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Kurumi Refrain[]

Under her disguise as Phantom, Mio visits Kurumi with the intention of giving the Worst Spirit some advice. However, Kurumi coldly rebukes her and launches a hailstorm of bullets at her after sealing Mio's movements with her Seventh Bullet. The attack ends up destroying the protective mosaic surrounding her body, exposing both her identity and her appearance being identical to Reine Murasame. Coming to a sudden epiphany at this revelation, Kurumi pins her down using her clones and swallows her whole into her shadow, angrily telling Mio that she didn't even deserve to fall into hell.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Just as Shido and Kurumi come to an agreement on the battlefield, Mio's hand forcefully emerges from Kurumi's chest.

Mio Game Over[]

After fully emerging from Kurumi's chest, Mio gives her thanks to the Worst Spirit for everything up until now. Cursing under her final breath, Kurumi shoots one last desperate bullet at Mio, but the shot seemingly misfires. Afterward, Mio gently closes the now deceased Kurumi's eyes before turning her attention towards Shido. While understanding Shido's confusion, she tells him that everything will soon be made clear as she lightly touches his forehead. At that moment, like a dam bursting open, Shido suffers a sharp headache as his memories come flooding back to him. Reine then teleports to the scene and fully merges with Mio into a single entity wearing a complete Astral Dress, which exudes a radiance resembling the Northern Lights.

With Shido's memories of his past life completely restored, he gently embraces Mio and apologizes for dying last time. However, his attitude quickly grows concerned as he also remembers all of the people sacrificed so that Mio could resurrect Shin. Despite Shido wanting Mio to pass off those accusations as a bad dream or joke, Mio softly confirms her deeds. She tells him that she had done everything she could for the goal of bringing back Shin. However, the sins of those crimes rest solely on herself, so Shido shouldn't bear any guilt. Much to Shido's horror, Mio also decides that it would be best for her to erase Shido's memories in order to completely restore him back to being Shin and to alleviate any lingering feelings of guilt. As she begins the process, Mio thanks Shido for everything while calling him Shido for the first time rather than using the name "Shin".

However, midway through the process, Tohka and the Yamai sisters arrive on the battlefield and pull Shido away from Mio. Remembering that the Spirits are also present, Mio resolves to reclaim her Sephira Crystals back from them before fully restoring Shin. Mio transports Shido away to a safe location before turning her attention back to the girls. Tohka, who still remembers the time they spent while she was Reine, asks her if they really need to fight. Despite Tohka's heartfelt plea, Mio only apologizes as she rejects the offer.

DAL v18 02

Mio summons her first Angel

Suddenly, the battle is interrupted by the Nibelcole who then start loudly chattering as they push back Tohka's group. Within this situation, Mio calmly states her intentions to remove the source of power from the Nibelcole and asks them if they could be a little more mature. Summoning her first Angel <Ain Soph Aur>, a huge flower is summoned to the battlefield. As everyone looks at the Angel in horror, the flower begins to emit particles of light. Everything that comes into contact with that light instantly dies. As the battlefield is thrown into chaos, Mio acknowledges the Spirits must feel her actions of demanding their powers back and erasing Shido's memories as unacceptable. However, Mio still decides to fight in order to display the strength of her own convictions.

As their battle begins, Mio stands motionless as if an invisible wall has intercepted all of Tohka's slashes. Even as Tohka lunges forward to swing <Sandalphon>, the sword stops just before reaching Mio's neck. Nevertheless, this was merely a distraction for the Yamai sisters to launch <El Kanaph> behind her. Mio lets out a small sigh, raising her arm for the first time to use a barrier to intercept this attack. But even this was also a second diversion to allow for Tohka to get in range and attack Mio with <Halvanhelev>. The ensuing collision of attacks seemingly breaks through, forming a large crater as dust is dispersed onto the surroundings. But to the horror of the girls, Mio's figure was no longer standing there.

Before any of them could react, Kaguya collapses after a portion of Mio's Astral Dress pierces her chest and extracts her Sephira fragment. As Yuzuru panics and begs Kaguya to wake up, Mio explains that the area is under the effect of her Angel, making it no longer hospitable for survival unless one has sufficient Reiryoku or Maryoku. Yuzuru, losing herself in her rage, charges forward at Mio. However, Mio counters with a band of light that pierces Yuzuru's chest and removes her Sephira as well. Taking the two pieces retrieved from the twins, she merges the two halves back together into a single crystal before assimilating it back into her body. Immediately after the Sephira Crystal completely disappeared, Mio remarks that this made two as another one of the ten stars behind Mio gave off a dim glow.

Tohka, while still furious at the death of her friends, forces herself to calm down in order to take back all of her power to manifest a full Astral Dress. However, Mio stops the transformation as it is undergoing. She apologizes to Tohka and explains that she has narrowed the channel of Reiryoku flowing to her, viewing it as troublesome to have to seal the Reiryoku back into Shin if the pathway becomes completely reversed. Declaring this to be over, Mio flicks her wrist as several bands of light quickly approach Tohka. However, Tohka is saved by the timely intervention of Mukuro's group, with the key Spirit quickly pulling Tohka back through one of her wormholes. Looking at the new arrivals, Mio warmly greets her old friend Mana. Viewing it unnecessary for Mana to have to die while she is collecting the Sephira Crystals, Mio urges Mana to retreat. Then, deciding to settle this matter faster, Mio summons her second Angel <Ain Soph>.

