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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
Hey Shido. Am I............really cute?

—Natsumi to Shido Itsuka

Natsumi Kyouno
Kanji 鏡野 七罪
Romaji Kyouno Natsumi
Birthday July 23rd [1]
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height Normal: 144 cm
Adult Form: 170 cm
Species Human
Spirit (Formerly)
Hair Color Jade
Eye Color Jade
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents [4]
  • Student
  • Student Council President [5]
Rank B-Class Spirit
Novel Debut Volume 8
Anime Debut Date A Live Ⅲ Episode 1
Japanese Ayumi Mano [6]
English Katelyn Barr

Natsumi Kyouno (きょうつみ, Kyouno Natsumi?) is the seventh Spirit to appear in the series.


When Natsumi first appeared in the series, she was in an abandoned amusement park outside of Tengu City where she met Shido. They chatted a bit as Shido tried to warm up to Natsumi, and things were starting to go well until the AST arrived and began attacking. This assault was not a problem for Natsumi as she turned the AST and their weapons into cartoonish creatures and objects. However, a problem arose when a stray missile, which had become a carrot, exploded near where Natsumi and Shido were standing and threw dust into the air. This shock caused Natsumi to release her transformation power temporarily and caused Shido to cover his eye from the light emitted from Natsumi. When Shido was able to see again, Natsumi got angry at him and thought that he saw her secret (which he did not). She left the scene quickly after threatening Shido for discovering her secret.

The next day, Natsumi transformed into Shido and went to his school. Coincidentally, Shido had something to do and was going to be late for school, so Natsumi impersonated Shido and harassed his acquaintances to ruin his image and reputation. It was working until she was discovered as a fake in an illogical way by Tohka and Origami. She was in disbelief for a moment before she got angry again and left the scene after she made another threatening comment to Shido. Five days later, Natsumi sent a letter to Shido’s house challenging him to a twisted form of “Hide & Seek,” where the objective of the game was for Shido to find which person Natsumi transformed into and if he failed to guess the right one, the real person would disappear. During the progress of her game, Natsumi watched in enjoyment as Shido guessed and failed each time. However, in the end, Shido figured out which one was Natsumi with a few helpful hints from the people who had not disappeared yet, and Natsumi’s Angel released the captives as promised. However, Shido pointed out that her transformation was lifted, and her true form was revealed. She reacted violently, immediately activating her Angel and transforming all that saw her in her usual form into little kids, except Shido (who was protected by the accumulated Reiryoku he had sealed), and flees the scene afterward.

For the next several days, Natsumi used her power to harass Shido and tried to turn him into a criminal. During those times, Natsumi speculated that Shido must have a large organization backing him up and to prove the point, was found out from her hidden spot as Shido closed in on her. Natsumi tried to run away but was stopped by the DEM Wizard, Ellen, and her DEM teammates. Ellen wounded Natsumi, but she was saved by Shido and his companions before Ellen was able to finish her off. Natsumi was confused as to why they saved her before she lost consciousness.

Natsumi woke up in a place controlled by the organization backing up Shido as assumed. Due to her wound, she couldn’t use her power to escape and had to bear with the strange interactions and events that happened around her. When she finally had enough power, she transformed and fled from the place, but not before she gained some unexpected information. She changed again after she bumped into Shido and hid. She then watched Shido as he looked for her, and she felt something in her heart as she observed Shido trying his best to find her. She observed Shido not escaping when the Spacequake alarm went off to destroy a large falling object from the sky as well as fighting off the "doll" that was protecting it. But, when Shido was in danger and no one could save him, Natsumi appeared against her will and saved Shido. The battle continued, but with the combined effort of Natsumi, Shido, and Tohka, they destroyed the falling object and saved the town. After the fight, Natsumi cried as the group gave her unexpected praise for her actions. As they headed back to Ratatoskr, Natsumi pulled Shido to a spot where the other girls couldn’t see and kissed him. She did this knowing full well that it would seal her power, as she acquired this information before escaping.

After being sealed, she wanted to repay Shido and the other Spirits for helping her. However, because of her habit of overthinking things, she is still prone to mood swings, which often cause her to transform back into her adult form. She still likes to tease Shido and the others in her adult form.


Natsumi has matching emerald-colored hair and eyes. She first appears as a slender woman whose age should be slightly past 20 years old. She sports a curvaceous body and wears purple semi-transparent full-body tights with star patterns all over it.[7] A belt is hung at her waist, and some articles of cloth are attached to it. Her outfit is complete with a cape, a witch hat with a pair of bat wings, and a belt with an emerald attached to its front. Overall, her appearance resembles that of a flashy witch. In this form, her height is stated to be 170cm, and her three sizes are B94/W62/H90.

