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Volume 2[]

Mizuha first appears as Kurumi interrupts one of the stage rehearsals for her idol performance. Kurumi demands that Mizuha use her authority as the Dominion to open Yesod's gate so that she can proceed to the next region. Mizuha rejects Kurumi's request, though states that she may be convinced if Kurumi is able to command an S-rank idol performance.

Mizuha is next seen holding an impromptu concert for Rinemu Kirari's sake, attempting to defy her own sudden transformation into an Empty. Mizuha had only begun to sing her song when gatecrashed by the sudden arrival of Kurumi, Rinemu and Tsuan. The trio move Mizuha off the stage in order to perform their own song. Mizuha prevents her agent from taking action, allowing the trio to complete their performance. Mizuha returns on stage at the end of their performance and hugs Rinemu while crying, happy that Rinemu found her singing voice again. Rinemu, with plans to promote her music in other regions, lets Mizuha continue to be Dominion of Yesod in the meantime.

Just then, an assailant attacks Rinemu and steals something from her. Mizuha and Rinemu are quickly led to safety while Kurumi engages the assailant, causes the audience to start fleeing the venue. The assailant eventually flees; Kurumi suggests for Mizuha and Rinemu to sing together while she goes after the assailant. The announcement of such results in the audience reconvening at the venue, allowing Kurumi to use the City of Devouring Time to replenish her power. At the end of Mizuha and Rinemu's performance, a bodyguard serving under Mizuha's sister Kareha delivers the bad news to them that Kurumi and Tsuan were defeated by White Queen, the Dominion of Binah who had appeared at Yesod.

Volume 3[]

White Queen's attack necessitated an emergency meeting between the Dominions of the other regions, held at Tiphereth. Both Mizuha and Rinemu attend as representatives of Yesod. They reveal that they rescued Tsuan. Mizuha's sister Kareha, who is Dominion of Hod, is also at the meeting, but she only talks to her once, and reluctantly. After White Queen herself temporarily gatecrashes the meeting, Gevurah's Dominion Haraka Kagarike begins to wonder whether Kurumi is good or bad. Rinemu and Mizuha end up admitting that Kurumi is bad.

Haraka leaves for Malkuth shortly afterwards and the other Dominions leave the meeting, except Chokmah's Dominion Maya Yukishiro who pulls Rinemu and Mizuha over for a private conversation. Maya suspects a traitor among the Dominions supposedly defending other regions from White Queen's advance.

Volume 4[]

Mizuha visits Hod, having left Yesod to Rinemu's care in the meantime. She encounters Kurumi there, wearing a pareo over her swimsuit, and they go to a café to talk. Mizuha learns that Kurumi managed to escape from White Queen, but hesitates when Kurumi brings up Kareha, who she has no memories of other than being told she is Kareha's little sister.

The day after, Mizuha watches the Hod "war game" enter its final stages. Rebel leader Retsumi Jugasaki comes out victorious against Kareha. Mizuha then witnesses the aftermath of an attempted assassination on Kareha that Retsumi protected her from, and can do nothing as Kareha flees via her Unsigned Angel. Upon being told of Kareha's location, Kurumi asks Mizuha for clues on how Kareha fights. Mizuha then goes with Hibiki and Cistus, the latter needed to defend them against Empties. After Kurumi brings Kareha back, and Retsumi is revived with the help of Hibiki, Retsumi passes temporary control of the castle that she won from Kareha, to Mizuha.

Volume 7[]

Mizuha is one of several to receive a letter written by Maya, which implied that White Queen had begun to invade Chokmah.

Later on, when Kurumi uses <Tet> to enter Hibiki's dream, Mizuha appears in that dream to interrupt an argument between Kurumi and Hibiki, suggesting that they settle the score by singing.

Rinemu and Mizuha eventually go to Chokmah to voice their support for the other Dominions by singing to them. Before they sing, Mizuha desperately calls for the other Dominions to protect them. Afterwards, when the other Dominions apply Rinemu's hearing ability to locate the special White Queen clones entrusted with <Het Akrab>, the White Queen clones they were fighting collectively decide to aim for Rinemu first, forcing the other Dominions to urge Mizuha to flee with her bodyguards.

Volume 8[]

Mizuha is among the Quasi-Spirits interviewed by Hibiki, who became Dominion of Keter. Mizuha chooses to leave the Neighboring World in order to follow Rinemu, while almost letting slip her feelings for Rinemu. Before she leaves with her agent as well as Rinemu, Mizuha tearfully addresses the Yesod contingent that came to Keter to wave them off.

Both Rinemu and Mizuha turn out to have successful real-world idol debuts.