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Shido Itsuka[]

Due to her past, when Miku first met Shido, she had a great dislike towards men, seeing all of them as depraved and perverted who only hypocritically liked her and saw Shido as no different and would attack him on sight. Because of this, Shido was forced to crossdress as a girl (renaming himself as Shiori) to get closer to her which piqued Miku's interest.

However, upon finding out that "Shiori" is actually a guy, Miku is extremely angry towards this, and her hatred towards Shido worsens. Eventually, when confronted by Kurumi and Shido, Miku remains stubborn and cannot believe Shido truly cares about Tohka, and she even mockingly offers Shido a harem of girls with her powers if Shido admits that he was just pretending to be a hero.

Miku's attitude towards Shido soon changed when Shido revealed her past and even defended Miku from Inverse Tohka's attacks. Shido's promise to protect her and be her fan no matter the circumstances ultimately led her to fall in love with him and let him seal her powers.

After being sealed, Miku clings to Shido at every opportunity and calls him "Darling" affectionately and would often try to flirt with Shido even in public places. Although Shido reciprocates the feelings, he nonetheless notices that Miku has been behaving a little bit childish when they interact. Miku also actively tries to make Shido cross-dress as Shiori as well, much to the latter's disapproval.

Tohka Yatogami[]

After being sealed, while taking a liking to all the Spirits, Miku took a particular liking towards Tohka, taking every opportunity she could to cling onto her, much to Tohka's annoyance and embarrassment.

Natsumi Kyouno[]

Miku was initially scared of Natsumi because she intended to seal her away into <Haniel> and separate her from Shido. However, she still came to her aid when Ellen attacked her and later helped with Natsumi's makeover. After being sealed, Natsumi would ironically become afraid of her after becoming a regular victim of Miku's yuri tendencies. According to Miku, she typically showers Natsumi with affection first because she's the most petite, adorable, and the slowest to run away among the other Spirits.

Origami Tobiichi[]

Out of all the AST members, Origami caught Miku's attention due to her looks. However, she was disappointed by how she immediately tried to attack her. Still, Miku kept having a liking for Origami. Even after she tried to kill her, Miku didn't seem angered by it, but she did claim there were a few "things" she wanted to do to her. After Origami was sealed, Miku was the only Spirit who wasn't shocked by her uncharacteristic gratitude and immediately welcomed her. The two often bond in their shared perverse activity toward Shido.

Nia Honjo[]

Miku first met Nia during the manga sales competition between her and Ratatoskr. During this time, she was appalled that Nia had never heard of her, although this was mostly because Nia had been in DEM's captivity during Miku's rise to fame. After Nia's sealing, Miku often engages in perverse behavior toward Shido alongside her and Origami.

Subaru Kurebayashi[]

Subaru is Miku's manager for her idol activities. As a result of this occupation, Subaru is the one who pressed Miku to expand her career to America. Subaru is also knowledgeable enough of Miku's quirks to bribe her with working with a new upcoming female idol.

Hiyori Asakura[]

Hiyori was another idol who was initially afraid that Miku would steal her fame, so she acted hostile and fearful around her. However, she would later befriend Miku upon finding out she was Tsukino Yoimachi, whom Hiyori had been a big fan and secretly hoped would make a comeback. They were close enough for Miku to prioritize saving her when Westcott ordered his Bandersnatch to slaughter all of the Spirits' friends.

Rindouji All-Girls Private School[]

In her pre-sealed state, Miku didn't care about her schoolmates and simply used her Solo to take control of them and rule the school. Even if someone would get in her way, she would simply increase the strength of her Solo to get her/them back under her control. She would invite girls she had taken a liking to over to her house and drink tea together, but if Miku finds another girl that is more interesting than the girl she invited, she would quickly dump her and take the other girl to drink tea with her without even thinking of how the girl she invited first might feel.

After having her Reiryoku sealed, her relationship with her schoolmates has significantly improved, with her no longer having the power nor desire to brainwash them into subservience. She has even gone so far as to help to them when it is needed. For instance, she has willingly given aid to her classmate Rosalie Welbeck, offering to find her family heirloom after it was stolen.