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Tohka Dead End[]

Nakatsugawa is introduced by Kotori to Shido as part of the crew that will be helping him during his second encounter with the nameless girl.

Kurumi Killer[]

During lunch period, the new transfer student Kurumi Tokisaki asks Shido to give her a tour of the school for her first day. Watching this on board Fraxinus, Kotori and the crew at Ratatoskr immediately get to work. With three choices on where to start, Kotori orders her crew to choose. When the rooftop is presented as the popular choice, Nakatsugawa affirms that it's because youths get to see scenery while hanging out. Minowa points out that the school usually locks its rooftop because it's dangerous, and Kawagoe argues that the infirmary is a better option. Nakatsugawa holds his opinion and still suggests the rooftop, but when Reine steps in about the cafeteria and gives her reason for it, Kotori instructs Shido to take Kurumi to the cafeteria instead.

Itsuka Sister[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting planned in advance for Shido's date with Kotori, Nakatsugawa reveals that he acted out the role of a stalker harassing Kotori in order to find out about Kotori's favorite cellphone game.

Miku Lily[]

During Shido's initial confrontation with the Spirit <Diva>, Nakatsugawa is the only one of the Fraxinus crew to suggest that Shido goes with the third response "The view from below is the best". Knowing that option to be the least appropriate for the situation, Kotori demands an explanation from Nakatsugawa, and he replies by saying that he heard <Diva's> voice somewhere before.

After witnessing Origami confront <Diva>, the Fraxinus crew meet again, confirming <Diva's> identity to be the idol Miku Izayoi. Nakatsugawa brings a secret recording of one of Miku's concerts to show to the crew. He reveals that despite Miku's fame, her recent performances have only been seen by a select few invitees, thus casting doubt on the authenticity of Miku's idol status.

Natsumi Search[]

During Shido's initial confrontation with the Spirit <Witch>, Nakatsugawa proposes for Shido to respond with "There is only one reason; I came to meet you", because Shido's subject is unknown, thus, acting oddly would subject him to danger.

Natsumi Change[]

During Shido's search for Natsumi who had disappeared, Nakatsugawa helps the Fraxinus crew zoom in on an image they took, which Kotori later identifies as a satellite being dropped onto Tengu City. The crew then deliberate over the next course of action, during which Nakatsugawa helps Kotori relay a communication to Shido.

Tobiichi Angel[]

During the ship battle between Ratatoskr's Fraxinus and Deus Ex Machina Industries' Goetia, Nakatsugawa is the first of the Fraxinus crew to realize that Goetia recovered from a <Mystletainn> strike, and is striking back in retaliation.

Tobiichi Devil[]

While watching Shido's date with the new-timeline Origami, Nakatsugawa notices Origami's mood levels drop when Shido takes her to a love hotel. Kotori directs Shido to go shopping with Origami, and eventually, Nakatsugawa notices Origami's mood stabilize.

Itsuka Disaster[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch, from a secret underground facility, Shido's arrival at a Ratatoskr-constructed water park in the middle of the forest, where the Spirits had gathered in their swimsuits. Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto move to restrain their acting leader Kannazuki, who was about to command Shido to go for the least popular choice in his situation.

Afterwards, when Shido challenges Natsumi to "excite" him, the Ratatoskr crew decide between three options, with only Nakatsugawa choosing "Take him on with the charms of a crafty loli grandma".

Nia Creation[]

After Shido's latest checkup, he greets Nakatsugawa and Hinako Shiizaki, both of which had returned to the Ratatoskr base having gone out shopping for Kotori's favorite brand of lollipop. After promising that the Fraxinus will soon be repaired, Nakatsugawa pulls out a copy of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Blast, which has, on the cover, Souji Honjou's "Silver Bullet" manga series back in serialization. After Shiizaki takes a phone call and excuses herself, Nakatsugawa does the same.

Two days later, Shido secures a date with the author of "Silver Bullet" whose real name is Nia Honjo. Nakatsugawa objects to the option chosen by Mikimoto, saying that Nia didn't go on the date to buy clothes. At the next Ratatoskr meeting after Shido and Nia's date concludes without progress, Nakatsugawa lends his empathy to Nia's situation.

At the New Year's Eve Comico, Ratatoskr crew members Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe and Mikimoto are tasked with delivering the shipment of Ratatoskr's doujin to sell at their booth. Onlookers appear to recognize Nakatsugawa from a different Comico circle that acrimoniously split up over creative differences. Nakatsugawa helps Shido set up the Ratatoskr circle's booth right next to Nia's, while imparting his own nuggets of experience. He continues to man the booth alongside Shido just as Comico opens fully to visitors. His presence becomes key to attracting visitors to line up at the Ratatoskr circle's booth.

Mukuro Planet[]

As with every other Ratatoskr crew member, Nakatsugawa is given a dressing-down by the repaired Fraxinus' new AI, MARIA, who refuses to recognize his various miscellaneous items in the bridge.

Later on, Fraxinus is infiltrated by several DEM Wizards and Bandersnatch units. One of them breaks an item of memorabilia in Nakatsugawa's hands, causing him to cry out. He angrily knocks down the Wizard responsible despite getting shot. Just as another Wizard prepares to shoot Nakatsugawa dead, Shiizaki hypnotizes the Wizard with a voodoo doll, and Kannazuki strangles him. This causes MARIA to subsequently review her prohibition of the items Nakatsugawa and Shiizaki brought to the bridge.

Mukuro Family[]

During the showdown between Fraxinus and Goetia, Nakatsugawa helps deploy the <Yggd Folium> units for Fraxinus to fire <Mystletainn> strikes.

Mio True End[]

The Ratatoskr crew, along with the remaining Spirits, watch Shido's date with Reine. At one point, the screens stop relaying visual footage of the date while continuing to provide audio. This elicits a reaction from Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

Shido is picked up by Fraxinus in the middle of his sudden encounter with Beast. Kotori directs Nakatsugawa and Kawagoe to bring Shido to the medical Realizer.