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Never Ending Love Story
Date A Live Character Song Collection
Performed by Iori Nomizu
Album Date A Live Character Song Collection
Released October 21, 2020
Format CD
Recorded 2020
Genre Anime
Length 4:19
Publisher Nippon Columbia

Never Ending Love Story is the ending theme of the game, Date A Live: Ren Dystopia. The song is performed by Iori Nomizu.


The song is written by Iori Nomizu, arranged and composed by Shuhei Tsubota (TRYTONELABO).

The song is featured on the Date A Live Character Song Collection album released on October 21, 2020.

Track Listing[]

  1. Hatsukoi Winding Road
  2. Koi Iro Origami
  3. Hitsuji no Jukai
  4. Little My Drops
  5. Monochrome
  6. Double Love Punch
  7. Lovely, Morning, Dreaming
  8. Melt (On The Border)
  9. Oishii Date
  10. Resolution
  11. Not Forget
  12. Bipolar Emotion
  13. Yami No Mukou He
  14. A.D.V
  15. Kangen Yuuwaku Receptor
  16. Never Ending Love Story



Never Ending Love Story-2


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Never Ending Love Story 4:19


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