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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Nia Creation[]

While shopping for ingredients to make dinner for the Spirits, Shido found Nia collapsed on the street from overwork and hunger. Wondering what to do, Shido agrees to carry her back home. Throughout the way back, she uses a lot of dirty jokes and flirty provocation to fluster Shido, much to his discomfort. After arriving at Nia’s apartment, she requests, in an exhausted tone, for Shido to cook something for her. Reluctantly, Shido decides to use some of the supplies he bought to cook a rice soup dish that eventually helps Nia regain some of her energy. Afterwards, she convinces Shido into helping her with the erasing and inking of her manga script. [1]

Just as Shido is about to leave, Nia reveals to a shocked Shido that she knows about his goal to make the Spirits fall for him. In an amused tone, she tells him that she is a Spirit that had been captured by DEM and how she can acquire any information that she wants to look for. While using her Angel, she explains to Shido that Ellen was able to defeat her through an unexpected ambush, since she has to be actively thinking about the topic in order to use <Rasiel>. Feeling that Shido is underestimating <Rasiel>’s power, she shows him its ability to alter the future for a small increment of time. Nia also reveals to him that she had used <Rasiel> to learn about him and set up their meeting as she was grateful to him for shooting down the DEM plane that was escorting her. As a way of thanking Shido, she agrees to go on a date with him, with the condition that it is in Akihabara.[2]

DAL v13 c02

Nia and Shido head to Akihabara

During the date, Nia and Shido travel to a cosplay store where she wears a nurse costume as a fan service reward for Shido. Comically, she didn't wear it properly in order to further tease Shido. Afterwards, they go to a manga bookstore where she buys all of her favorite manga volumes that she had missed during her captivity in DEM. However, even though the date is progressing smoothly, Nia’s affection level still remains constant. It is then that she announces her inability to love anything other than 2D. As a result, Kotori gives Shido the command to cosplay as Nia’s favorite character, Tokiya. While at first amazed that her favorite character had entered the 3D world, she sees through the ruse after seeing Shido act out of character for Tokiya. Eventually, she is angered by his actions and kicks him away.

After returning to her apartment alone, she starts to regret some of her prior actions and remarks that she should have behaved better since she is older than him. However, she also comments that even if she let him kiss her; the Spirit power would probably remain unsealed because it would be impossible for her to open her heart to him. Before she can finish her thoughts, she receives a mysterious package containing a game with Shido as a game character, which Ratatoskr intends to use to make her fall for him. While satisfied with the game, she decides to use <Rasiel> to search for other works that the company had made, unintentionally discovering Ratatoskr’s intentions and relighting her anger towards Shido.

As the Spirits make a plan to write Shido’s life into a manga, Nia uses <Rasiel> to hack into Ratatoskr’s connection system. There, she voices her desire that she would not even read their work, partly out of anger towards Shido and partly because of her busy schedule as a manga artist. However, Kotori then decides to challenge her to a sales battle at Comico. If they win, she would have to read their work. Unimpressed that they think they can defeat a professional manga artist, she agrees to the challenge.[3]

Afterward, Nia remarks on why she loves 2D. The omniscient Angel, <Rasiel>, made her distrust everyone since it allowed her to see the dark side of humanity. It told her how people would talk behind her back and lie to her. 2D is her only refuge, her escape from the distrust sowed by reality. The characters there could still be complex, yet they could never betray her. She also made a remark about her past, remembering the time when she used <Rasiel> to answer how she was born as a Spirit. Thinking back, she blithely remarks that she would have been a more sensible Spirit if she had not used <Rasiel> at that time.

As she is lost in her thoughts, debating whether or not to use <Rasiel>, Nia is approached by Kurumi. She quickly uses <Rasiel> to scan Kurumi’s background and discovers that Kurumi was the reason that the transport plane lacked an escort. Knowing that her powers would be unable to defeat her, she decides to approach the situation cautiously. Although Kurumi is able to collect information easily through her clones, <Rasiel> still has some secrets that she doesn't know, while Nia already has knowledge about all of Kurumi's abilities. However, Kurumi responds that she wasn’t here to be her enemy and is only here to inquire information about the First Spirit, much to Nia’s shock.[4]

