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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Mukuro Planet[]

While drifting in space, Mukuro's slumber is interrupted by DEM, who has sent three warships and an army of Bandersnatch units to capture her. Despite having sealed away her emotions, Mukuro left enough of her heart to eliminate trespassers in her domain. Summoning her Angel, she starts taking down the unwanted guests by using her <Michael> to lock the functions of every machine approaching her. At that moment, the warships begin to launch their magic cannons at her. However, Mukuro easily defends herself by opening up a wormhole which redirects the attack toward the DEM ships. Then, she uses her Angel to open more wormholes to send the debris of the warships to 42 different locations in the world simultaneously, most of which are related to the matter of Spirits.

DAL v14 07

Mukuro conversing with Shido

Much later, Mukuro is approached by Shido, who is using a holographic image to communicate with her. Mukuro quickly starts by attacking Shido, thinking that he is another intruder. However, Shido eventually manages to get her to converse with him. Shido is surprised that, despite following <Ratatoskr>'s absurd instructions, Mukuro remains nonchalant. As Shido explains the situation to her, Mukuro tells him that she used her powers to seal away her emotions, so she doesn't feel loneliness anymore. Disturbed that Mukuro also gave up the capability of feeling happiness as well, Shido invites her to come back with him to Earth. However, Mukuro rejects the proposal, questioning if she will more likely be in more danger from DEM if she lets Shido seal her powers. Using her powers to lock the camera projecting Shido's image, she bids Shido goodbye and tells him never to approach her again.

Much later, Mukuro is approached by the Fraxinus EX during the ship's maiden voyage. Sensing intruders, Mukuro uses her Angel to unlock a wormhole and bombards the ship with debris. However, Fraxinus EX's territory easily disintegrates the attack upon contact. The ship expands its territory to Mukuro's location, allowing Shido to approach her without worrying about the lack of air or cosmic radiation. Seeing Shido's presence, she reminds him that she has asked him to leave her alone. However, Shido, after regaining his conviction and confidence, tells Mukuro to prepare herself, as his ego knows no bounds.

Mukuro Family[]

Upon seeing Shido again, Mukuro replies back in an emotionless tone and refuses to answer Shido's questions about why she sealed her own heart. In response, she aims an initial attack on him using leftover debris. Infused with her Reiryoku, the first volley resembles a miniature meteor shower. However, the attack misses due to Fraxinus' Territory activating its automated evasion ability. Knowing that it would be useless to talk to Mukuro with her emotions still sealed, Shido uses <Haniel> to forge a duplicate of <Michael>. In response, she proclaims her outrage at him to have the boldness in using her own powers against her. Seeing that he is capable of using an Angel, Mukuro questions if he is indeed human. Shido merely retorts that the question had been on his mind before, but he wants to save her from powers that should have never been given to her.

DAL v15 03

Mukuro's heart unlocked by Shido

As the battle continues, DEM sends several Bandersnatch units to their location. Mukuro attacks anyone who approached her indiscriminately. Even with Tohka's assistance, Shido is unable to find an opening due to her familiarity with <Michael>'s abilities. Just as it seems that Mukuro is about to seal Shido's movements with her Angel, it turns out that Natsumi had been disguising herself as him. The real Shido is able to sneak behind her and unlock the seal held within her heart. The unsealing process leaves Mukuro momentarily in a daze due to her disjointed emotions connecting back with her body. With her emotions returning, she felt indignant anger at having her heart breached unceremoniously, tantalizing fascination over how they operated such a strategy, and most of all a particular feeling towards the person who had up to this point relinquished without hesitation all regard for his personal safety for her sake.

