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Neryl Island
Location Information
Kanji ネリル島
Romaji Neriru Shima
English Neryl Island
Novel Volume 12
Anime Date A Live Ⅳ Episode 1

Neryl Island (ネリル島, Neriru Shima?) is a secret island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is privately owned by DEM Industries.


20 years ago, Neryl Island was an ordinary uninhabited location, but it was bought by the UK company DEM for personal purposes. A huge laboratory was built underground to conduct various experiments, which is why the entire location was classified. The island itself is not even marked on the world map. If the public knew about this place and the experiments being carried out here, DEM would be criticized from all over the world. Because of this, only 50 scientists work here, the auxiliary staff is approximately 30 workers, and there are also several Wizards placed for security. If the experimental subjects are also considered to be staff headquarters, then the number of people on the island will increase 100 times. Despite the importance of this place, people from the main branch do not visit the island, and cargo is delivered here only once a week. Nia Honjo, codenamed as "Material A", was imprisoned on this island for some time.

But before the experiment with Material A, when Isaac Westcott ordered Nia to be transferred to Japan, large DEM forces were deployed to the island in the amount of 100 Wizards with CR-Unit implementers and 300 Bandersnatch units. However, even so, the safety of Material A was in jeopardy due to Kurumi Tokisaki's attack on the plane carrying the Second Spirit. The new Adeptus 2 Artemisia Bell Ashcroft successfully neutralized the Kurumi clones who were trying to hijack the plane, but the plane carrying Nia was later shot down by Shido Itsuka while flying over Tengu City, allowing the Second Spirit to escape in the process.



  • Due to significant changes in the season 3 anime adaptation of Itsuka Disaster, all the scenes involving Neryl Island were removed. Instead, the island is briefly seen during season 4's opening scene where Kurumi lays siege to the island in search of the Second Spirit.