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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
“Yes, I bet you’ve already noticed it, but Spirits are humans that received Sephira Crystals. ──No, I’ve distributed my power to them. Would that statement would be more accurate? Originally, the word Spirit only referred to me, the First Spirit.”

—Mio Takamiya, to Kurumi Tokisaki

Mio Takamiya
Kanji 崇宮 澪
Romaji Takamiya Mio
Birthday December 25th [1]
Age 30
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Height 160 cm
Species Spirit
Hair Color Pale Blue
Eye Color Blue
  • Spirit of Origin
  • Ally of Justice
  • Deus
  • Miocchi (by Nia Honjo)
Personal Status
Rank SSS-Class Spirit
Novel Debut Volume 4 (Mentioned)
Volume 12 (Flashback)
Volume 16 (Actual Appearance)
Japanese Aya Endō [4]

Mio Takamiya (崇宮 澪, Takamiya Mio?) is a mysterious woman connected to both Shido and Mana's past. She is also known as the Spirit of Origin (始原の精霊, Shigen no Seirei?) due to her existence being the source for the appearance of other Spirits.


The First Spirit was the first Spirit to ever make an appearance on Earth. 30 years before the beginning of the events in Date A Live, she was summoned into the world by Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Ellen Mira Mathers, and Elliot Baldwin Woodman through the Spirit Formula gathering all the world's mana into a single point. However, her birth also caused the first Spacequake in history at some point on the frontier between China and Mongolia, killing over 150 million people and starting a chain of similar disasters around the world that would last approximately six months.

For much of the series, Kurumi Tokisaki has been chasing after Nia Honjo because of the information she has about the First Spirit. When the two finally crossed paths during Nia Creation, Kurumi requested information about when the First Spirit appeared, why she appeared, and her power, which Nia gave using her Angel, <Rasiel>.


As Mana's memories were starting to flash to her like a camera shutter, she briefly managed to catch a glimpse of Mio's appearance, describing her as a girl with long hair. However, due to Mio's ability to transform, her appearance is never set in stone. When <Phantom>'s mosaic is exposed by Kurumi, she appears identical to her clone Reine Murasame. However, upon emerging out from Kurumi's shadow, she reverts to the same appearance she had 30 years ago when she first met Shinji, which resembles a slightly younger version of Reine.

In the present day, Mio often disguised herself in an elaborate mosaic in order to distribute the Sephira more efficiently. In her Astral Dress, she wears a beautifully elaborate dress with the same transparent color as water droplets. There are flower ornaments, designed like cherry blossoms, around her bosom and in her hair, which are made out of a mysterious material made of light. Gold jewelry adorns her neck, shoulders, and torso, the last of which holds her teddy bear in place. In this state, Mio is also barefoot. Her Astral Dress is described to exude a radiance similar to the Northern Lights. Behind her, there is a distorted halo embedded with ten stars. Each time Mio reclaims one of the Sephira Crystals, a corresponding star would glow in the same color as the recaptured crystal. Her three sizes are B89/W60/H87.


When she first appeared in this world, Mio had the mentality of an infant. However, through various exposure to different forms of media, she quickly gains self-awareness and intellect at an astonishing rate. Her relationship with Shinji also gave her key insight into the concept of love. However, after Shinji was shot by Westcott, Mio's personality changes into becoming extremely goal driven and to some extent ruthless, being willing to sacrifice countless humans to purify the Sephira Crystals if it meant achieving her wish to impart her powers onto Shinji.

However, her morality hasn't completely faded away. She willingly saved Kurumi despite being a complete stranger at the time and offered a sincere apology to Kurumi after revealing the truth about Spirits to her. Additionally, by the time she partnered up with Kurumi to hunt Spirits, Mio's demeanor was described as very melancholic, always having a wistful expression on her face.

In her attempt to bring back Shinji, Mio is even willing to sacrifice the Spirits, despite viewing them as her daughters, and even erase Shido's identity. However, she openly acknowledges the selfishness of her actions. In her own words, she is too physically strong to commit suicide, but too emotionally weak to move on from Shinji's death. Deep down, she understands that Shido cannot truly replace Shinji and hoped to create someone powerful enough to put her out of her misery. After coming to terms with this, Mio becomes determined to protect her remaining loved ones, even at the cost of her own life.