As a giant tree materializes, the area surrounding Mio transforms into a monochrome world rigidly divided up in block-like steps as if having been divided by grid paper. As Origami questions if this is a Territory, Mio clarifies that her powers served as the foundation for that discovery. Now that she has summoned her second Angel, the area surrounding them has been overwritten into the Neighboring World, allowing her to manipulate reality there as she sees fit. Mukuro attempts to use <Michael> to seal this only for her key-shape Angel to redirect that attack back onto her. As Mio quickly retrieves back Mukuro's Sephira Crystal, Mana quickly tells the surviving Spirits to retreat. However, by using <Ain Soph>, she adds an additional law making retreat impossible. Then, Mio quickly pulls Mana to her side. While offering her sympathy for Mana's struggles, she restores her memories and sends her away to a safe location.

DAL v18 c02

Mio kills the other Spirits

Origami then takes that opening to fire a bombardment from <Metatron>. However, Mio still remains unfazed, easily taking control of <Metatron> with a single touch. Turning <Metatron>'s attacks onto the Spirits, Mio also uses <Ain Soph> to erase Yoshino's ice barrier. Yoshino is left defenseless as she is gunned down, allowing Mio to retrieve Yoshino's Sephira. As Origami and Tohka are the ones left on the battlefield, Mio is suddenly attacked by a bombardment from <Fraxinus>'s main artillery <Gungir>. Seeing their chance, Tohka uses her throne as a slingshot for Origami, who also takes the time to use her spear <Einherjar> to gather the surrounding Reiryoku and Maryoku dispersed onto the ambient battlefield. However, before Origami's attack can land, Mio redirects that spear of light back onto Origami. Before Tohka can do anything else, a band of light pierces her chest as well, causing the last thing she sees to be <Fraxinus> crashing down from the sky.

After retrieving Nia's Sephira fragment from the wreckage of <Fraxinus>'s crash, Mio approaches Kotori who is barely holding on through her healing factor. Kotori questions Mio if their friendship spent together as Reine was all a lie. Mio replies that it wasn't a lie, but if it meant resurrecting Shin, she would even kill someone she considered a dear friend. As Kotori questions how distorted that seems, Mio removes Kotori's Sephira to reclaim it.

After Shido defeats Westcott, Mio swiftly removes the Sephira Crystal that the DEM director had stolen. At the same time, she also extends out her bands of light to remove Natsumi and Miku's Sephira Crystals. Confronted with the horror that all the Spirits are now dead, Shido is about to accept his fate before hearing a voice calling out for him. From the ten stars adorn on the halo behind Mio, one of them begins to crack. With that as the catalyst, Tohka emerges out from there with her complete Astral Dress and Angel in hand.

As Shido is shocked over Tohka's revival, Mio calmly explains Tohka's origins. Like her, Tohka is a pure Spirit created when one of the Sephira Crystals she made developed its own ego. Upon saying that, she asks Shido if he remembers what Tohka lacked compared to the other Spirits. This causes Shido to recall that Tohka was the only one who completely lacked her own name when they first met. Nevertheless, Tohka states that even if she's not human, it's fine if it means she can stand up again to protect Shido. As Tohka launches a slash with <Sandalphon>, she is surprised to discover that it manages to scratch Mio's Astral Dress this time. Noticing this as well, Mio tells Tohka she will no longer look down on her and use all her strength to take Shin away from her.

DAL v18 06

Mio is injured for the first time by Tohka

While blocking Tohka's slashes, Mio realizes Tohka must have absorbed Reiryoku from herself and the other Spirits when escaping from her body. Even though she has been trying to hamper Tohka's movements with <Ain Soph>, it no longer works now that Tohka has a portion of Mio's Reiryoku within her. As Mio summons <Anaph>, a branch-like sword to parry Tohka's blows, she also notices that Shido has been subtly helping Tohka through <Gabriel>. Seeing this, Mio admits that despair isn’t a look that suits Shido as she summons <Ain Soph>'s roots to attack. However, Shido jumps in to save Tohka from the attack. Remembering the trauma of Shin doing the same for her thirty years ago, Mio stops her attack and merely pushes Shido off to the side. Now taking this chance, Tohka summons her throne. But rather than combining it onto her sword like Mio expected, Tohka merges it with her Astral Dress for armor. Doing so allows Tohka to easily dodge the light of death emitted from Mio's <Henet> and land a direct slash onto Mio.