DAL v13 09

Nia and Shido arguing

As the sales battle begins, Nia and Shido exchange pleasantries, and as custom dictated, traded each other’s works. However, Nia states that she wouldn’t even consider reading it unless they somehow managed to beat her. As the battle begins, Nia has the advantage, since her name as a pro attracted a great deal of fans. However, Ratatoskr’s side manages to make a comeback by dressing the Spirits in bunny outfits to promote their work. During the contest, Nia is approached by her old friend Takajo, who tells her that no matter what happens, she will still remain a fan of Nia's works. As Nia struggles to give an answer, Takajo says that she has probably overstayed her welcome and leaves. Noticing this, Shido asks Nia if she is afraid that she will eventually give in to her curiosity and eventually find information from her Angel that would push her friends away. Angered by this, Nia yells that Shido would never understand what it feels like to have a power that makes privacy worthless. The two start to quarrel as they continue selling books, with Shido saying that he won't hate her if she uses <Rasiel> on him. Nia frustratingly replies back that she would likely be the one to hate him if she investigated about him.

Eventually, the battle ends in a tie and Nia agrees to read their work after accepting defeat. While initially unimpressed, she is curious about how they managed to complete the work within only two days. As she uses <Rasiel> to find out the reason, she sees how each Spirit started out distrustful like her, but still gradually got immersed in Shido’s light and found acceptance in the world through him. The Spirits' story about how they changed themselves after meeting Shido brought Nia to tears. She decides that she will give Shido a second chance date. However, at that moment, Westcott releases the Realizer he had installed in Nia’s brain, forcing her to remember all the torture she endured when she was captured by DEM. Unable to handle the shift from hope to despair, Nia begins to inverse.[5]

Soon after, Nia is unable to control her actions and summons her Demon King, <Beelzebub>, to unleash a swarm of shadow creatures from its scattered pages. While the Yamai sisters, Miku, and Tohka are busy fighting Ellen, Nia uses <Beelzebub>’s ability to manipulate the future to redirect Natsumi, Origami, and Yoshino's Angels against their owners. As everyone is restrained, Shido awakens the powers that he had started getting a feeling for by remembering the time he went berserk during the beginning of the month. He attempts to awaken Nia’s consciousness by using <Gabriel>'s ability. While it seems to have an effect, Artemisia emerges from the shadows and stabs Nia with her sword. She is also able to use her Territory to extract Nia’s Qlipha Crystal through unknown means. The crystal is then absorbed into Westcott, who steals Nia’s ability to use <Beelzebub>.[6]

DAL v13 10

Nia inversing

Westcott, however, decides to retreat after he has Nia's Qlipha in possession, as he wants to have the fun for later. The crystal extraction leaves Nia on the brink of death. But fortunately, Tohka notices that Nia still had some Spirit powers left. Kotori notes that it was because the extraction wasn’t complete, as Shido was able to awaken some of her consciousness beforehand. It is then that Shido decides to seal Nia, hoping that the cycle of Spirit Power between him and the other Spirits would heal her. The endeavor is a success, and Nia slowly thanks Shido before closing her eyes again.

Afterward, Nia undergoes treatment using a medical Realizer in order to stabilize her condition. Despite being already awake, she is still recovering and has to remain in a wheelchair. Shido decides to take everyone outside in order to see the first sunrise of the New Year. During the ensuing conversation, Nia reveals that she had been a Spirit for almost 30 years and questions when the other Spirits became one as well. Kotori tells her about when she became a Spirit, along with Miku and Origami, but adds that the rest are pure Spirits. Nia then responds in a questioning tone by saying that every Spirit used to be human, shocking everyone present.[7]

Mukuro Planet[]

Seeing everyone's shocked expressions following her statement that all Spirits use to be human, Nia quickly dismisses it as a joke. However, later she has a private conversation with Shido and Kotori, where she told them what she knows. The group is then joined by Origami and Mana, who both arrive. The former found the meeting to be suspicious, while the latter wanted to talk to Shido. However, Nia gets distracted when she hears Mana call Shido "Nii-sama", causing her to make fun of Shido by calling him a siscon. Nia also upsets Mana by calling her Imouto #2, giving her the number 2 position despite Mana arguing that she is the blood sister. She then decides to call her Manacchi, which causes Mana to say if Nia is comparing her to a manatee.