However, this left her momentarily vulnerable to a laser blast directed to her coordinates by Artemisia. In desperation, Shido tries to use <Zadkiel> to create an ice barrier to shield her. Still, the blast was enough to push them away from Fraxinus' Territory, causing them to fall victim to the Earth's gravitational pull. Mukuro attempts to escape by creating a spatial gate, but her body cannot respond to commands due to the disjointedness of her emotions returning. As they both plummet back down to Earth, Shido reconfirms his desire to save Mukuro and uses <Raphael> in conjunction with <Zadkiel> to protect them from atmospheric reentry. As Shido wakes up to find himself in a hospital bed provided by Fraxinus, Mukuro opens a spatial gate to suddenly appear behind him. Grasping him into a hug, her newly found affectionate nature towards him greatly surprises both Shido and the rest of the Spirits. Mukuro states that she could even become a love slave to him if he so desired. As Shido is flabbergasted by the statement, Kotori manages to postpone their date for a day, due to emphasizing that Shido still needs time to recover from his injuries. After hearing this, Mukuro agrees and leaves by opening up another gate.

As the time for the date arrives, Shido realizes that he has no method of contacting Mukuro. As he starts to panic, a portal appears behind him, and Mukuro uses her arms to pull him into the spatial gate. Despite momentarily being shocked at suddenly being transported, Shido regains his composure after Kotori contacts him through the communicator to inform him that he is still in Tengu City. As their date begins, Mukuro has difficulty moving due to her long hair restricting her mobility. With Ratatoskr's help, Shido asks whether Mukuro would prefer him do up her hair at his house. Mukuro agrees, and warps both of them there via <Michael>. After completing the hairdo, Shido gets permission to raid Kotori's wardrobe, in order to lend more suitable clothing to Mukuro. Six hours later, a content Mukuro asks Shido whether he loves her. When Shido says yes, Mukuro proposes marriage. Shido has to be persuaded by Kotori to refuse. After hearing what Shido has to say, Mukuro decides to leave, using <Michael> to warp out.

After a night of sleep in space, Mukuro warps back to where Shido is, only for Shido to accuse her of sealing everyone else's memories of them. Mukuro jovially continues to lead Shido around at her own pace, until Origami Tobiichi calls out to Shido from a distance. Mukuro isn't happy that someone else still remembers Shido, and summons <Michael>. Tohka in her Inverse Form then appears, ready to swing <Nahemah> at Shido. Just before her attack lands, Mukuro blocks with <Michael>, and the two of them skirmish. Origami moves to quell them, while also proposing that Tohka and Mukuro contest for Shido by being the first to kiss him. Mukuro agrees to the challenge, and immediately stops Tohka attempting to get the jump on her, leading to another skirmish between them. Origami hesitatingly proposes for the two of them to settle the score at a maid café. There, Tohka and Mukuro attempt to feed Shido from each side. Mukuro then intercepts Tohka's attempt to feed, by using <Michael> to manipulate space such that Tohka's fork would have entered Mukuro's mouth instead. Angered by this, Tohka throws her fork at Mukuro's strawberry, causing both forks drop on the floor. In turn, this causes a maid to interrupt them and demonstrate a more respectable way to feed their fellow patron. After Tohka throws Shido onto the floor, Mukuro crouches and aims to kiss while still holding a mouth full of cake. The maid from earlier interrupts them again, only for Tohka to threaten her, causing Shido and Origami to drag both Tohka and Mukuro out of the maid café.

Origami subsequently leads them to Tengu Tower. Though Mukuro initially refuses to go up, she yields when Tohka chides her for being weak. Shido and Origami subsequently suspect that Mukuro has been to the tower before, but Mukuro refuses to disclose anything. At the observation floor, Mukuro throws up and is escorted to the restroom by Origami, who also pets her back to soothe her. Mukuro assures her that she can continue on despite being evidently ill, and Origami follows her with evident worry. However, as she tries to calm Mukuro down, Mukuro suddenly states that she will spare Origami when the time comes to seal their memories, unlike Tohka. Upon leaving the restroom, Mukuro sees Tohka attempting to kiss Shido, and separates her from Shido. Tohka reacts by slashing at Mukuro's face and cutting off some of her hair. Enraged, Mukuro throws Tohka out of the tower, through the glass, and assumes her Shifuru form, before continuing to clash violently on the outer walls of the tower, both of them defying gravity to do so. Ratatoskr quickly deploy Territories to minimize further damage. Mukuro appears to gain the upper hand on Tohka, only for Origami to arrive with Shido and interrupt them. Origami tells Shido to tend to Mukuro while she keeps Tohka occupied at altitude.

