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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
Even if I lose my "voice". Even if everyone else doesn't turn up to hear me sing — as long as you're there, then, that's enough. If it comes to that… I will sing, just for you.

—Miku Izayoi, to Shido Itsuka

Miku Izayoi
Kanji 誘宵 美九
Romaji Izayoi Miku
Birthday January 19th [1]
Age 17
18 (By Volume 16)
19 (By Volume 21)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Species Human
Spirit (Formerly)
Hair Color Light Indigo
Eye Color Silver [2]
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents
  • Student
  • Idol
Rank A-Class Spirit
Novel Debut Volume 6
Anime Debut Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 1 (Mentioned)
Date A Live Ⅱ Episode 5
Japanese Minori Chihara
English Jad Saxton

Miku Izayoi (いざよい , Izayoi Miku?) is the sixth Spirit to appear in the series. She was originally a human who gained the power of a Spirit around the same time Shido first met Tohka.


Miku is a Spirit and an idol. She hates men to the point that Shido even had to cross-dress in order to interact with her. Her Angel Gabriel has the ability to manipulate and brainwash people through her voice. She took an interest in the undercover Shido because he wasn't affected by her hypnotic powers and challenged him to a contest in which that if he lost, he would have to transfer to Rindouji. The challenge was to determine who would earn the title of being the best school. There was a singing contest which was later won by Miku, but the title of best school was won by Raizen High School thanks to its maid café.

Being defeated by Shido at her own game, she initially rampaged, using her powers to break the rules and simply take what she wanted, despite her being the one to first issue the challenge (and despite her frequently cheating to win). During the course of this, she took control of the other Spirits, discovered Shido's true gender, and tried to have the entire city to kill him. However, after Shido and Kurumi muscled their way to her and asked her to stay out of their way while they rescued Tohka from DEM, she took an interest in Shido (she had initially believed no man would ever save anyone for any selfless reasons) and asked his friends what their relationship was.

Miku then appeared to help Shido and battled with him against DEM. However, she claimed that her only intent was to add Tohka to her collection of Spirits. She repeatedly tries to prove that Shido is selfish, and adherent to her view of all men, by trying to offer him all the girls he wants if he gives in to his fatigue and gives up his rescue of Tohka. She's further shocked when he refuses and eventually is even visibly shocked when Ellen nearly kills Shido. It becomes evident that Miku can't give up her powers because that would mean she's returning to her human past. Miku is secretly scared of humanity, which causes the psychological trauma that makes her unable to sing in front of people. She finally changed her mind when Shido upheld his earlier promise to protect her and shield her from Inverse Tohka's power. She is also moved, although initially shaken, when Shido promises her that even if the entire world turns against her, he alone will remain her fan.

After this, Miku decided to let Shido seal her Reiryoku and move on with her life, even appearing openly in public as an idol. She has shown great love and affection towards Shido and constantly calls him "darling."


Miku, as an idol, is without a doubt a glamorous girl. She has a voluptuous figure and smooth skin that has never missed physical maintenance. She has long bluish-purple hair in a hime cut with a yellow flower petal hair clip, while her eyes sparkle like silver. Miku's height is stated to be 165 cm, and her three sizes are B94/W63/H88.

Her Astral Dress is predominately colored yellow, with blue and white ruffles covering some parts of her dress. She gains another hair clip in the shape of a crescent yellow moon, which is decorated by white lilies. She also wears matching crescent moon earrings and a choker on her neck with another white lily attached to it. Her legs are covered by white tights, and she wears yellow high-heel shoes with lilies on the ankles.

While at school, she wears a deep blue sailor outfit.


Miku harbors a strong hatred towards men and treats girls as servants fit to serve her, which is why she transferred to an all-girls school, Rindouji All-Girls Private Academy. This stems from her traumatic past, in which people who were once her fans (mostly male) accused her of false scandals, where the loss of her voice from the pressure almost led to her committing suicide. Even her opinion of women was initially poor, seeing them as replaceable servants at best and not caring if they died, even believing they should be happy to die for her. Her coldness was to the extent that even Shido openly admitted he hated her.

