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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
“────The truth is……….I've never fallen in love with anything but 2D…….”

—Nia Honjo to Shido Itsuka

Nia Honjo
Kanji 本条 二亜
Romaji Honjō Nia
Birthday February 29th [1]
Age 18-19 (Physically)
45-47 (Actual Age) [2]
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 168 cm [3]
Species Human
Spirit (Formerly)
Hair Color Ash Grey
Eye Color Turquoise
  • Material A
  • Sister
  • The Second Spirit
  • Souji Honjo (Pen Name)
Personal Status
Affiliations Ratatoskr
  • Manga Artist
  • Fraxinus Analysis Officer (Temporary)
Rank A-Class Spirit
Novel Debut Volume 7 (Mentioned)
Volume 12 (Actual Appearance)
Anime Debut Date A Live Ⅳ Episode 1
Japanese Hitomi Nabatame [4]
English Mallorie Rodak [5]

Nia Honjo (ほんじょう , Honjō Nia?) is the ninth Spirit to appear in the series.


Nia, also known as the Second Spirit, is a Spirit who appeared on Earth sometime after the First Spirit appeared and is claimed to be the only one who knows any information about the First Spirit and her whereabouts. At some point, the DEM captured her by unknown means and she fell into a comatose state. She was first mentioned in Volume 7, where Kurumi only decides to help Shido rescue Tohka to create a chance for her to find and rescue her. However, it turns out that Nia wasn't held captive in that particular DEM facility.

In Volume 12, Nia's location was revealed to be at the Neryl Island, a DEM's private island in the Pacific Ocean. On the island, she was given the label Material A (資材 A, Shizai A?) and was being moved to another place through a DEM transport aircraft. Kurumi attempted to free her with a swarm of clones but failed to do so as the clones were defeated by the new Adeptus 2. Nia, however, reacted to Shido's Spirit Wave upon him going berserk. Eventually, she managed to escape thanks to Shido shooting down the aircraft for her. When Kurumi found the wreckage of the transport aircraft, Nia had already left.


Nia has short, ash gray hair and turquoise eyes. Nia's Astral Dress takes on the appearance similar to that of a nun. Her Astral Dress is an ink-colored semi-transparent fabric that completely displays her figure. The collar of her dress takes on the shape of a pen tip, and the middle part of her Astral Dress is patterned as a manga panel, both of which referencing her job as a manga artist.[6] She wears long black laced boots and a gray veil with a pen attached. There is also a golden cross connected to a beaded rope surrounding the waist of the dress. Her veil, collar, and cross are all adorned with turquoise gems matching her eye color.

When she is not using her Astral Dress, she wears dark red square-framed glasses. Her casual outfits tend to be relatively unfeminine, only wearing dresses on special occasions. Her three sizes are B76/W59/H80.

In her Inverse Form, Nia's eyes turn light red. A thorny red halo floats above her head, and a second one around her neck. Her upper torso is covered by patchwork pieces of paper and marked by a cross-shaped pattern. She is surrounded by floating black collars reminiscent of her original Astral Dress. This new outfit comes with a long black cape with a blood-red sash. Her arms and legs are covered by a gray fabric, with her feet partially exposed.


Nia has a very energetic personality that allows her to get along with everyone. This cheerful demeanor also helped her readapt to society very quickly alongside the aid of her Angel. This kind of personality was also shown throughout her first date with Shido, where she maintained a playful attitude while teasing him.

However, thanks to her powers, Nia began to lose her ability to open up to humans. Her omniscient Angel ended up backfiring on her after she became curious about her origins. The feeling of distrust started sitting in her heart after she had learned about her past self. Nia also started checking each person she knew and became disgusted with humans after discovering the dark side of humanity through <Rasiel>. It ultimately made her distance herself from her acquaintances and ended up leaving her alone. Since she could not live without coming into contact with anyone, Nia decided to put on a mask and treated everyone as if they were NPCs in a game.

Afterward, she began to immerse herself in the 2D world, since it was the only thing she could open her heart to without fear of disappointment. The characters in that world were very straightforward yet sophisticated at the same time. Best of all, they would never betray her since she couldn’t detect any malice from them from using <Rasiel>. However, her interactions with Shido proved that she still had hope that she could meet someone whom she can open her heart to, something that Westcott took advantage of substantially.

Nia also has a significant hate towards spoilers. She does not like spoiling something to someone and also hates being spoiled. However, she will disregard this if she is very angry about certain things. During her conversation with Kurumi, Nia also remarked that she did not want to use her powers to start a conflict and would not reveal any dangerous information, even if the other party demanded it from her.