DAL v15 07

Mukuro's Shifuru form

Shido holds back Mukuro's eagerness to fight, and tries to reason with her. After Mukuro sees six other Spirits approach them, she launches <Michael> into Earth's core and attempts to stop its rotation, causing a global earthquake. This would kill all life on Earth while sparing Mukuro and Shido as they continue life in space. Subsequently, Mukuro flies out of Shido's grasp, and attempts to use <Michael> to kill Tohka while she's fighting Origami. However, Shido intercepts the portal opened by <Michael>, and his arm is cut off. This causes Mukuro to remember the final memories she had of her foster family; specifically, the time they kicked her out of their home. Mukuro suddenly realizes what she has done in the present time, and cries out. Shido, having used <Gabriel> and <Haniel> in an attempt to stitch his arm back, tries to move towards Mukuro to prevent her from completely turning Inverse. Shido says he understands Mukuro's worry and distress, being an orphan like she is, and that she'll always have family no matter how far apart they are. Shido offers to be Mukuro's family, promising never to forget her or hate her, and in turn, Mukuro would let go of her possessiveness of Shido. This convinces Mukuro to kiss Shido and causes her Astral Dress and <Michael> to disappear, temporarily falling unconscious as a result.

However, after Tohka is also sealed, Mukuro comes to, having given another kiss to Shido without him knowing. A few days later, Mukuro watches the clear night sky with Shido on the roof of the Spirit Mansion. This makes Mukuro realize that her foster family did love her. Wishing to move on from the past, Mukuro then asks for a haircut, which only Shido is permitted to do since she considers him part of her family.

Kurumi Refrain[]

Mukuro is present among the sealed Spirits gathered in a meeting to discuss Kurumi's intentions.

On another day, as part of Shido's training, Mukuro is aged up by Natsumi in order to play the role of a geisha.

Mukuro is reverted to her usual appearance for the next stage of training: to make chocolate to give to Shido on Valentine's Day. Mukuro's chocolate comes in a wide variety of star shapes.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Mukuro and the other Spirits, along with Mana, are in attendance after Shido's return to Fraxinus from his date with Kurumi. When Mana asks about the person from Kurumi's memory that was called Mio, Mukuro proposes that her <Michael>, which Shido now has access to, would be able to unlock memories of Mio via <Tefete>. However, Shido's use of <Tefete> causes him to eventually collapse. The Spirits reconvene at Shido's side when he comes to, and Mukuro apologizes for the recommendation, though Shido believes that he actually fainted from a lack of sleep.

After an emergency meeting between the Spirits and Ratatoskr's crew is disbanded due to Nia's concerns over the enemy snooping, Tohka and Mukuro retreat to the Spirit Mansion and decide to make rice balls to replenish themselves and their allies before the decisive battle. After Tohka invites the snooping Yoshino and Natsumi to join them, Mukuro hears of Tohka's idea to gain the willpower to fight DEM. Mukuro thus put pickled wasabi, her least favorite food, into the rice balls she makes for herself.

On the day DEM mobilizes for their attack on Ratatoskr, the Spirits have one final meeting to discuss their counter-offensive strategy. Mukuro's first action is to save Yoshino from an assault led by Bandersnatch units which was then joined by a local AST squad led by Ryouko Kusakabe. Mukuro uses <Michael> to redirect a heat blast intended for Yoshino, towards the DEM commander who ordered it. Mukuro and Yoshino then warn Ryouko's squad to stay away, before leaving them to return to Origami and Mana. Both of them witness Artemisia's sudden ambush on Origami, and help Origami fend off Bandersnatch units closing in on them. Just as an injured Artemisia appears to gain the upper hand on Origami, Mukuro sneaks up from behind Artemisia and launches <Michael> towards her ear, removing her from battle.

Mio Game Over[]

Mukuro and Yoshino watch on as Origami catches Artemisia's fall in the wake of her defeat. Ryouko, who had earlier distanced herself from the military and now leads a squad of independent Wizards, finally sees the two Spirits in their sealed forms as young girls. Ryouko's squad find themselves in awe of both of them. Mana then arrives to alert all of them to Mio's presence from behind.

