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Main Story[]

Yamai Tempest[]

Mikie and Mildred F. Fujimura eavesdrop on a conversation that their AST colleague Origami Tobiichi is having with their superior Ryouko Kusakabe. After hearing that Origami was given house arrest, Mikie tenders her resignation, only for Mildred to remind her what house arrest means. Mikie's subsequent overreaction causes Origami to dodge her. Ryouko picks up Mikie's resignation letter from the floor, and in response, Mikie runs back in panic, saying that it was a misunderstanding. Ryouko responds by lifting Mikie's letter out of her reach.

Miku Truth[]

Mikie tends to Origami after the latter was rushed back to base. She cries tears of joy when Origami finally comes around, then apologizes for not looking out for her. Origami responds by saying that she acted against orders and is solely responsible. Mikie worries again when Origami sits up and recoils in pain, but is able to tell Origami that their captain is negotiating with AST higher-ups, and that they're also investigating the current case involving Shido Itsuka. When Origami turns on the television and hears the live news broadcast, Mikie explains that a Spirit reading was taken but AST were told to remain on standby. Origami then asks about Mana, and Mikie says that Mana rescued Origami before leaving. Mikie also says that Mana doesn't know about Shido's current situation.

At around two o'clock in the morning a few hours later, Origami gets off her bed, which also had Mikie sleeping soundly in it. Mikie is woken up by a Spacequake alarm, and moments later, receives a call from AST to be prepared for deployment, being informed that the Spirit <Nightmare> is attacking DEM's Japanese branch with an accomplice. When Origami hears from Mikie that <Nightmare's> accomplice is indeed Shido, she quickly rushes out of her ward. Mikie tries to stop Origami, saying that Origami's ID has been frozen, meaning that she cannot access CR-Units. Origami defiantly says that she's going even with just a handgun, because a person really important to her is out there. Mikie threatens to kill herself if Origami leaves. However, Origami calmly replies that Mikie will never do that since that would make her sad. Giving in to Origami's determination, Mikie tells her that she will help her and takes Origami to get a peculiar piece of equipment, later revealed to be an unidentified CR-Unit originally belonging to the Special Sorcery Service.

Tobiichi Angel[]

Mikie is seen fully deployed for her next AST mission, having been told about a new Spirit reading that the AST had just identified. By this point, Mikie had overcome the trauma caused by Origami's departure by reassuring herself that Origami would return someday.

Nia Creation[]

Ryouko, Mikie, and Mildred are attendees at Comico after being invited by Origami. They greet Origami at Shido's booth to buy their doujin. Mikie continues to be distraught at Origami's sudden departure from the AST, but Origami maintains that she isn't coming back. Mikie wonders how much Origami has changed, and Origami replies that it's because of Shido. After buying a copy of Shido's doujin, Mikie points her finger at Shido defiantly while leaving with Ryouko and Mildred.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Mikie and Mildred learn about Origami and Mana's visit to the AST's Tengu base in advance. As their visitors approach, Mikie and Mildred let them in through the side. Mikie concedes that Origami has grown significantly since getting a boyfriend, and eventually leads her visitors to Ryouko's office. Mikie hears Origami's intel about DEM and Ratatoskr in full, and immediately believes Origami isn't lying. When Ryouko turns down Origami's suggestion to withdraw their alliance with DEM, Mikie witnesses Origami demonstrate one instance of her Spirit powers before leaving with Mana.

Later on, Mikie is in contact with Ryouko as the war between DEM and Ratatoskr unfolds. She appears to argue with Ryouko over what the team should do next. Mikie then helps her team engage the Spirit <Hermit>, only for a different Spirit to save them from DEM's resulting attack. Mikie is first to call out to Ryouko after the two Spirits' rescue mission, which finally convinces Ryouko to prepare her team for "re-employment".

Mio Game Over[]

Under Ryouko's command, Mikie helps her team form a Territory to protect the fallen Artemisia Bell Ashcroft. Mana hurriedly tries to alert the team to a presence behind them. That presence radiates light, and as Mikie rushes to protect Origami, she is engulfed by the light piercing through her Territory, and falls towards the ground. Origami hurriedly catches Mikie and finds that she was knocked unconscious. Origami hands Mikie's body to Ryouko and tells her team to get to Fraxinus immediately.

Mio True End[]

In the new timeline, Ryouko, Mikie and Mildred are at the Tengu military base discussing Origami's intel, when they are suddenly surrounded by Bandersnatch units. Origami arrives in a timely manner to save them.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Ryouko, Mikie, Mildred, Origami, and Artemisia meet up at a café.