The First Spirit was born on Christmas day when Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Elliot Baldwin Woodman, and Ellen Mira Mathers used the <Spirit Formula> to gather all of the world's mana in a single location. However, her birth also caused the first Spacequake to happen, which destroyed a huge part of Eurasia. After her birth, the First Spirit continuously fluctuated between reality and another dimension that was created as a result of her birth. Because of this, smaller Spacequakes would happen every time she appeared in the world, which would ravage the world a few months after her birth.

During the aftermath of the South Kanto Sky Disaster (南関東大空災, Nankanto Daikuusai?), she was discovered by a boy named Shinji Takamiya.[5] The boy gave the naked girl his jacket and decided to bring her home with him. Upon arriving in his room, Shinji's sister Mana entered and immediately demanded an explanation as to why her brother was with a half-naked girl. Shinji tried to explain the situation, but just then the First Spirit sneezed. Mana was about to leave the room to get her some clothes, only for her to use her powers to make her own clothes by copying Mana's school uniform. While living with Shinji and Mana, the First Spirit quickly started to gain knowledge of the real world by reading books, following the radio, and watching TV and cassettes. As a result, her vocabulary quickly rose from the level of a baby to being able to perfectly speak Japanese. Shinji decided to give her the name Mio Takamiya. Upon receiving this name, Mio was so overjoyed that she cried.

One time, Shinji took Mio around town and told her about everything that caught her attention. They went to an arcade where Shinji won her a bear plushy in a crane game. This is also where Shinji told her about the feeling of 'like', causing Mio to boldly state that she liked him. Over time, their relationship continued to grow. Mio once walked in on Shinji practicing asking her out on a date, to which she bluntly replied yes. Around this time, Mana and Mio had also become close friends. One time, Mio visited Shinji's school to deliver an item he had forgotten, with her beauty causing a huge uproar among Shinji's classmates. For their date, Shinji took Mio on a boat trip. There, Mio once again expressed her love for Shinji.

At some point, however, DEM discovered Mio's location, forcing her to go on the run with Shinji. While running, Woodman appeared before them and blocked their path. However, he allowed them to pass after receiving confirmation that Mio was happy being together with Shinji. Despite this, they were soon confronted by Westcott, who revealed that he had abducted Mana but was willing to trade her for Mio. Shinji tried to run with Mio, but he was shot in the chest by Westcott using a gun. This, however, caused Mio's powers to manifest in an act of rage, allowing her to escape with Shinji. After successfully getting away, she used her powers to heal Shinji's wounds. However, no matter what she did, he wouldn't regain consciousness since her powers couldn't truly bring back the dead. This caused Mio to cry, finally realizing how much Shinji meant to her.

After thinking for a long time, Mio finally managed to come up with a plan to save Shinji. She then kissed him, causing him to turn into light and be absorbed into her. Her plan was to recreate Shinji by nurturing him in her womb before giving birth to him. Afterwards, she would entrust him with her power so that he could become her eternal lover. Since the body of a normal human is too frail to accept all of her power at once, Mio only gave Shinji the ability to take in a Spirit's power. Then, she divided her powers, planting them like seeds into young girls in order for Shinji to gradually take their powers one by one. However, humans were not compatible with the Qlipha Crystals she created, causing them to turn into monsters and go berserk. Therefore, Mio decided to reverse their properties, turning them into Sephira Crystals to make them more compatible. To do so, Mio continuously had the Qlipha Crystals bond with humans, turn them into monsters, and finally kill them in order to slowly purify them. Around this time, Mio successfully gave birth to Shinji and left him to be adopted by the Itsuka family.