Mukuro uses a portal to rush in to save Tohka from a flash of light that would have killed her. Origami, Mana, and Yoshino quickly follow. Mio, who emanated the light, then commands <Ain Soph> to change the background of the battlefield. Mukuro chooses not to wait for Mio's explanation of her Angel and attempts to seal away the new threat with Michael despite Tohka's warning. However, due to Mio establishing a new rule that prevents her Angel from being targeted, Mukuro's attack is redirected and ends up twisting her own neck. After Mukuro collapses dead onto the ground, Mio then take the opportunity to recollect the Michael Sephira Crystal.

Mio True End[]

On the night of February 18th in the new timeline, Yoshino and Mukuro find themselves unable to sleep due to Miku's inappropriate advances towards them while asleep. Tohka finds out about this and handles Miku through means passed down by Nia. Yoshino and Mukuro quickly tend to Natsumi once she is freed from Miku's grip.

In the morning, Mukuro and the other Spirits help Ratatoskr oversee Shido's date with Reine. The Spirits are given three-button devices to cast their votes for the two key decisions on Shido's behalf. On the first decision, Mukuro thought about having Shido compliment Reine's hair, but went for the safer option. Much later, when the Spirits see Shido kiss Reine, Mukuro looks on with interest.

After DEM interrupt the date, Shido is retrieved and Kotori accepts an outside communication line. The connection reveals several images of the Spirits' friends being surrounded by Bandersnatch units invading their locations. Mukuro uses <Michael> to create wormholes for her fellow Spirits to travel to the locations to save their friends, but in exchange, she has to maintain the wormholes, leaving her unable to join the fight against the invading Westcott and his allies. Fortunately, Kurumi saves Shido, Kotori and Mana from Westcott's advance, allowing the dispatched Spirits to safely return to the Fraxinus.

After Shido kisses Mio having sealed all ten Spirits, he is pulled into <Ain Soph>, and the sealed Spirits witness this from outside the Fraxinus while standing on its hull. Kurumi appears having manifested a new Astral Dress, and uses <Rasiel> for the first time, in order to pinpoint Shido's location. Mukuro expresses surprise when Kurumi finds out that there's a second Shido on the beach. After Westcott returns with the means to become the second Spirit of Origin, Mukuro initially contributes to the resistance by attempting to seal Westcott's power via <Michael>, but it has no effect. After being rejuvenated by Mio's power, Mukuro assumes her Shifuru form once more to power up <Camael>'s <Megiddo> flame blast.

At the end of the final battle, Mukuro gathers with the other Spirits, Mana, and MARIA after having found Shido at the familiar beach. Mukuro then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

One month after the final battle against Westcott, Mukuro visits the Itsuka house in the morning, intending to later buy supplies with Yoshino and Natsumi in advance of their first day back at school in a few weeks. A few days later, Mukuro is called up to the Fraxinus for a midnight meeting, along with Shido and the other Spirits apart from Tohka and Kurumi, to discuss Tohka's objective for taking Mio's Sephira Crystal, as Kurumi had discovered through <Rasiel>. When Mukuro wonders if they should ask Tohka directly, Tohka in her inverse state just so happens to gatecrash their meeting before disappearing.

The following morning, Mukuro is privately given an invitation to a park by Kurumi, and arrives there to find out that the other Spirits (except Tohka) had been invited the same way. Once Kurumi appears to her invitees, she declares that the Spirits will be battling each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve the world created by "Tohka" for as long as possible. Mukuro agrees to further terms of the battle royale proposed by Kotori, mainly the ban on attacking those who can no longer summon their Astral Dresses or Angels.

After the battle royale begins, Mukuro decides to ambush Nia at an opportune moment. Before Mukuro can launch an attack, Nia asks if they can cooperate instead. Mukuro is somehow convinced, and the alliance has clones of MARIA emerge from countless <Michael> wormholes to intervene in the Yamai twins' personal clash. Before the strategy can be used on the other participants, Shido pays a visit, claiming that his date with Tohka went well. Nia quickly deduces through <Rasiel> that "Shido" is actually Natsumi in disguise. Natsumi manages to sway Mukuro away from her alliance with Nia. After Nia is chased away by the Yamai twins, Mukuro hugs the still-in-disguise Natsumi, thanking her for the truth bomb and promising to do Shido proud with an earned victory. Mukuro thus leaves Natsumi and goes to intervene in the fight between Kotori and Origami.

