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Mikie Okamine
Kanji 岡峰 美紀恵
Romaji Okamine Mikie
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Nicknames Mike (By Origami Tobiichi)
Equipment Combat Realizer Unit
Personal Status
Relatives Kotaro Okamine (Father)
Tamae Okamine (Cousin)
Occupation AST Wizard
Rank Private
2nd-Class Soldier
Novel Debut Volume 5
Anime Debut Episode 1
Manga Debut Date AST Like
Japanese Kanami Satō
English Sarah Wiedenheft

Mikie Okamine (岡峰 美紀恵, Okamine Mikie?) is a Japanese wizard in the AST and the main protagonist in the Date A Live Spin off, Date AST Like. She is also Tamae's younger cousin.


Mikie has brown hair usually fashioned in pigtails with some of her hair loose. She has a small frame that often misleads people into think she is younger than she really is.


Mikie is a naive and clumsy girl who often gets excited over little things. She likes to fantasize about Origami as she has grown fond of her. Due to an occasion where Origami saved her from an unrestrained Tohka, she developed a great admiration towards her and decided to join the AST. However, this also caused her to share the same opinion towards the Spirits as the rest of the AST, viewing them as a threat to the human society.

Mikie is also a determined and a hardworking girl who likes to open up her thoughts about the world. She also values friendship above all, which is the reason why she was moved by the story that Cecil had told her.



Before the start of the series, Mikie was a happy kid and loved by her father, Kotaro Okamine. When her father became a successful entrepreneur, they became distant to each other. Eventually, her father could not stand her presence anymore and banished her from the household. Mikie who became depressed and suicidal, deliberately ignored the spacequake alarm. Much to her surprise, Mikie was attacked by then untamed Tohka. But thanks to Origami's intervention, she was unharmed. That was when Mikie developed a huge admiration for Origami that motivated her to become an AST wizard. However, due to her not recognizing Tohka after being sealed by Shido, Mikie ironically befriended her.

The next day after her enrollment, an explosion occurred near the Tengu city. Thinking that a Spirit appeared, Mikie hurried to the place only to find a young girl named Ashley Sinclair who claimed to "hunt" the members of the AST. Ashley expressed her excitement in finding a worthy opponent due to having some research done on the performances of several AST members in the past, only to be quickly disappointed after realizing Mikie was not as strong as the reports claimed.


Powers and Abilities

Mikie is a Wizard of the AST. However, when compared to her fellow teammates, her abilities are regarded as subpar.

Equipment & Weapons:

  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit)
    • <Cheshire Cat> (チェシャー・キャット, Cheshā Kyatto?): Unit 5 of the Ashcroft series. It is equipped with an AI named Bell, which is actually Artemisia's lingering consciousness, to assist her.
      • <Kitty Fang> (キティファング, Kitifangu?): Clawed gauntlets enhanced by Territory to easily cut through armor.
      • Recovery Treatment: A passive ability to heal minor wounds and relieve pain. However, pain suppression and the inability to heal major wounds can put her as risk if she does not realize how badly injured she is.



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