It is later revealed that her true form is a sullen little girl with unkempt hair and skin. Shido and the girls once gave her a makeover to help her self-esteem, but her original features would later resurface. Her Astral Dress here is an orange shawl with star-like decorations and a miniskirt with bat-like extensions to the side. The outfit is also complete with stockings of orange and purple stripes, with the right longer than the left one. Her witch's hat is now comically oversized for her. The brim of the hat now has spiked corners, and the attached emeralds have increased in both size and number to form a ring surrounding the trim of the hat. Natsumi's height while in her true form is stated to be 144cm, and her three sizes are B69/W55/H70.


The personality of the pre-sealed Natsumi is best described as self-loathing. Natsumi had a physiological perception problem in which she perceived everything negatively, including herself. She was prone to be jealous of others who have body types that are considered attractive or beautiful, which she views herself as lacking.

Reine speculated that Natsumi developed this way of thinking from past experiences on Earth while in her true appearance. However, due to her power to transform, she tries to act and take on the persona of that form with a twist on her personality to do some mischievous deeds. This resulted in the creation of an "Onee-san" persona which she perceives as the perfect image of herself. Her adult form is much more confident and flirtatious, using affectionate honorifics like “-chan” and “-kun” that her true form would forgo.

However, it seems that Natsumi's true nature is that of a curious child who wants attention along the lines of: "I want to be noticed, I want to be praised, I want to be acknowledged, and I want to be liked". As a result, she subsequently developed such a negative mindset that she twisted innocent compliments into insults, struggling to believe that her true form had any appeal.

After befriending Shido and the Spirits, Natsumi still feels insecure about her true form, but she is far more comfortable with herself than before. She remains quite pessimistic, and her very weak mental state allows her to regain her sealed Reiryoku just by thinking of humiliating events from school. However, deep down, she is still very grateful to have friends who promote her self-worth.



Natsumi grew up as an illegitimate child in an abusive household where her mother only used her for the secret hush money her father provided for them. Her mother refused to feed her and would always belittle her for being ugly. While she initially tried to be a good child and help out around the house, that just made her mother hate her even more, so she eventually stopped trying. Natsumi's only source of nutrition was the school lunch, which was the only reason she went to school to begin with. She grew to hate school because of how the other students would ignore or bully her for her dirty appearance. During the long vacation, food became a matter of life or death. Knowing that her mother would kill her for touching any of the packaged foodstuffs, her stable food during those times was sugar and soy sauce diluted with tap water. It was a lucky day if the refrigerator had butter and margarine. Her growth was stunted by this malnutrition, which further provoked her low self-esteem and negative body image.

One day, just as Natsumi started junior high, her mother found out that her father had recently passed away. With their only source of income gone, Natsumi's mother demanded that she do anything, including prostitution, to make money for her. Natsumi was furious that the same mother who would always belittle her as ugly would now demand something like this at her own convenience. She replied that it was impossible since she was ugly just like her. This caused her mother to snap and begin choking Natsumi. At that moment, Mio appeared and offered Natsumi power. Desperate to survive, Natsumi accepted and transformed into a Spirit. With her newfound power, Natsumi transformed her mother into a frog in retaliation, but she stopped just short of killing her by stepping on the frog. Escaping from her childhood home on <Haniel>, Natsumi wondered in tears why she stayed in such an abusive household for so long, ultimately coming to the conclusion that she just wanted to be loved.

Like most of the Spirits, Natsumi often appeared into the world through Spacequakes. However, she also sometimes manifested silently without causing a Spacequake. Reine Murasame believed that Natsumi used her power of transformation to learn about human society. However, every time she silently appeared in the world, for some reason, people would not pay attention to her. This treatment resulted in her believing that she was ugly, which had an enormous impact on her psyche. Natsumi used her powers of transformation to turn herself into her ideal self, a beautiful woman in her early twenties. With this new appearance, Natsumi thought of herself as having the perfect body to attract attention. However, deep down she still wanted others to recognize her real self.


Power and Abilities[]

Spirit Form[]

As the Spirit of transformation, Natsumi's powers are a versatile threat limited only by her imagination. Through this gift, she is able to render even dangerous explosives and weapons into harmless and comical items. She can even shapeshift someone's body to remove external injuries, although she acknowledged that it was only temporary first aid before requiring serious treatment, as she cannot fix blood loss or internal injuries. Uniquely, she can even copy the powers of other Angels. However, in order to copy, Natsumi must first be aware of the principles behind the Angel, and even then, the power of the copy is inferior to the original.