During the process of purifying the Sephira Crystals, Mio eventually began to grow displeased with the amount of time and sacrifices it took. She thus decided to return to experimentation in hopes of creating fully realized Sephira Crystals straight away and forgoing the entire purification process. In order to create a Sephira, Mio needed to infuse it with an emotion of hers. Until now these emotions had been mostly negative (anger, sadness, and regret), so this time she decided to use the strongest emotion motivating her goals: love. At first, it seemed like Mio's gamble had paid off, as she successfully created an untainted Sephira Crystal. However, much to her shock, the crystal then proceeded to take human form, creating a second Pure Spirit.

While initially taken aback by her creation, Mio concluded that this second Pure Spirit was too much of an unknown variable to her plans and had to be eliminated. Sensing her ill intent, the Spirit then summoned her Demon King, only for Mio to easily block her attacks and restrain her using <Ain Soph> before finishing her off by piercing her with her Astral Dress. This destroyed the Spirit's physical form, reducing her back to a Sephira Crystal. Still, Mio knew that she would eventually revive unless she destroyed the Sephira. However, Mio couldn't bring herself to kill the only other member of her species. Instead, in spite of her earlier judgment, she chose to include the unplanned Spirit in her plans, embracing the girl as her daughter.

At some point, one of the monsters she created attacked a young Kurumi Tokisaki, though she managed to save her. Mio passed herself off as an "ally of justice" and explained that the monster just now was a Spirit, but she left out their origins. She then offered her a power like hers to help fight them. Kurumi accepted, and she gave her the purified Sephira Crystal containing Zafkiel. Afterward, Mio and Kurumi became partners and started hunting down Spirits, though the latter remained ignorant of their origins. One day, however, after killing a Spirit, Kurumi took her leave and left Mio with the usual task of cleaning up the body. However, Kurumi returned moments later to invite Mio over to her friend Sawa's place. This caused Mio to be caught in the act of removing the Qlipha Crystal from the body of the Spirit, who was revealed to be none other than Sawa. This revelation caused Kurumi to start transforming into her Inverse Form. However, much to Mio's surprise, Kurumi stopped her transformation by using her Fourth Bullet <Dalet> to reverse time and return her mental state to the moment before she started feeling overwhelmed by despair.

Mio then informed Kurumi about her identity as the First Spirit and her plan to purify the Qlipha Crystals into Sephira Crystals by using humans as sacrifices. However, Mio hesitated when pressed about her motives. She apologized and stated that she bore no ill will towards Kurumi, but she could not stop until entrusting her power to those chosen among humanity. Afterward, she thanked Kurumi for all of the work she had done so far and told her to get some rest before causing Kurumi to blackout, erasing all of Kurumi's memories except for the knowledge of how to use her Angel.


Powers and Abilities

Spirit Form

As the Spirit of Origin, Mio is the primordial Spirit responsible for the creation of other Spirits. Her power is immense, with numerous characters noting that her full might is the equivalent to a God. It should be noted that the only times she has been injured were due to other characters using powers derived from her own as a source. She was able to easily defeat all the other Spirits in their Limited Astral Dresses, as well as an entire armada of Wizards and airships by herself. Nia remarks that Mio's powers are cheat-level and would be completely inappropriate for an author to write into a story because such a character would be invincible. In fact, when Nia told Kurumi about her powers, even the Worst Spirit had to admit that she alone will never be able to kill her.

Spirit Data

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
999 999 999 999 999

Three Angels

Weapons: Flower, Tree, Seed

Astral Dress: Yah (神威霊装・零番ヤー, ?. lit. "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 0")

Unlike the other Spirits, Mio possesses not just one but three Angels. Her Angels allow her to destroy anything and warp reality to her whim, making various characters comment that the level of her power is akin to a God. As she was summoning her Angels, the other Spirits are overcome with an unparalleled sense of dread, with all of their instincts screaming at them not to fight her.

Ain Soph Aur

Ain Soph Aur (万象聖堂アイン・ソフ・オウル, Ain Sofu Ōru?. lit. "Sanctuary of All Things In Creation"): Known as the Angel of death, it is a huge flower containing a statue of Mayuri at the center of the petals. Following the command to bloom, the flower constantly emits particles of light that instantly kill everyone that comes in contact with it, even shutting off the functions of inorganic targets like <Bandersnatch> and warships. The particles cannot be blocked by a protective <Territory>, as they will simply slip through. The mere presence of the Angel is lethal to anyone that doesn't have a significant amount of Reiryoku or Maryoku.

