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DAL v7 c04

Japanese (Ruby) ナヘマー
Japanese (Base) 暴虐公
Base meaning Tyrant Ruler
Rank SS-rank Demon King
Novel Debut Volume 7
Anime Debut Season 2 Episode 10

Nahemah (暴虐公ナヘマー, Nahemā?) is the Demon King corresponding to the tenth order of the qliphoth. Its original wielder is Tenka, the Inverse Form of Tohka Yatogami, and it normally takes the form of a single-edged sword.


Date A Live[]


<Nahemah> is described as being the polar opposite of <Sandalphon>, its Angel counterpart. Similar to <Sandalphon>, <Nahemah> also consists of a throne, but unlike <Sandalphon>, <Nahemah>'s throne remains separate from its sword and has only ever been summoned after the sword has already been manifested. The abilities of <Nahemah> are generally the same as <Sandalphon>, except for its energy blasts being darker in coloration.

  • Final Sword: Paverschlev (終焉の剣ペイヴァーシュへレヴ, Peivāshu'erevu?. lit. "Sword of Demise"): A darker version of Halvanhelev that is summoned in a similar way, by destroying the <Nahemah> throne and adding the shattered pieces to the <Nahemah> sword. A single swing of the sword is powerful enough to destroy a large portion of Tengu City. However, the sword takes time to charge for this level of destructive power, so it cannot be used twice in quick succession.


<Nahemah> is <Beast>'s Tenth Sword (一〇番目の剣, Ichireibanme no Ken?). When the parallel-world Spirit first encountered Shido, she would have swung <Nahemah> to kill Shido, had Shido not called out to her by the name Tohka.

Shido Itsuka[]

When <Beast> flees back to the parallel world, she leaves <Nahemah> behind in Shido's world. Shido does not recognize <Nahemah> as Beast's weapon until he grabs its hilt, and its coloration changes to match its appearance when wielded by Tenka. When Shido touches the sword, he hears a mysterious voice very reminiscent of Tenka's. He would use that sword to open a "scar" in space and travel to <Beast>'s world. <Nahemah> disappears once Shido is able to talk to <Beast> in her world and discern her identity as Tohka.

Shido's handling of <Nahemah> gives him the sensation of an imminent death, but he is able to endure the strain of using the Demon King with the help of Miku using <Gabriel>'s <Fantasia>.

Date A Bullet[]

In Volume 6, one of White Queen's subordinates manifests an elaborate copy of Tenka, with the intention of wreaking havoc on the Neighboring World. This version of Tenka wields her own copy of <Nahemah>. When faced with "Tenka" at the end of their dungeon crawl in Gevurah, Kurumi and Hibiki work together to eliminate her, with Hibiki using the unsafe feature of her Unsigned Angel <King Killing> to transform it into a copy of <Nahemah> capable of assuming its Paverschlev form.


  • Nahemah (נַעֲמָה) means "pleasant" in Hebrew. Among various pieces of literature that depict Nahemah as a demon, Nahemah's gender is implied to be female.
  • Nahemah has also been variously spelled as Naamah or Nahemoth.



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