After things finally start to calm down, Nia reveals what she knows about Spirits. She says that their definition of a "Pure Spirits" is flawed, since she also originally appeared in the world through Spacequakes and had no memories, except for the knowledge of how to use her Angel. Using <Rasiel>, she was able to obtain information about her past. Back then, a mysterious person gave her a Sephira Crystal containing <Rasiel> after an incident where she had lost all hope in living. Despite her efforts, she was never able to find out who gave her the crystal, as the information gathered by <Rasiel> was undecipherable to her. Her knowledge causes Shido and Kotori to wonder if everyone else had a similar situation, with Kotori noting that they should search for information about a possible lost child 30 years ago. Nia apologizes, as she states that they could have easily found out if she could still use <Rasiel> to search everyone else's past. However, Origami notes that she must still have some spirit power left since she was able to be sealed by Shido. Origami explains that her powers should be able to flow back when she has a restless consciousness.

Despite being exhausted, Nia gathers her focus and is still able to summon her Angel and limited Astral Dress. However, she notes that although <Rasiel>’s ability to scour for information is still functional, it can no longer be transmitted to her. Similar to her situation with the one who turned her into a Spirit, she can't understand anything that is inscribed here anymore. However, she notes that some information is still readable, learning where Shido hides his secret treasure. She notes that since <Rasiel> and <Beelzebub> used to be the same embodiment, so they shouldn't be able to exist simultaneously. Therefore, <Beelzebub>'s user would be suffering from the same problems. Nia remarks that it would be better if she should be the one who has to get hurt. However, Shido replies that they can't let anyone be injured, causing Nia to blush shyly. Afterwards, Kotori tells everyone to leave the room in order to allow Nia to rest.

DAL v14 02

Nia with Natsumi

Three days later, Nia and the others visit a shrine for the first time in the new year. Along with Natsumi, they both start drawing something on their wishing plaques. Shido notes it looks like two manga artists hastily working before a deadline. Nia states proudly that she can only draw something of this level now because of her poor working condition habits. As Natsumi starts acting negative again, Nia says that Natsumi has a great future and even wants her to be her own personal assistant. She offers to pay her a salary and introduce Natsumi to her editor. As Shido tells her about the kimono that <Ratatoskr> had prepared for her, she says that she didn't want to wear one since she finds it difficult to move in them. She then teases Shido by asking if he has a kimono fetish. Then, to further tease Shido, she hands him an illustration for a wishing plaque that Kotori refused to allow her to hang up because of its inappropriate content.

Moving back to the previous statement, she offers both Natsumi and Shido to work for her. At that moment, Miku arrives and demands to join in as well. However, Nia states that would be difficult because she can't afford a salary for an idol. After Shido falls down on top of Tohka, Nia jokes that the position is almost identical to her illustration, noting that these wishing plaques do have some power to them. She then writes down that he wants "boy" to be her bride, flustering Shido since, even in that case, he should be the groom. Despite trying to be energetic, Nia is eventually forced to sit down because of a headache, with Shido and Kotori telling her to not push herself since she hadn't fully recovered from her near-death experience.

After the initial failure to convince Mukuro, Nia and the others suddenly crash out of their hiding spot, revealing that they had been eavesdropping on the entire conversation. Nia remarks that she can't let Mukuro destroy the world because she still wants to read her favorite manga. Everyone soon agrees to once again lend their power to help Shido. However, the question is raised of how they are going to approach Mukuro when she is in space. Kotori quickly remembers something and decides to take everyone into a secret Ratatoskr base where the new Fraxinus EX was being built. Amazed by the sight of the ship, Nia quickly asks if she can take a picture as a reference for her manga, which Kotori bluntly rejects because the work is classified. Nia and the others are then marveled by the presence of the Fraxinus EX's AI, MARIA, which can now communicate directly to the crew. Then, MARIA informs everyone that Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, would like to have a word with them.

As they were walking, Shido sees that Nia had a complicated expression. Nia tries to pass it off as a joke, but privately whispers to Shido that she feels like she had heard the name Woodman before. After they arrive in Woodman's study, Nia calls out the Ratatoskr founder on his goal of saving Spirits, asking how a co-founder of DEM could say such words. She tells everyone that she had used her <Rasiel> a month ago to discover that Woodman, along with Westcott and Ellen, were the ones responsible for the appearance of the First Spirit 30 years ago. In response to Nia's accusations, Woodman confesses that he had once worked with Westcott, but changed his intentions to protecting other Spirits after falling in love with the First Spirit.