She is also very passionate about her Otaku hobbies, becoming furious after she found out Shido was acting out of character while cosplaying her favorite character, Tokiya, to make her fall for him. Due to this hobby, she often makes up nicknames for the other Spirits. She is a heavy drinker and fills her kitchen with alcohol, which is otherwise empty because she exclusively eats instant food or take-out unless Shido is available to cook.



Nia was once an ordinary human, though little is known about her previous life. Ever since she was young, Nia has loved the 2D world of manga and video games. She apparently drew her first original character all the way back in grade school and she even won an award during her first year of high school. However, around 27-28 years ago, she self-described herself as having suffered from an incident that made her lose the will to live. It was then that a mysterious person gave her the Sephira Crystal containing Rasiel. She subsequently bonded with it, turning her into a Spirit in the process. During this time, she also lost her memories because of unknown reasons.

While at first causing Spacequakes like the other Spirits, at some point, Nia was able to reintegrate herself with society. However, becoming curious about where she came from, she used her Angel, <Rasiel>, and found out about her former life. Following this, Nia started to use <Rasiel> to find information on everyone she encountered. As a result, she discovered the dark side of humanity, causing her to believe she couldn't trust anyone. This caused Nia to seclude herself into her 2D world, since the characters in there could never harbor negative feelings towards her. However, she still wanted to live in modern society, so contact with other people was unavoidable. As a result, Nia started to treat the others as if they were just characters in a video game; communicating with them but having no real interest in them as people. Nia especially liked a manga called "Chronicle" and its main character, Tokiya, which caused her to aspire to become a manga artist. Around 10 years ago, she achieved this dream when was able to get a job as a manga artist under the pen name of Souji Honjo (本条ほんじょう蒼二そうじ, Honjō Sōji?). The Manga written by her, "Silver Bullet", ended up becoming a financial hit. During this time, she befriended Hiroki Takajo at a publisher’s party, but later cut off all contact to avoid the temptation of looking into her past.

However, around 5 years ago, Nia's existence was discovered by DEM, who sent Ellen Mira Mathers after her. Ellen managed to defeat Nia and capture her alive by catching her by surprise through a sneak attack. The fans of her manga only knew that she had disappeared, which was believed to be caused by an argument with her editor. While in DEM's captivity, Westcott and Ellen put Nia through horrible physical torture to make her go into her Inverse Form. However, no matter what they did, she did not assume her Inverse Form. In the end, Westcott used a Realizer to seal away the memories of her torture in order to prevent Nia's consciousness from collapsing. Afterwards, DEM kept her in an artificial coma using Realizers and stored her away in a secret facility on an abandoned island in the Pacific Ocean.


Powers and Abilities

Spirit Form

While Nia's powers excel in storing and gathering information, she much weaker than the other Spirits in terms of outright combat. Her strength is further inhibited by her pacifistic nature, which prevents her from tapping into the more violent potential uses of her Angel. Despite this, her Angel's near-omniscience and manipulation of reality are considered God-like when used at full capacity.

After Nia had most of her Qlipha Crystal extracted from her body, she was left with only a sliver of her Sephira. This greatly weakened her powers far greater than a normal sealed Spirit. Although she still has the ability to summon <Rasiel>, its ability to give information has gotten weaker, with some information coming out as indecipherable. She also notes that she has lost the power to control the future. However, she states that since <Rasiel> and <Beelzebub> use to be the same embodiment, she can use her ability to restrict Westcott's ability to search information using <Beelzebub>. Additionally, this shared duality also allowed Nia, with the help of Shido's fantasy counterpart, to use <Rasiel> to stabilize a gateway connecting the fantasy world with the real world. However, upon gaining a power up from Mio Takamiya, Nia regains her ability to fully use both her Astral Dress and <Rasiel>.

Spirit Data

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
60 59 142 64 245


Angel: Rasiel (囁告篇帙ラジエル, Rashieru?. lit. "Tome of Revelation")

Weapon: Book

Astral Dress: Yod (神威霊装・二番 ヨッド, Yoddo?. lit. "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 2")

Nia's S-ranked Angel, <Rasiel>, is a book that can give the user information about anything that has ever happened in the world, no matter where and when. The user of <Rasiel> becomes near-omniscient. Nia describes this ability as "a super powerful search engine", where one has to focus on the sought-after information before arriving at an answer. However, in order to use this ability, she has to consciously think about the subject she is researching, and her Angel does not automatically detect any danger coming to the user. It is also incapable of giving information about a person's inner thoughts and events that have not occurred yet. Another limitation is that the Angel can only give facts, so it cannot tell Nia subjective information like what she should do when she's unsure of herself. Additionally, it also gave her illegible information about the person who turned her into a Spirit. However, she theorized that this may be because of that person's abilities. Nia can use her Angel for surveillance in constantly monitoring other peoples' locations, but she will lose track of them if she ceases contact with <Rasiel>.