Spirit Data[]

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
79 65 180 82 174


Angel: Haniel (贋造魔女ハニエル, Hanieru?. lit. "Forgery Witch")

Weapon: Broom

Astral Dress: Adonai Tzabaoth (神威霊装アドナイ七番ツァバオト, Adonai Tsabaoto?. lit. "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 7")

Transformation mode: Kaleidoscope (千変万化鏡カリドスクーペ, Karidosukūpe?. lit. "Ever-changing Mirror")

Natsumi’s <Haniel> is an AA-ranked Angel in the form of a witch's broom. The broom itself can be ridden for high-speed flight, allowing her to easily outspeed a group of DEM Wizards aside from their leader Ellen. <Haniel> has the power of transformation, with Natsumi being able to transform anything, including herself, into anything else within a range of at least 1 kilometer. The target is designated by the light emanating from a mirror contained in <Haniel>’s bristles, which can also be summoned on its own without the broom. If she loses concentration or becomes unconscious, everything that had been transformed will return to their original state. Her own transformation can also wear off simply from sneezing. After getting severely injured by Ellen, she was unable to use <Haniel> until she recovered. The transformed objects or subjects, including herself if she transforms, will be a near-perfect imitation of whatever they were transformed into. However, the memories and personalities of the transformed objects or subjects will remain the same.

Natsumi's Angel, <Haniel>, also has the special ability to send things into a different dimension through a mirror similar to Kurumi's shadow. While in Natsumi’s personal dimension, the objects or subjects are put into a stasis field. The victims remain unconscious until their release and will wake up faster with resistance to Reiryoku. Natsumi can use <Kaleidoscope> to transform <Haniel> into the other Spirits' Angels through <Haniel>, but the copy will be less powerful than the original Angel. Any demerits of the original Angel will also be maintained with the copy. For instance, Natsumi has stated that trying to copy <Zafkiel> would mean also sacrificing her time to activate it, which is a reason why she has never tried to copy that particular Angel. In Volume 9, she used <Haniel> to create a replica of <Sandalphon>, to help Tohka and Shido destroy the satellite that had been transformed into a giant pig. After being sealed, she can still use it to mimic Miku's Angel <Gabriel> in order to use <March> to strengthen the combat power of the other Spirits.


Due to Spirits being the foundation for the creation of the Realizer, Natsumi is compatible with the Realizer Manifestation Device and can use it to create a Territory like the rest of the former Spirits. Among them, Natsumi specializes in using the Realizer to create illusions and holograms of herself to deceive her opponents. Natsumi's clever planning and skill in using the Realizer allowed her to be the only one to land a hit on <Beast> after borrowing Yoshino's <Yggd Ramus>, which resulted in temporarily restoring everyone's Spirit powers.

Miscellaneous Skills[]

Natsumi's transformation abilities are enhanced by the fact that she is a great actress, almost perfectly copying the personalities of those she transforms into. She also has the ability to mimic the natural abilities of those she is impersonating. She once transformed herself into a manga artist and subsequently learned to draw manga like a professional. Her skill at writing manga is so great that Nia, a bona-fide professional manga artist, offered Natsumi a job as her assistant. Her impersonation skills also make her incredibly talented at voice acting.[8]


  • (To Shido Itsuka) “Not once but twice…………….you saw my secret…………! I-I won’t forgive you. I will never forgive you. Every one of you, I won’t let everyone of you off the hook easilyyyyyyyy!![9]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) “When you all gave me a massage………I was happy……….when you all cut my hair…………I was happy………., when you all chose clothes for me…….I was happy……….., when you all put make-up on me…………I was happy………uh, when everyone told me I was cute…………I was happy………..!”Even……..when I was that happy………….I did not say it at that time…………sorry………….……….Thank…………you" [10]
  • (To Yoshino Himekawa) “Uwahh……what’s with this girl, I want to marry her…….” [11]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "I want to tell her soon………..So that stubborn Nia will understand about it too────that friendship is a beautiful……thing.” [12]
  • (To herself) "I......can do this. strong. cute! ──Everyone...I'll──I'll protect you all!" [13]
  • (To herself) “N-No matter what hand I need to play......I will definitely lose!” [14]


  • Natsumi's name reflects the naming pattern among the Spirit characters. Natsumi's name is written as 七罪, with the character for "Seven" composing her name (「七」罪). The "seven" in her name refers to the Seventh Sephira in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, pertaining to "Victory" & "Eternity."
  • Natsumi (七罪; Natsumi) can also be pronounced as seven sins (七罪; Nanatsumi), which is a reference to the seven deadly sins in Christian theology.
  • The mirror in Natsumi's <Haniel> takes inspiration from Himitsu no Akko-chan (ひみつのアッコちゃん, The Secrets of Akko-chan?), a magical girl manga in which the titular protagonist could transform herself with a magic mirror. [15]
  • Natsumi's surname contains the kanji for "mirror" (鏡), and 'field" (野).
  • Her Angel Haniel's name means "The joy or grace of God" or "The one who sees God."
  • Natsumi's Astral Dress's name is 'Adonai Tzabaoth' which means "God of Hosts"(armies) and is also a phrase in biblical Hebrew which praises God.
  • Her favorite things are the corners of rooms, while her least favorite are group activities. [16]
  • Natsumi represents the anthropomorphic disaster of online flaming. [17]
  • Natsumi’s name in Japanese Goroawase wordplay spells out the number 723 (Na = 7, Tsu = 2, Mi = 3). If the first number is used for the month and the last two numbers for the day, this matches the date of her birth.


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