Assuming her Shifuru form, Mukuro helps both Kotori and Origami gain a power boost before joining as a third party in the battle, mainly using <Michael> to warp attacks away from her. However, Origami manages to distract them with <Kadour> before firing <Artelif> at both of them. When Kotori's last attack before elimination causes Origami to dodge, Mukuro takes advantage of the momentary distraction to command <Jerez> and shatter Origami's Astral Dress. Mukuro then stands over Kotori and Origami, both having fallen, and roars victoriously, only for Origami to suddenly get up and materialize her Demon King and part of her inverse Astral Dress. The resulting strike from <Satan> eliminates Mukuro.

Mukuro is given a change of clothes after being escorted to the safe area of the park designated by Ratatoskr. After the victor of the battle royale is determined, an earthquake occurs, signifying the imminent end of Tenka's artificial world. Mukuro follows the other Spirits to eventually find Shido and Tohka, and all begin to cry as they have to say farewell to Tohka.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

After the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Mukuro enrolls in Kotori's middle school starting from the third year, along with Yoshino, Natsumi, and Mana.

During the emergency meeting of the former Spirits at Fraxinus after the Spacequake alarm sounded, Origami and Mukuro express a desire to help, knowing that they used to be Spirits. When Mukuro recognizes <Michael> emerging into the meeting room during the meeting, a wormhole opens up and Beast emerges out of it.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

A few months after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Ratatoskr crew member Hinako Shiizaki offers to drive Mukuro and Shido to the home of Mukuro's former adoptive family. Mukuro asks to stop at an observable distance from said home, a house on a hill. Mukuro sees the mother, father and daughter of said household leave their house and enter a car, and cries helplessly while still inside Shiizaki's car. After they leave, Mukuro impulsively decides to cut her own hair, and does so using a box cutter that Shido found in Shiizaki's glove box.

DAL v22 01

Mukuro's brief reunion with Asahi

Beast's brief rampage inside the Fraxinus tears a hole in the airship. Mukuro barely pulls Shido away from a Beast slash that would have killed him. To return the favor, Mukuro becomes the last person Shido talks to before he tackles Beast through the hole and out of the Fraxinus. She quickly informs Kotori and Maria, the latter of which activates a Territory around Shido, but then notices that they will crash in an area that hasn't been evacuated. Mukuro, knowing the area to be where her former carers live, impulsively tries to leave Fraxinus via their transfer device, but Kurumi and Origami stop her. Instead, by cooperating with the other former Spirits, she wears a headset connected to one of Fraxinus' <Yggd Folium> Realizer Units and lands safely on the ground next to Shido. The other former Spirits eventually join her. Kotori assigns Mukuro, Natsumi and Nia to help evacuate civilians in the vicinity. Mukuro uses the <Yggd Folium> to carefully lift rubble out of the way in order to help evacuees to safety. To Mukuro's shock, one of the evacuees she helps turns out to be her former step-sister Asahi. Asahi doesn't immediately recognize her - only after falling down again and needing a hand to get up, does Asahi finally remember Mukuro. After briefly noticing Mukuro's new hairstyle, Asahi parts with encouragement, letting Mukuro resume rescue duty with Nia and Natsumi. The three of them complete evacuating the civilians from the debris and return to assist Shido.

After Mukuro receives an <Yggd Ramus> based on her own Angel <Michael>, she engages Beast from the ground after the defeat of Kaguya and Yuzuru. She ultimately fails to get near Beast. After Natsumi successfully lands an <Yggd Ramus> through Beast's back, Beast's swords disappear. One of them reappears in front of Mukuro, who grabs it; the sword transforms into her Astral Dress and <Michael>, allowing Mukuro to reclaim her Spirit powers. During the ensuing battle, <Michael> opens a wormhole for the combined attacks of <Camael> and <Metatron> when Beast dodges them; another <Michael>, copied by <Haniel>, opens a second wormhole to direct the combined attack towards Beast.