  • Henet (蕾砲ヘネツ, Henetsu?. lit. "Bud Cannon"): Summons a small palm size flower bud that releases a concentrated energy beam of particles from Ain Soph Aur. Anything that comes in contact with the energy beam will instantly die regardless of any defense.

Ain Soph

Ain Soph (輪廻楽園アイン・ソフ, Ain Sofu?. lit. "Samsara of Paradise"): Called the Angel of laws, it takes the shape of a huge tree with a statue of Rio Sonogami embedded in the trunk. [6] The tree is decorated with flowers and branches that pierce the sky and reshape the surrounding landscape, giving it a monochrome, chessboard-like appearance. Within this area of effect extended by both the tree's branches and roots, Mio can freely manipulate the laws of reality. She also states that the <Territory> employed by the Realizer was originally derived from studying this ability. However, those with a portion of Mio's Reiryoku can resist the effects of this Angel. For instance, Tohka, when borrowing the powers of the other Spirits and Mio herself, was able to overcome <Ain Soph>'s attempts to bind her movements. The branches and roots themselves can be used to attack and restrain her opponents. When in conflict against Westcott's <Belial>, the roots and branches tangled against the Demon King's to form a birdcage. In this state, Mio was able to temporarily suppress Westcott's attempts to rewrite reality.

  • Anaph (枝剣アナフ, Anafu?. lit. "Branch Sword"): Manifests a branch of Ain Soph to serve as a sharpened blade.


Ain (   アイン, Ain?): The Angel of void, which is described as Mio's trump card. It can instantly illuminate the entire world with light before erasing whomever or whatever she desires from reality. The blinding light makes it impossible to see, but it is presumed to have the form of a seed like its Demon King counterpart <Qemetiel>. The Angel was first seen used to erase Tohka, who at that point was channeling on the powers of every Spirit including Mio herself. However, Mio laments that using this Angel completely eradicates Tohka's Reiryoku, which she had wanted to seal into Shido. Upon clashing against <Qemetiel>, the ensuing backlash is enough to kill both Mio and Westcott.

Sephira Creation

Mio was even able to divide her own power between ten Qlipha Crystals, which she later purified into Sephira Crystals by cycling them through sacrificial hosts, and bestow them onto those she had chosen within humanity. As the source of the power for every other Spirit, Mio holds a degree of authority in regulating the distribution of power between each Spirit. For example, she was able to stop Tohka from fully taking her powers back from Shido. Her Astral Dress can produce bands of light that can instantly remove the Sephira Crystal from any Spirit they pierce without causing injury. From the opposite end of the spectrum, she has also been able to empower all ten Spirits, granting them access to their full Astral Dress despite their powers still being sealed within Shido.

When creating the Sephira Crystals, Mio split off and condensed a portion of the Reiryoku. Along with her power, each Sephira Crystal was imbued with a portion of her emotions as well, with the color being determined by which particular feeling was strongest during its creation. Strong negative emotions like sadness, anger, and regret will strengthen the resulting Crystal, but such feelings also make it more difficult to purify. When a strong emotion like love was imbued into a Crystal, it produced a pure Spirit like herself. However, Mio herself notes that her power is finite and there was a limit to the number of Sephira she could end up creating. Because the Sephira Crystals are intrinsically linked to her existence, they will also disappear after she dies.

Mio's own Sephira Crystal has an immune system that regards any wielder besides herself as a pathogen. Even Tohka, a pure Spirit who could be considered Mio's daughter, is not fully compatible. The immune system takes the form of a gigantic copy of Mio with angelic wings, which has a robotic mind simply devoted to the "pathogen's" elimination. It is as powerful as Mio, and can only be truly harmed by other beings on Mio's level, quickly regenerating from ordinary Angel attacks. It can only be truly destroyed when its human-sized core is annihilated, but doing so is equivalent to destroying Mio's Crystal.