At that moment, DEM begins their attack on the Ratatoskr base. Nia bitterly notes that Westcott must have used <Beelzebub> to find their location before she had time to jam his information network. As they make their way for the Fraxinus EX, Nia and the others accidentally run into Westcott in the process. Despite their best efforts, Westcott uses <Beelzebub>'s ability <Ashufiriya> to transport everyone into a world of fantasy. Despite Nia's attempts to use <Rasiel>, she and the others are all swallowed in the respective books that emerge beneath their feet.

After arriving at the fantasy world, Nia and Tohka appear just in time to save Shido and Yoshino from a malicious wolf. Nia suggests that Tohka feeds the wolf one of the dumplings in her bag. After eating, the dumpling, the wolf suddenly becomes complacent and starts to repent for his prior actions. Nia remarks that Momotarou's dumplings are very effective against simple-minded creatures like the wolf. After reconvening with Shido and Yoshino, Nia informs them that they have been transported into a fantasy world created from the various stories and scenarios that <Beelzebub> has gathered in its database. Being trapped in this world, their appearances have also become intertwined within the stories. While Tohka is dressed as Momotarou, Nia took the appearance of Fatima, the main character from her manga Silver Bullet. Shido remarks that her manga doesn't seem to fit with the fairy tale motif that everyone has. In response, Nia puffs her chest in pride and proudly states that her manga has been rising in the rankings recently and its growing popularity among the public masses has allowed the hands of fate to select her story.

Shido then starts to worry about the outside world, since they had left just as Ratatoskr was being attacked by DEM. However, Nia assures him that time isn't a huge concern for now, as the flow of time in the fantasy world is slower than in the real world. Their primary focus should be to find a prerequisite for escaping this world. As Shido asks for potential escape routes, Nia sarcastically replies that the easiest way would be for Westcott to reopen the passageway with <Beelzebub>. Since that is unlikely to happen, they should search for an all-powerful fictional character that has the ability to open the world from the inside. Either way, they also need to search for Kotori and the others, who have also become scattered in this world. Listening to their conversation, the wolf offers to be their guide, as his heightened sense of smell can easily detect outsiders.

Nia and the others reconvene with Kotori and her group at the entrance to the king's banquet. Using Kotori's matches to create illusions of beautiful dresses, they were able to sneak into the party. There, they found Miku as the mermaid entertainment, and Origami as the king of the castle. After finding everyone, they start brainstorming again for ideas of how to escape from the fantasy world. Nia suggests that they find a fictional character that has the power to grant wishes, like the magic lamp from Aladdin, or the magic hammer from the One-Inch Boy. However, at that moment, the castle is suddenly invaded by the villains from each of their respective stories. Nia starts to shamelessly advertise the monsters that appear from her manga. Since they couldn't use their Angels in the fantasy world, Nia and the others are helpless against the ensuing onslaught. Luckily, they are saved by the appearance of a second Shido, who Nia notes must be based on the manga that everyone wrote to impress her. After the other Shido manages to defeat all of the villains, he opens a gateway with his <Sandalphon>. After returning to their world, Nia and the others board the new Fraxinus EX and launch off into space in order to begin the mission to save Mukuro.

Mukuro Family[]

Nia and the other Spirits, with the exception of Origami, Tohka, and Natsumi, decide to stay on the Fraxinus EX in order to help with the battle against Ellen. Nia remarks that it resembles a final boss battle where everyone joins forces, but adds that she will only be able to support them from the ship because her Reiryoku is still down from her Qlipha Crystal being stolen.

As Shido is relaxing in the bathroom, Nia bursts in after the rest of the Spirits and declares that she is also there to cleanse Shido alongside the rest of the Spirits. Later, Nia is among the people whose memories of Shido are sealed by Mukuro. When Shido tries to reach her, Nia simply regards him as an impolite fan and slams the door in his face. When the sealed Spirits later gather in the Itsuka residence, Nia is seen at the table trying to brainstorm ideas for her manga. While Tohka and Origami feel that something is amiss, the Spirits all begin to discuss their respective meetings with a boy of whom they all have no recollection.