  • Future Entry (未来記載, Mirai Kisai?): Nia can write on <Rasiel>'s blank pages with the pen attached to the veil of her Astral Dress. Everything written in <Rasiel> is fact; therefore, everything that Nia writes in the book will become reality. However, it takes time for the event to be written down, especially since Nia prefers to draw a manga illustration instead of just writing some text. The ability to change the future is not absolute, as Shido could resist alterations to the future when channeling the powers of the Angels of the Spirits he had already sealed. Nia also adds that it is unlikely for this power to work on a fellow Spirit with a full Astral Dress equipped. [7]
  • MARIA (マリア, Maria?): After regaining her full Astral Dress due to being empowered by Mio, Nia recreates her own version of the Nibelcole through a combination of her Angel and Ratatoskr's technology. In the process, she is able to give physical form to MARIA: Fraxinus's autonomous AI.
  • Ashufiriya (幻書館アシュフィリヤ, Ashufiriya?. lit. "Phantom Library"): An ability to transport targets into a world of fiction, with the people imprisoned there assuming the roles of fairy tale and manga characters. Due to Ashufiriya being a shared authority between Rasiel and its counterpart Beelzebub, Nia holds an instinctive knowledge of the technique when Westcott used it on her, Shido, and the other sealed Spirits. When Nia's emotional state was overwhelmed by her inability to properly reconcile with Takajo, Ashufiriya sent her, Mukuro, and Takajo into a world based on the fighting manga Shinsen Kepuroko and Nia's Silver Bullet. However, due to only having a fragment of her Sephira left at the time, Nia questions how the situation is even possible. In the end, it's left ambiguous if the experience was just a shared dream or Rasiel activating on its own in order to give its owner a final push in repairing her friendship. [8]

Inverse Form

Demon King: Beelzebub (神蝕篇帙ベルゼバブ, Beruzebabu?. lit. "Tome of Divine Corruption")

Weapon: Book

Astral Dress: Unnamed

Nia inversed after being forced to remember the excruciating pain she suffered in her suppressed memories of DEM's torture. Her Demon King <Beelzebub> retains <Rasiel>'s information gathering and future describing, with the latter ability now utilized at a much faster rate than in her normal state against the Spirits in their limited Astral Dresses. It can also summon shadow-like creatures from the pages. She cannot distinguish friend from foe in this state. Because her Inversion was caused by her agony, Shido started to reawaken her consciousness with <Gabriel>'s pain-relieving Requiem. However, her Qlipha Crystal was extracted by Artemisia Bell Ashcroft and given to Westcott before he could properly change her back to normal.


Due to Spirits being the foundation for the creation of the Realizer, Nia is compatible with the Realizer Manifestation Device and can use it to create a Territory like the rest of the former Spirits. Her prior ownership of <Rasiel> means that Nia specializes in using her Territory to track and locate people, which she used to help evacuate civilians caught in the damage of <Beast>'s rampage.


  • (To Shido Itsuka) "──Isn't it your job to make the Spirits fall for you boy? No………Itsuka Shido-kun?” [9].
  • (To Kotori Itsuka) “Pure Spirits……………? But, weren’t all Spirits once human?” [10].
  • (To Elliot Baldwin Woodman) “Then let me ask you again. ──As one of the original founders of DEM Industries, thirty years ago when you caused the appearance of the First Spirit. Why do you still hide your identity and spout these high-sounding words?” [11].
  • (To MARIA) “Go, MARIA. I choose you.” [12]
  • (To Hinako Shiizaki) “What is the reason!? Bullying!? Is it bullying!? I won’t suffer in silence!” [13]


  • Nia has the character for "Two" in her name (「二」亜) as well as her pen name Souji (蒼「二」), referring to the Second Sephira on Kabbalah's Tree of Life: "Wisdom".
  • Nia's surname contains the kanji for both "Book" (本, hon?) and "Article" (条, jo?).
  • The name of her Astral Dress, Yod, is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the first in the Tetragrammaton.
  • Rasiel's name also means "Secret of God", "Keeper of Secrets" or "Angel of Mysteries".
  • Nia has nicknamed her own Angel Rasiemon (ラジえもーん).
  • Nia's short hair and glasses were intended as an unconventional design for light novel girls.[6]
  • Her favorite thing is alcohol, and her least favorite is a gloomy atmosphere. [14]
  • Nia wrote a horror action manga called Nechronica (ネクロニカ?) before her current "Silver Bullet" manga. [15]
  • Nia's favorite car is called Scarlet Phoenix. [16]
  • In a 4-koma manga drawn by Tsunako to promote Ren Dystopia, Nia appeared before Ren and Tohka in a container labeled Material A, making a wish to be granted a voice actor and be added into the game.
  • Nia represents leaked personal information as an anthropomorphic disaster. [17]


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