Miscellaneous Abilities

Being the originator of all the other Spirits, Mio has shown abilities that are strikingly similar to theirs. Similar to Origami, she can fire lasers of shining light, control the direction of the beams, and teleport. Similar to Kurumi, she can even create an exact clone of herself that serves to help break down tasks. Finally, she has shown to have the Spirits' common ability of flight and create an Astral Dress. Her Astral Dress' defenses are strong enough to stop attacks before they even touch her. In fact, Tohka was only able to pierce it after she drew power from all of the other Spirits, including Mio herself.

Mio also has some abilities that seem to be wholly unique to herself. She can manipulate memories, whether by sealing them to obscure encounters with her alter ego Phantom, or restoring them as she did with Shido and Mana's past lives, which the former was unable to properly do to himself even with <Michael>. She can heal another person's injuries through her Reiryoku. Conversely, she has also applied this ability to herself, instantly recovering from the damage received from Tohka with a wave of her hand. However, her ability to heal only works on alleviating injuries sustained. Just like with Kurumi's Fourth Bullet Dalet, lives that have already been lost cannot be restored.

When disguising herself as Phantom to distribute Sephira Crystals, Mio can conceal her appearance with mosaics that also alters her voice. The mosaic disguise itself can serve as a barrier to defend herself from attacks. To wit, is durable enough to withstand concentrated energy beam from <Metatron> and a gatling barrage of bullets from Kurumi before dissipating.

However, perhaps Mio's most unique ability is to resurrect a person by impregnating herself with them. By kissing a deceased individual, Mio can absorb that person into herself and place them in her womb. Afterwards she can give birth, effectively reviving the deceased person as a newborn infant. While undergoing this process, Mio is also able to grant the person she is reviving certain powers. For Shido, Mio bestowed him the power to seal Spirits in order to gradually accumulate power.

Aside from all of her abilities as a Spirit, Mio has also displayed an otherworldly level of intelligence. While her vocabulary was initially at the level of an infant, she was able to learn how to fluently speak Japanese in an unbelievably short amount of time through exposure to various forms of media.


  • (To Shido Itsuka) “──Mio. That's… my name....Yeah. I’m happy, very happy...I love you. Let's always be together.” [7]
  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) “──Pleased to make your acquaintance, Kurumi. I am Takamiya Mio, also known as…… an ally of justice.” [8]
  • (To herself) "──I'll never let you go. I'll absolutely won't make a mistake anymore. So......please wait──Shin." [9]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "──Shido. You are really a great man. I do love you. However, just second to Shin, you know?" [10]
  • (To Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott) "But, ah──right, other than that, if this is also the cause of your misery──You, were never the sort of person I would choose." [11]


  • The Japanese character for zero (零) can be derived from Mio's given name (澪).
  • Whenever Mio's name is mentioned by Shido or Mana before volume 18, her name is written in katakana (ミオ) instead of kanji (澪).
  • The names of her Angels Ain (אין), Ain Soph (אין סוף), and Ain Soph Aur (אין סוף אור), mean "Nothing", "Infinity" and "Infinite Light" respectively. The 10 Sephira emanate from Ain Soph, reflecting Mio's role as the creator of the 10 Sephira Crystals.
  • Her Astral Dress, Yah (יה), is the first syllable in Yahweh, the primary name of the Hebrew God. It often serves as an abbreviation in Hebrew scripture as the name in its entirety is considered too sacred to write.
  • Her techniques Henet (הנץ) and Anaph (ענף) are Hebrew for "bud" and "branch", representing her plant theme.
  • The katakana for Ain is written over a blank space, referencing the word's meaning of "Nothing".
  • The name Mio was given to her by Shinji, who named her after the 30th, the day when they first met. The katakana mi (ミ) is a phonetic stand-in for three and the katakana o (オ) symbolizes ∅, which can mean either an empty set or zero.
  • Mio's Astral Dress is based on the concept of a maternity dress. [12]
  • Mio's favorite thing is the sea, and her least favorite is parting ways. [13]
  • Mio named her teddy bear Ichiro (イチロー), whose name is derived from the 16th, the day when Shinji first gave her the gift. [14]


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