Much later, Nia approaches Yoshino and Natsumi, both of whom are watching the evacuation due to the Spacequake alarm. Nia quickly explains that something is happening in Tengu Tower, and that location is likely where Tohka and Origami are currently. Despite the girls still having their memories of Shido sealed, Yoshino's willingness to listen to Shido's plea causes them to agree to help him. As Mukuro uses her <Michael> in an attempt at stopping the Earth's rotation, Nia is assigned to one of the designated six different locations as the starting points with the <Yggd Folium>, sending her Reiryoku to those points to delay the corrosion of the ground for a while. The possible catastrophe is solved when Shido manages to successfully seal Mukuro, subsequently allowing Nia and the others to regain their lost memories as well.

Kurumi Refrain[]

Nia is present among the sealed Spirits gathered in the conference to discuss a strategic plan to handle Kurumi's challenge. Nia reveals to everyone that Kurumi had previously approached her for information about the First Spirit. This leads everyone speculating Kurumi’s motives for wanting the First Spirit dead, which are to the extent of even wanting to change history to ensure her demise.

Later on, Origami, Miku, and Nia decide to seduce Shido with mature and risqué clothing in order to train him against Kurumi's seductive wiles. While startled and rendered embarrassed by this arousing sight, Shido quickly regains his composure and kicks the trio out of his room. As punishment for trying to get an early lead, Nia, Miku, and Origami are transformed into children while the rest of the Spirits proceed with their plan to train Shido against Kurumi's mature charms.

Nia is reverted to her usual appearance for the next stage of training: to make chocolate to give to Shido. Nia's chocolate is semi-circular with a strawberry protrusion to make it look like a breast.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Nia and the other Spirits, along with Mana, are in attendance after Shido's return to Fraxinus from his date with Kurumi. When Mana asks about the person from Kurumi's memory that was called Mio, Nia mentions that Shido didn't use an honorific to refer to Mio, thus denoting a high level of familiarity with the person in question.

Nia is later called to an emergency meeting between the Spirits and Ratatoskr's crew, after Shido and Kotori received a tip-off from a Kurumi clone. The meeting progresses far enough until Nia interrupts, warning that the wielder of <Beelzebub> may in fact be spying on them at the current moment, despite her own attempts to jam information flow. She clarifies that <Beelzebub> is only unable to intercept thoughts and future events. However, she follows up with a carelessly sarcastic comment, prompting MARIA to electrocute Nia once she touches the console.

Nia later retreats to the Itsuka household with Miku, Kaguya, and Yuzuru. There, they play a word game to pass the time. Only then does Nia realize that she would have been useful as a data analyst onboard Fraxinus. Nevertheless, Nia continues with the game. She lets the three Spirits know about her "most handsome moment" with Shido, and hears from the other three about their handsome moments with Shido. Nia is then contacted by Mukuro for help at the Spirit Mansion to prepare rice balls.

On the day the DEM mobilizes for their attack, Kotori gathers the Spirits onboard Fraxinus for one final strategy meeting, which Nia confirms won't be intruded on by <Beelzebub>. Nia also offers to help prepare a seal for Shido to suppress the Nibelcole. After the meeting, the designated teams move out. Nia remains on the airship to provide analysis support to Kotori. At one point, Nia tries to alert Origami to Ellen approaching from behind.

Mio Game Over[]

Nia becomes Ratatoskr's new analyst following the disappearance of Reine. She sees Reine's true form outside and equates the summoned <Ain Soph Aur> to a cheat code after analyzing it's ability to cause instantaneous death to anyone lacking in Reiryoku. Nia also asks if it's possible to get near the world summoned by the accompanying <Ain Soph>. Kotori then makes the ultimately futile decision to launch Fraxinus' Spirit-powered cannon, <Gungnir> at Mio. However, Mio deflects <Gungnir's> blast without even looking, causing Fraxinus to crash land as its systems are disabled from coming into contact with <Ain Soph Aur>'s territory. Everyone on board dies, including Nia, whose remaining Sephira fragment is absorbed by Mio.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Nia is revealed to have heard about Shido's plan to date Reine, due to Origami wiretapping Shido's conversation with Kotori and broadcasting it to everyone in her room. In the morning, Nia takes up Reine's position during her absence, and joins the other Spirits and Ratatoskr's crew in overseeing Shido's date with Reine, and the two decisions to be made on Shido's behalf. On the first decision, Origami votes for the least popular option, claiming it would be an unexpected surprise. While Shido and Reine are on their way to the ryokan via taxi, Nia suggests that the strange wavelength of Reine's emotions for Shido represents a mother's feelings for their offspring. At around sunset, when the Spirits see Shido kiss Reine, Nia lets out a squeal.

