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Netzach (ネツアク, Netsuaku?) is the Seventh Region in the Neighboring World and is associated with Natsumi Kyouno. The Dominion there used to be Yuri Sagakure before her death. After the conflict against the White Queen is resolved, Maya assigns the role of Netzach's Dominion to Yui Sagakure. However, Yui is still somewhat reluctant to accept the position.


Netzach is in an eternal night, with all clocks omitting the hours from I to V. There is a continuous loop of the day beginning at 6:00 pm and ending at 12:00 am. There are multiple casinos in Netzach, with the capacity for all kinds of gambling games such as poker, slots, roulette, and mahjong. The Dominion resides in the tall central casino, abbreviated as Casino I.S. Netzach otherwise appears to most represent a lively nighttime city, and there are often Quasi-Spirits prowling the streets at night with alcohol in their hands. There are also a large amount of neon lights and signs that decorate each building. Yuri Sagakure also owns a mansion within Netzach, which is described to be a large box-shaped building.

History and Culture[]


Netzach's history is largely unknown; however, Yuri did replace the previous Dominion. She lived in Netzach prior to her rise to power, though after she killed her sister, she was visited by the White Queen who gave her reason to live and thus incentive to become Dominion. Netzach's recent culture is likely corrupt and skewed by the Dominion, with the White Queen and Yuri working together to an extent for the White Queen's influence, which she intended to spread out. Yuri also sent her mass-produced Yui models out to behave as a security team and her own personal army if necessary.


Described as a pandemonium for devils by Ace of Spades, Netzach’s society entirely revolves around money. Yui Sagakure stated to Kurumi that with the YP currency there, residents of Netzach are free to do as they please. Upon entering Netzach, Quasi-Spirits are gifted a loan of 1 Million YP with no interest, which they can utilize to accumulate more money as they please. Theft or robbery is out of the question, as YP does not transfer between people unless it is a formal transaction. Hibiki noted that living expenses in Netzach are costly. Netzach runs a high-security operation, with Yui Sagakure mass production models patrolling the streets, forensic technology in development, and a plethora of other high-tech creations. It is also stated that to leave Netzach, there is a price attached, and the only way out is via inserting YP coins into the heavily guarded gate.

Netzach is a region that, as described by Carte’s Ace of Spades, is easy to lose yourself in and be swindled by others. Due to the corrupt Dominion, there is little actual care for the residents of Netzach.


Upon touching the Compile crystal, Kurumi saw various scenes that were described as bugged. Most of them were of the Spirits' everyday lives as well as the boy from the other world. However, Kurumi could tell she wasn't in those memories, as well as being unable to see the faces of the other Spirits and the boy.

Known Inhabitants[]


Netzach is directly connected to Yesod, Tiphereth, and Chesed. The pathway to Chesed is closed off.


  • The currency used in Netzach, YP, stands for Yui Points.
  • Netzach is associated with the color green, which matches its corresponding Spirit Natsumi's hair and Sephira Crystal.



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