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Japanese (Ruby) ミカエル
Japanese (Base) 封解主
Base meaning Seal-Removing Lord
Rank S-rank Angel
Novel Debut Volume 14
Anime Debut Season 4 Episode 4

Michael (封解主ミカエル, Mikaeru?) is the Angel corresponding to the sixth sephira. Its original wielder is Mukuro Hoshimiya, and it normally takes the form of a giant key-shaped khakkhara.


Mukuro Hoshimiya[]

From Reine's analysis, <Michael> has two different, yet closely related abilities. The Angel has the ability to seal a target’s function by impaling it with a key and can alter the very fabric of space-time by unlocking space to create a wormhole. Overall, <Michael> is a devastating Angel capable of planetary levels of destruction at full power by sealing the Earth's rotation. It can even seal abstract concepts like emotions and memories. Sealing memories of a particular subject, such as Shido's and her own existence, can be done on a large scale, making even the A.I. MARIA incapable of recognizing Shido. However, while Tohka and Origami were deprived of their memories of Shido, their alternate consciousnesses (Tenka for the former and the new timeline Origami for the latter) were unaffected. Her adoptive family's memories of her remained sealed even after Mukuro lost her Spirit powers, and Asahi was only able to regain her memories after reuniting with her. Additionally, the usage of her wormholes allows for a method of instantaneous travel and unparalleled range in coordinating long distance attacks in the form of redirecting debris.

Mukuro has used the following forms and abilities of <Michael>:

  • Segva (セグヴァ, Seguva?. lit. "Lock"): Seals away certain functions of the target. Mukuro first used this ability to shut down DEM's machines and Fraxinus' satellite Realizers. <Segva> can also seal away the ability of other Angels. At full power, Mukuro claimed that <Segva> could be used to stop the Earth's rotation. Although when she attempted this, there was a delay due to the overall size of the target, and the other Spirits were able to delay it further by channeling their Reiryoku into the ground via <Yggd Folium>.
  • Lataib (ラータイブ, Rātaibu?. lit. "Unlock"): Allows Mukuro to open up holes in space that can be used to teleport herself, summon forth meteorites, and redirect incoming attacks. After being sealed, Mukuro notes that the maximum range of her use of <Lataib> has drastically shortened. Despite her weakened state, she is still strong enough to open up multiple portals to send her companions to various locations in Tengu City in order to save their civilian friends from DEM's Bandersnatch units.
  • Shifuru (シフルール, Shifurūru?. lit. "Release"): Unleashes the true potential of <Michael> by transforming it into a Chinese halberd. When in this form, <Michael> can be used to awaken the hidden power of other Spirits as well. This form cannot be accessed when sealed.
  • Jerez (ヘレス, Heresu?. lit. "Solution"): Decomposes Reiryoku and the bonds holding molecules together. First used during her battle against Tenka to annihilate the Inverse Spirit's Astral Dress and the surrounding buildings.
  • Unnamed Energy Beam: From the tip of <Michael>'s key, she can launch a concentrated beam of Spirit energy that can pierce through anything.

Shido Itsuka[]

Shido has attempted to use <Michael> before gaining access to it, by copying <Michael> via <Haniel> during his battle against Mukuro. After Mukuro is brought back to Earth and agrees on a date with Shido, she seals <Haniel>'s ability to copy <Michael>. The seal is removed once Mukuro herself is sealed, allowing Shido to gain permanent access to <Michael>.

  • Lataib (ラータイブ?. lit. "Unlock"): Allows Shido to unlock objects and concepts previously sealed with <Michael>. Shido first used this technique with a copy of <Michael> produced by <Haniel> in order to open the seal placed on Mukuro's heart.
  • Tefetē (小鍵テフェテー?. lit. "Small Key"): Shrinks <Michael> down to a miniature version small enough to be held at the palm of his hand. Shido uses this form of <Michael> in order to more easily point the angel at his own head when attempting to unlock his past memories.
  • Segva (セグヴァ, Seguva?. lit. "Lock"): Seals away the target pointed at by the key. Shido first used it in order to lock Westcott's ability to use <Beelzebub> after he was defeated.


The parallel-world Spirit codenamed <Beast> has access to <Michael> via the Sixth Sword (六番目の剣, Rokubanme no Ken?), which is shaped like a key. She first uses it to warp herself inside the Fraxinus while Shido and the former Spirits were in the middle of a meeting. Later, during <Beast>'s confrontation against the former Spirits, <Beast> was able to use the Sixth Sword on Origami to destroy her <Brunhild> CR-Unit.


  • Following the naming theme of the Spirits, Mukuro corresponds to the sixth sephira on the Tree of Life, therefore her Angel is supposed to be Raphael. However, Raphael and Michael are said to cooperate in the governing of the 6th and 8th Sephirot, therefore, both can be said to be affiliated with those sephirot.
  • The pronunciation of Michael's Japanese name (ミカエル, Mikaeru) approximates the pronunciations of the name "Michael" in Norwegian and Swedish, as well as the variant spelling "Mikael" in Breton and Finnish. The English pronunciation of Michael is transliterated in Japanese as マイケル (Maikeru).
  • Michael is often associated with the Latin phrase, "Quis ut Deus?", which is a sentence meaning "Who is like God?"
  • Michael's design and powers, as a key-shaped weapon capable of sealing and unlocking anything, share great similarity to the Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts series.