When the DEM interrupt Shido and Reine's date, Nia suspects that the enemy may have used <Beelzebub> to find out that Shido changed history. Nevertheless, Kotori orders for Shido's retrieval, though immediately receives a communication request afterwards which Nia makes an inappropriate joke about. When the communication request turns out to be a smokescreen for a direct invasion of Fraxinus by the crew of DEM warship Goetia, Nia largely avoids the conflict that ensues.

After Shido kisses Mio having sealed all ten Spirits, he is pulled into <Ain Soph>. Nia does not witness this, but is called up to Fraxinus' hull by Kotori to provide visualization. Nia hands over a connecting device for Mana to plug into the wall of <Ain Soph>, but gets no signal from her laptop at the other end of the connection. Kurumi returns in a new Astral Dress and manifests <Rasiel>, causing Nia to cry out with jealousy. Fraxinus eventually comes under attack again by a Westcott intent on reasserting himself as the second Spirit of Origin. Nia once again sits out the battle between the Spirits and Westcott, but when MARIA manages to convince Nia that she can be of help, Nia goes to collect Mio's reinvigoration, in turn regaining her full Astral Dress and <Rasiel>. MARIA subsequently gains a human form for the first time and generates clones of herself to protect the Spirits from Westcott's <Athiel>.

At the end of the final battle, Nia gathers with all the other Spirits, Mana and MARIA, having found Shido at the familiar beach. Nia then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

One month after the final battle against Westcott, Nia happens to pass by the Itsuka house at around the same time in the morning as the other Spirits. Nia does so on a moped, only to be later told by MARIA that her moped driving license had expired. When asked by Shido, Nia claims to be on one of her days off work, visiting the Spirit Mansion in order to await a warm meal.

A few days later, Nia is called up to the Fraxinus for a midnight meeting, along with Shido and the other Spirits apart from Tohka and Kurumi, to discuss Tohka's objective for taking Mio's Sephira Crystal, as Kurumi had discovered through <Rasiel>. After the inverse form of Tohka gatecrashes the meeting before leaving, a panicked Kotori urges the other Spirits to report any difficulties or worries. Nia makes a remark in jest regarding her chest size, and Kotori responds accordingly.

The following morning, Nia is privately given an invitation to a park by Kurumi, and arrives there to find out that the other Spirits (except Tohka) had been invited the same way. Nia was told that she'd be introduced to a legendary aide for her manga work, only for the arriving Kurumi to declare that the Spirits will be battling each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve the world created by "Tohka" for as long as possible. After Kurumi finishes explaining, Nia asks to look up <Rasiel> herself, and eventually confirms that Kurumi is telling the truth. Nia agrees on the rules of the battle royale, including the reward given to the winner.

Once the battle royale begins, Nia impulsively avoids battle for as long as possible while using <Rasiel> to know who's engaging who. She is assisted by a clone of MARIA, who says that MARIA should share the right to confess to Shido if Nia wins. Nia takes her eyes off <Rasiel> while talking to MARIA, allowing Mukuro to ambush them from behind. Just as Mukuro prepares to attack, Nia convinces her to form an alliance instead. Their alliance has clones of MARIA emerge from countless <Michael> wormholes to intervene in the Yamai twins' personal clash. Before the strategy can be used on the other participants, Shido pays a visit, claiming that his date with Tohka went well. Nia quickly deduces through <Rasiel> that "Shido" is actually Natsumi in disguise. Natsumi manages to sway Mukuro away from her alliance with Nia, and before Nia can respond, a MARIA clone alerts her to the Yamai twins aiming for Nia from the sky. Nia flees, and leaves more MARIA clones to block the Yamai twins. The place Nia flees to is uncovered by Kurumi, who found it first. Kurumi refuses to team up with Nia, and ultimately defeats Nia using only her own command of <Rasiel>. The Yamai twins find Nia in her defeated state shortly after the MARIA clones blocking them suddenly disappear.