Mio praises Tohka for inflicting the first injury she has ever experienced in her lifetime. While offering her sincere praise, Mio prepares to use her final trump card, the void Angel <Ain>. In doing so, the world is enveloped in light as Tohka completely disappears without a trace. As Shido is left shocked over what happened to Tohka, Mio coldly explains her Angel <Ain> eradicates the target to nothingness. Shido still refuses to give up and tries to use every Angel at his disposal. However, Mio declares that to be futile as she easily erased his attacks. She apologizes as she binds his feet with bands of light. But before she can begin erasing his memories, a single bullet passes by her hand.

Much to their surprise, a Kurumi clone had been sent to the future through the Eleventh Bullet <Yud Aleph>. Mio is left confused over what a clone can do after the original has already been killed. However, even though she easily annihilates the clone, the clone's true goal is to deliver a hidden message to Shido. Since Shido has sealed the Sixth Bullet <Vav> in his body, that specific power of <Zafkiel> should be usable for him. For the first time on the battlefield, Mio has a look of surprise as Shido uses <Vav> to send his consciousness back to the past.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Kurumi, after being informed of the bad end by Shido, confronts Reine on the beach during Reine's date with Shido. Reine briefly fights against Kurumi before calling out Mio from within Kurumi again. After Mio and Reine merge back into a single person, she notices that she hasn't reclaimed Kurumi's Sephira Crystal and concludes that Kurumi must have done something clever. Turning her attention to Shido, Mio remarks that it has been a while since she appeared like this in front of him. However, Shido is overwhelmed by an intense headache as he receives a portion of Mio's own memories. As Mio is left confused over what is happening, Shido is quickly retrieved via <Fraxinus>. While Mio had originally intended to transport Shido to a safe location, she decides that Kotori and MARIA should be enough to figure out what had just happened to Shido. Then, not wanting to ruin the romantic atmosphere of the ocean Shido chose for a date with Wizards and mechanical dolls, Mio leaves to destroy the DEM fleet.

After eliminating the DEM fleet, Mio returns in front of Shido's group just after Kurumi takes in Rasiel's Sephira Crystal. Her presence is marked by the surroundings turning monochrome, revealing that she has already summoned both <Ain Soph> and <Ain Soph Aur>. Seeing the situation growing desperate, Kurumi allows Shido to seal her powers, granting him the power of all ten Angels to confront Mio. With his newfound speed and full control of his powers, Shido is able to successfully reach Mio and kiss her, causing a cocoon of light to envelop both of them. Inside, Mio and Shido arrive at a projection of the ocean, where Mio and Reine have split apart again along with Shido and his Shinji identity. The two pairs decide to go on a double date on the beach, enjoying a list of activities with each other. During a cooking contest between Shinji and Shido, Mio votes for Shido's dish as being superior despite having a bias toward Shinji.

Near the end of the date, Shido confronts Mio about her reason for creating him, asking if she is really seeking to find someone capable of ending her own life. Mio initially looks astonished at his suggestion, but then with a sad smile, she concludes that Shido may be correct. Their conversation is then interrupted by Mio sensing that the Spirit Formula has been used again. She realizes that Westcott has recreated the ritual that created her onto himself to transform into a Second Spirit of Origin. When Shido asks why the DEM director didn't do so earlier if this is possible, Mio remarks that the Spiritual Vein had been used up in her birth, making her the only substitute that can work in recreating the ceremony. Westcott had likely factored their date distracting her in his plans. While acknowledging the hypocrisy of being the person who murdered the Spirits in the previous timeline, Mio still requests for Shido's help in stopping Westcott.

Mio and Shido emerge from <Ain Soph> in time to distract Artemisia from an otherwise certain attempt to kill Tohka. Facing Westcott for the first time in 30 years, Mio reverts <Ain Soph> back to its tree form to defend against its counterpart <Belial>, which Westcott had summoned. Mio then invigorates the Spirits by piercing them with light, allowing them to manifest their Astral Dresses fully. Shido and Mana also gain a power boost despite not being Spirits. Mio directs the Spirits to carve out a path for Shido to approach Westcott directly. In turn, the Spirits combine all their Angels' attacks towards overcoming <Belial>. Westcott summons <Athiel> in response to drown the Spirits in dark matter. Mio counters with <Ain Soph Aur> to obstruct one side of <Athiel>, but leaves Origami and Mana exposed. Nia's timely intervention of <Rasiel> allows MARIA to gain a human form, clone herself and shield Mana and Origami from <Athiel>. This forms the pathway for Shido to strike Westcott down with the power of all ten Spirits, in turn causing <Athiel> and <Belial> to collapse.

Westcott merely calls out <Qemetiel> in one last attempt to bring down the world with him. Mio responds by having <Ain Soph> bring everyone else to safety while she confronts Westcott directly with <Ain>. Despite Shido's reservations, Mio admits to loving Shido, but still preferring Shinji. Subsequently, Mio's <Ain Soph> envelopes around Shido, Mana, the other Spirits, and Fraxinus. Mio tells Westcott that their power is something that should have never been brought into this world. She also adds that he is the type of person she would never choose if that was another source of his misery. With that, <Qemetiel> and <Ain> collide, killing both wielders. After 30 years, Mio finally reunites with Shinji in the afterlife.