Deep down, Miku’s apparent disregard for human life is actually a defense mechanism formed from her troubled past. After learning about her past, Shido concluded that she did not actually view humans as inferior, but instead, she feared another betrayal if she treated them as equals. She believed that her value in life was defined solely by her voice, and feared that she would lose it again if she was sealed.

She is very flirtatious and lustful, both before and after warming up to Shido, and she expresses this very bluntly towards most women who fit her type. After warming up to Shido, she doesn't hesitate to openly flirt with both him and the other Spirits. Miku also doesn't even mind Shido having a harem; in fact, she openly encourages it. While no longer displaying her arrogance and hatred of the opposite gender, she still prefers to be by her female fans more. Having effectively given up her power to control people by allowing herself to be sealed, Miku no longer treats women as servants. Instead, she is much more genuine in being openly doting and physically affectionate, much to the chagrin of her fellow sealed Spirits. Overall, Shido describes her current personality as very childish.



Ever since she was little, Miku loved singing. She wasn't good at studying or sports, but she could sing better than anyone else around her. As an aspiring singer, she had always dreamed of performing on the big stage. That dream came true when she debuted as an idol singer at the age of 15 under the stage name Tsukino Yoimachi (宵待よいまち 月乃つきの, Yoimachi Ysukino?). It was the best thing that Miku could have wished for, doing the very thing she loved and being adored by her fans.

Her career, however, came to an abrupt end just after about a year when she refused to sleep with a hotshot TV producer. Before Miku knew it, false scandals about her began to appear, and she soon fell out of favor with her agency along with her supposedly loyal fans beginning to despise her. Miku thought that she could reconnect everything back with her singing, but her attempted performance was ruined by psychogenic aphonia.

Feeling that she had lost her only value in life, Miku was contemplating suicide before Phantom appeared before her and turned her into a Spirit. Afterwards, she used her spirit powers, regained her lost voice, and debuted again using the name Miku Izayoi. She became famous due to her voice which was known as 'sound anesthetic' and released several super popular tracks. She also weaved her powers into her songs to make people who listened to them slowly forget the person known as Tsukino Yoimachi. However, she never appeared in magazines, television, or any public media. Miku held only private concerts and the only ones who were invited were her loyal female fans due to her hatred for men, who had been 90% of her original fanbase that betrayed her.


Powers and Abilities[]

Spirit Form[]

As the Spirit of sound, Miku has complete control over vibrations and music. Her powers make her an effective long-range specialist, as she can send her mind control minions to do her work while she sits back from afar. In terms of personal combat, Miku can send vocal shock waves or even bind a person's movements with her voice.

Being sound-based, Miku's power works very effectively through speakers. Broadcasting her concert live was how she managed to put almost the entire city under her spell. But as shown with Tohka, a pair of earplugs are able to block out the sounds and make the wearer immune to Miku's powers.[4]

However, due to being dependent on her voice, straining it can leave her temporarily unable to use her powers.[5] Miku mostly uses her abilities to support her comrades, but seeing that her powers have made her weak in close range combat, Miku strives to accomplish a personal training regime to mediate this weakness. The results of this are shown during her fight against Yoshino in the Spirit battle royal. She was able to effectively use her pipes as a makeshift, close-range, blunt weapon whose destructive powers were amplified through vibrations.

Spirit Data[]

Strength Consistency Reiryoku Agility Intelligence
85 72 159 67 70


Angel: Gabriel (破軍歌姫ガブリエル, Gaburieru?. lit. "Army-Breaking Songstress")

Weapon: Organ

Astral Dress: Shaddai El Chai (神威霊装・九番シャダイ・エル・カイ, Shadai Eru Kai?. lit. "Spirit Dress of God's Authority, Number 9")

Miku's AA-ranked Angel takes the form of an organ that controls sound. Its abilities can be utilized via the organ, which is controlled with a keyboard, or through her own voice. For her convenience, <Gabriel> could also manifest as smaller organ pipes, which she can use in smaller crowds. Miku can also fight using her voice in the form of sonic waves, which can be deployed both offensively or defensively. However, if Miku overstrains her voice, she will temporarily be unable to use her powers and any applied effects of her Angel will be canceled.