Nia is taken to the safe area of the park designated by Ratatoskr and given a change of clothes when she comes to. She finds out who won the battle royale at its conclusion. After Kurumi expends her <Zafkiel>-based Reiryoku to restore Mana's body state to the way it was 30 years ago, the ground shakes to signify the imminent end of Tenka's artificial world. Nia orders for calm, saying there's still some time left, and that everyone should believe in Shido. Eventually, the other Spirits find Shido and Tohka, the latter about to disappear due to the world around them falling apart. All of them begin to cry as they have to say farewell to Tohka.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

After the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Nia resumes her career as a manga artist. Within a year, she hired several MARIA clones and Ellen to assist with illustrations. One day, Nia invites Shido to her apartment to make a meal for her and her employees. She then wonders about Shido's plans for the future. When Shido hesitates, Nia tables her own offer for Shido to work under her, but one of the MARIA clones advises against accepting the offer. Shido, upon hearing that same MARIA copy mentioning a deadline in six hours for the submission of Nia's manuscript, offers to help with cleanup duty for the illustrations.

After the deadline passes and one of the MARIA clones tabulates the invoice for their assistance, Nia decides to invite Shido to a celebration. Upon completing her preparations, Nia appears to Shido as the driver of a luxury passenger car, and the two of them make the car journey to a luxurious French restaurant to have dinner. During their dinner date, Shido learns more about why Nia became a mangaka, as she wanted to become one ever since winning an award as a child. This knowledge causes Shido to reveal his own plans for the future. Nia interprets this as a rejection of her own offer, but admits that Shido's ambition to join Ratatoskr and research Spirits is the best path for him.

Later, after Shido barely survives an encounter with Beast, Nia is part of the crew brought to Fraxinus to deliberate the reasons for the presence of this mysterious Spirit. When Shido declares he intends to stop Beast by making her fall in love, Nia worries about his declaration as he no longer has his regeneration power. However, after seeing Shido's resolve that communication is indeed possible, Nia relents while acknowledging him as the expert in capturing the hearts of Spirits. But suddenly, the meeting is interrupted by Beast, who has followed them into Fraxinus by using a space-time gate. While Nia and the others are left stunned by the forceful entry, she sees Shido be the first one to stand up and reach out to Beast.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

After Shido tackles Beast out of Fraxinus, the former Spirits follow using headsets connected to <Yggd Folium> Realizer units shaped like giant leaves, and descend safely to the ground to assist Shido. Nia, Natsumi, and Mukuro are assigned the duty to evacuate everyone in the vicinity. Nia uses the <Yggd Folium> to locate people trapped in buildings. She is surprised to witness Mukuro recognize one of the evacuees as her former step-sister. Nia wonders if Mukuro has anything more to say to her, but Mukuro merely comments on her fortune of the chance meeting and remarks that what needs to be said has already been spoken. After they finish evacuating the civilians, they return to Shido's location in order to assist the other former Spirits' efforts to protect him.

When an <Yggd Ramus> appears in front of her, Nia complains about the "plot device" that MARIA conjured up, yet makes no effort to protect herself from another of Beast's attacks. Natsumi's successful strike on Beast allows a different sword to appear in front of Nia, which she touches; it transforms into her Astral Dress and her Angel <Rasiel>, allowing her to reclaim her Spirit powers. Even then, Nia watches on as the other Spirits use their powers to subdue Beast and cause it to retreat. When MARIA points that out, Nia protests, saying that <Rasiel> isn't suitable for combat, and its <Future Entry> isn't as effective against those with Reiryoku in their bodies. After Shido wields <Nahemah> and goes after Beast, Nia lets slip her foreknowledge of Shido's safe return from the parallel world, causing the other Spirits to suspect that she used <Rasiel> to find out.

On April 10th, Nia is again suspected of using <Rasiel> to gain foreknowledge, this time by Kotori. Eventually, they agree that the "will of the world" enabled the natural reconstruction of the Spirit Formula, with Beast's arrival into their world done to speed up the process.


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