind. Another Nibelcole then attempts to attack Kurumi and Shido in the middle of their conversation; both dodge, and Kurumi, while shooting down several Nibelcole, also sees, for the first time, Shido's technique of neutralizing the Nibelcole. Shido amusingly finds himself arguing with Kurumi over her motives while kissing each approaching Nibelcole. Just as Kurumi appears to back down, the Nibelcole regroup with a new technique. One of them covers herself with an armor of paper before launching herself at great speed towards Kurumi, dodging her bullet and Shido's kiss. But before the armored Nibelcole can land the decisive blow, the eyepatch-wearing Kurumi clone emerges to take the hit. Kurumi cleans up by firing <Dalet> at the armored Nibelcole to remove her armor, with Shido then kissing that Nibelcole to turn her into paper.

Mio Game Over[]

A group of Nibelcole arrive on the battlefield and surround Mio Takamiya. Deeming their presence a nuisance, Mio activates <Ain Soph Aur>, which begins scattering particles of light that instantly kill each Nibelcole that it comes into contact with. When Mio's Angel subsequently causes DEM's flagship <Lemegeton> to crash down from the sky, Westcott manages to escape by summoning a Nibelcole to escort himself to safety. After Westcott encounters and confronts Shido, he utilizes the Nibelcole as his personal combat squad to challenge Shido for his Reiryoku. With Westcott at the forefront giving commands to the Nibelcole, they are able to approach him even while purposely blinded. As such, Shido's seduction tactics to seal them away is no longer applicable with their creator present to dispatch instructions.

Despite Shido retaliating with multiple Angels, the Nibelcole's sheer numbers combined with Westcott's tactical leadership begin to overwhelm him. By using <Haniel>, Shido transforms into a Nibelcole in order to hide within their group to launch a sneak attack on Westcott. The planned strike causes confusion among the Nibelcole rank and file over a possible traitor attacking their father, but the move is countered by Westcott having already learned the powers of Shido's various Angels through <Beelzebub>. Eventually, Shido is pinned down by the Nibelcole, with Westcott poised to deal the final blow. However, he is saved through the actions of Miku and Natsumi, who then proceed to strengthen him with a combined <March> from <Gabriel>. Shido then uses the power boost to summon <Halvanhelev>. A single swing of the final sword erases a large amount of the surrounding <Nibelcole>. However, Westcott is able to escape with the aid of a few Nibelcole, having researched the exact range of the attack beforehand. But to the Nibelcole's shock, Westcott is taken off guard by Shido using his original "energy blast wave" technique, which also subsequently eliminates the remaining Nibelcole.

Mio True End[]

With history now changed due to Shido's actions of using the Sixth Bullet <Vav> to return to the past, Westcott becomes aware of how the future plays out in the Game Over Timeline. As such, the Nibelcole are present amongst DEM's vanguard when their forces breach Fraxinus's hull in a surprise attack. Despite Fraxinus retaliating with Shido, Kotori, and Mana at the forefront, DEM's superior numbers begin to overwhelm their opposition. However, moments before victory, Kurumi ambushes Westcott from behind and removes his Qlipha Crystal in the process. With the source of their power taken away, every Nibelcole enter their death throes as they all fade away from existence.