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Adoptive Family[]

Growing up as an orphan, Mukuro desperately craved the love that she eventually found through her adoptive family. In particular, she had a close bond with her older adoptive sister, Asahi, who often braided and praised her long beautiful hair.

However, Mukuro was rather possessive in her love for them, not liking them interacting with other people. When her sister told her she should cut her hair at a friend's suggestion, it caused her to feel unloved. After becoming a Spirit, Mukuro used <Michael> to seal away everyone else's memories of her family. Mukuro thought they would redirect their love onto her, but it instead only made them confused and terrified. Once they discovered she was responsible, their love turned to anger and rejection. Unable to take having their love turn into fear and hate, Mukuro used <Michael> to seal away their memories of her as well as her own emotions. After being sealed, she expressed regret to Shido for trying to monopolize them, lamenting her failure to realize that they had still loved her beforehand.

Sometime after the final battle against DEM, Mukuro went to visit her old family with Shido. Despite having lost her powers after all the Reiryoku disappeared following Mio's passing, <Michael>'s effects remained, though Ratatoskr theorized that it had been weakened to the point where merely seeing her again would cause their memories to return. However, although the knowledge brought her to tears, Mukuro ultimately decided not to confront them upon seeing that were living happily without her. Instead, she chose to start over again, which was symbolized by her finally cutting her hair.

Despite Mukuro resolving to move on with her life, by some twist of fate, she and Asahi ended up meeting again while evacuating civilians caught up in <Beast>'s rampage. While she immediately turned to leave after saving her from some falling debris, as Ratatoskr suspected, seeing Mukuro again triggered Asahi's memories. Both were shown to be ashamed of how they acted during the last time they saw each other, with neither being able to say a word besides Asahi complementing Mukuro's haircut. In the end, the awkward reunion was broken by Nia retrieving Mukuro to save more civilians, with Asahi giving her former younger sister her best wishes going forward.

Shido Itsuka[]

Due to sealing away her emotions, Mukuro treated Shido with general indifference, not even reacting when Shido was forced to act on the Fraxinus crew's perverted command. Nevertheless, Mukuro still listens to Shido's explanation and reasons for wanting to seal her power. However, Mukuro plainly calls him out for his hypocrisy, questioning if she wouldn't be placed in more danger by DEM if her powers were sealed. In the end, Mukuro's words caused Shido to suffer a minor depression, which wasn't cured until he met with his counterpart in the fantasy world.

After having her heart unlocked, Mukuro becomes deeply attached to Shido after seeing his efforts in saving her, and that they were both once lonely orphans that felt empty and were starving for love. Due to becoming attached to Shido, she refused to share him with the others, even locking the memories of all of Shido's friends and family in the process. However, after Shido was able to figure out her past, he was able to calm her down from inversing after seeing him injured. Afterwards, Mukuro refers to Shido as her family and permits him to be the only one she is willing to let cut her hair. Since she already considers him family, she does not feel it necessary to win the right to confess to Shido during the Spirit battle royal. But regardless, she also did not want anyone else to obtain it. During the bout, she refused to attack Natsumi while she was disguised as Shido, seeking an honorable victory so she could stand before Shido with pride.

Tohka Yatogami & Tenka[]

Mukuro initially did not pay much attention to Tohka and later sealed away her memories of Shido in order to monopolize him for herself. However, in doing so, she accidentally caused Tohka to enter Inverse Form again. After Tenka attacked Shido and attempted to forcefully kiss him, Mukuro stopped her on both counts and was about to fight her in retaliation, had Origami not calmed her down.

During the double date with Shido that followed, Mukuro grew increasingly frustrated at having to share him with Tenka and her unstable emotional state finally reached a boiling point when she saw her threaten him. Mukuro's intervention in turn prompted Tenka to cut her hair, causing her to snap. The two then proceeded to fight with the full intention of killing each other, until Shido and the other Spirits broke them up.

After sealing, Mukuro seems to view Tohka as a rival for Shido's affections. Mukuro was initially averse to Tohka after her conflict with the latter's Inverse form, so Tohka took her on a date to improve their relationship. The two ended up in a hot dog eating contest, where Tohka won but was willing to let Mukuro present the prize (a new oven) to Shido and earn his gratitude, causing Mukuro to become friendlier out of respect for her selflessness.

Origami Tobiichi[]

Mukuro initially did not pay much attention to Origami and later sealed away her memories of Shido in order to monopolize him for herself. However, in doing so, she accidentally caused Origami's New Timeline persona to become her dominant personality again.

Upon meeting the New Timeline Origami, Mukuro was frustrated at how she seemingly resisted <Michael> and diverted Shido's attention away from her. She wanted to seal away her memories of Shido as well and, despite Shido's protests, likely would have had Inverse Tohka not drawn away her attention. Later, when Mukuro was about to fight Inverse Tohka, Origami was the one who managed to dissuade her by pointing out that Shido hates violence. Instead, Origami proposed a peaceful competition where the victor would be the first to kiss him.

During the double date with Shido and Inverse Tohka that followed, Mukuro noticed that the New Timeline Origami also drew his attention away from her, which increasingly frustrated her. Despite this though, Mukuro ended up developing a sort of friendship with New Timeline Origami when she comforted her when she was feeling unwell due to her memories starting to return, promising her that she would show her more mercy than Inverse Tohka when the time came to seal away her memories again.

Miku Izayoi[]

Mukuro initially did not pay much attention to Miku and later sealed away her memories of Shido in order to monopolize him for herself. Despite this, however, Miku still came to help Shido break up her fight with Inverse Tohka, causing the already unstable Mukuro to snap even further at her inability to make Shido hers alone.

After sealing, like most Spirits, Mukuro seems to have become scared of Miku due to her yuri tendencies. She even seems to agree with Natsumi's view of Miku being a "scary monster out to get you in your sleep" after witnessing the idol cuddle up on her while sleepwalking.

Nia Honjo[]

Mukuro offered her assistance to Nia upon seeing her struggle to repair her friendship with Takajo. This was in part due to sympathizing with Nia over having estranged a close relationship through the power of an Angel. Despite this, Mukuro did display annoyance over Nia's inability to simply talk to Takajo in order to reconcile.

During the Spirit Battle Royal, Nia initially won Mukuro over with her plans of an alliance in order to secure victory. However, Mukuro's sense of guilt over such an unfair tactic eventually proved to be too much, leading her to eventually withdraw from this plan.