So far, Miku has used the following songs.

  • March (行進曲マーチ, Māchi?. lit. "March"): Enhances the listeners' physical strength and stamina. Its effect is potent enough for ordinary humans to resist Kurumi's City of Devouring Time, which would usually make them faint.
  • Rondo (輪舞曲ロンド, Rondo?. lit. "Rondo"): Restrains the listeners with sound waves.
  • Solo (独奏ソロ, Soro?. lit. "Solo"): Brainwashes the listeners. The brainwashed people retain their perception of other entities, but they nevertheless prioritize Miku's desire and well-being above all else. While effective against Spirits that have been sealed by Shido, it fails to work on people with enough Reiryoku like Shido himself, another fully powered Spirit like Kurumi, or a Wizard with sufficient skill like Ellen. A person wearing earplugs also gains immunity to this song. Those affected have no memory of what they did while brainwashed.
  • Requiem (鎮魂歌レクイエム, Rekuiemu?. lit. "Requiem"): A relaxing song that has an analgesic effect.
  • Symphony (交響曲シンフォニー, Shinfonī?. lit. "Symphony"): A vertical swing from a silver pipe with its destructive power amplified by <Gabriel>'s sound waves.
  • Fantasia (幻想曲ファンタジア, Fantajia?. lit. "Fantasia"): A collection of Gabriel's songs sung all at once while infused with all of Miku's remaining Reiryoku. The song combines the healing effect of Requiem with the strength-bolstering effect of March. By using it alongside <Fraxinus>'s broadcasting system, Miku is able to expand the range of the song to also reach the civilian evacuation shelters.


Partly due to the creation of the Realizer being owed to analyzing Spirits, Miku, as a former Spirit, is compatible with Realizer technology. In order to generate a Territory, Miku is equipped with a wireless headset that manually operates a <Yggd Folium> leaf. During the conflict against <Beast>, Miku was able to use her Territory generated by the <Yggd Folium> to protect Shido alongside Yoshino and Kotori.


  • (To Shido Itsuka) "I──lost it. Once. Because of those ugly males, I lost my voice because of a psychological disorder──the voice……the voice more important than my life………!" [6]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "… You kept our promise. If it's you, there's no problem. Only you…I can trust." [7]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "Thank you…very much, darling…I love you!" [8]
  • (To Nia Honjo) “Then, let me show you Nia-san. The power of woman you didn’t know about. And be sure to carve this inside your mind. My name──Miku Izayoi!” [9]


  • Her former stage name, Yoimachi Tsukino, contains the kanji for "evening'" (宵, yoi?), "wait" (待, machi?), "moon" (月, tsuki?), and the possessive particle (乃, no?).
  • Miku has the character for "Nine" in her name (美「九」). It refers to the ninth Sephira on Kabbalah's Tree of Life: "Foundation."
  • Her Angel Gabriel's name means "The Strong One of God" or "The Strength of God."
  • Miku's Astral Dress's name is 'Shaddai El Chai' which means 'Almighty Living God'.
  • The "Lily" in the title of Volume 6 cover means "yuri" in Japanese or "girl to girl relationship". This is referencing how Miku hates men and prefers girls, with Shido being the exception.
  • Her favorite things are songs, while her least favorite are males. [10]
  • As an anthropomorphic disaster, Miku represents noise pollution.[11]
  • Miku's birthday January 19th is Karaoke Day (カラオケの日, karaoke no hi?) in Japan, commemorating the day when NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) first started broadcasting an amateur singing contest on January 19th, 1946.


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