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Volume 3[]

Maya, as Dominion of Chokmah, is first seen attending the emergency Dominion conference held at Tiphereth in the aftermath of White Queen's appearance at Yesod. White Queen then gatecrashes the conference, and when she states her intent to kill the Dominions, Maya responds by bringing out a book. After White Queen disappears, Maya is first to notice that White Queen came in and went out through an invisible door near the room's chandelier. After the host Dominion Oka Miyafuji disbands the conference, Maya continues to discuss countermeasures, including installing a temporary leader at Malkuth to prevent White Queen from taking over. After Haraka Kagarike volunteers to do so, the other Dominions leave, except Yesod's representatives in Rinemu Kirari and Mizuha Banouin. Maya talks to them privately, suspecting a traitor among the Dominions supposedly defending other regions from White Queen's advance.

Volume 5[]

Maya is invited to Netzach, and arrives with Oka. They, along with Ariadne Foxrot of Chesed, interrogate Kurumi Tokisaki. Yuri Sagakure then arrives and de-fuses the situation, before getting Kurumi to agree on the terms of a poker game with the money at stake enough to unlock Kurumi's access to Tiphereth. Maya would be the dealer of the cards in that game, in order to observe potential flouting of rules.

After the game, Yuri invites the Dominions, Kurumi and Hibiki to her mansion home. Maya warns that of the times she spoke with Yuri outside the Dominion conference, all but one of them were about Yui Sagakure. At Yuri's home, Maya, Oka and Ariadne manage to get Kurumi to talk with them again, by herself. Kurumi reveals what she knows, and eventually the Dominions agree to fight on her side against White Queen. The next day, Yuri is found dead. Maya immediately suspects either Kurumi or Hibiki, and the other Dominions share that sentiment. After being trapped in the mansion by Yuri's AI, Maya casts a spell on herself to prevent her from disrupting the murder case. However, she does watch Kurumi find out that the room Yuri was found dead in had suddenly cleaned up by itself with no trace of Yuri anywhere.

Eventually, Oka outs herself as the Bishop serving under White Queen, and attempts to kill Kurumi, but Ariadne stops her in time, and Maya casts a spell of fire to torture Oka. Before Oka can say anything, a model of Yui kills Oka and takes her Sephira fragment. Despite Maya's protests, Kurumi correctly guesses that none of them killed Yuri, and the mansion's AI system is in fact Yuri herself operating from elsewhere. In response, Yuri summons a seemingly endless army of Yui models to attack Kurumi, Hibiki, Maya, and Ariadne. Maya helps fend some of them off with her fire spell, but eventually, she casts her soul spell that tracks Yuri's Sephira fragment using a folded paper butterfly, and urges Kurumi and Hibiki to go after it. Maya then helps Ariadne by casting her testament spell to wield a broadsword and fight off Yui models. When Carte À Jouer and Cistus join the fight on their side, Maya shifts to casting the wall spell to protect them.

After Yuri is killed for real, Maya delivers the bad news that Gevurah has come under attack by White Queen's forces, as part of her plan to destroy the Neighboring World. She tasks Ariadne with guiding Kurumi and Hibiki to Gevurah.

Volume 6[]

Prior to parting from Kurumi, Hibiki and Ariadne, Maya briefs them (as well as the main Yui Sagakure) about the Neighboring World and White Queen's plans for it. Afterwards, Maya goes back home to Chokmah, taking Cistus and Carte with her. She shows them the gate to the Shamayim Kaveesh connecting Chokmah with Keter. Maya then uses her sealing spell on Carte's four cards to prevent them from leaking information, before hurrying to seal the gate with help from Cistus and Carte.

Volume 7[]

Prior to meeting up with the arriving party of Kurumi, Ariadne, Haraka and Tsuan, Maya had sent letters to Rinemu and Mizuha, as well as successor Dominions in Yui and Retsumi. She called for their help in protecting Chokmah from White Queen's advance, but admitted that she would take their memories away after the battle.

During the strategy meeting, Maya claims that her team had already barricaded the gate to Keter, but still requires further reinforcements to prevent White Queen's advance. She then determines the long-range and short-range fighters among her current team. While standing by the gate leading to Binah, Haraka pulls Maya and Ariadne over for a private chat. The three of them had been keeping secret the only thing they knew between them, and start to cry for each other, as a way to maintain the trust between them.

During the fight against White Queen's forces, Maya sits on top of the barricade while Kurumi engages the Three Executives. Through Haraka's talisman that allows for telepathic communication, Maya remains in touch with Haraka to prevent Empties from reaching the barricade. She then alerts Haraka to Rook coming out of hiding to attack Kurumi. Later on, she alerts Haraka to Ariadne's struggle against the Empties. After the real White Queen arrives with her clone army, Maya apologizes for already burning out half her books, but works with Haraka nonetheless to attempt to block the shots that were transforming Empties into White Queens. A clone slashes both of them, necessitating Kurumi to shoot her and a few more clones down from distance. Haraka uses a talisman to heal herself and Maya. They then witness Ariadne fall, and instinctively rush to protect her in spite of several White Queen clones closing in on them, but are saved by a timely intervention from Yui. Yesod's representatives in Rinemu and Mizuha then arrive to sing for them. Hod's new Dominion in Retsumi Jugasaki also arrives, rejuvenating the trio and letting them continue to hold off White Queen clones. Maya helps hurl Rinemu into the air to locate the key clones via her hearing.

Volume 8[]

The duel between Kurumi and White Queen tears down the barricades on the gate to Keter, and when the gate opens, White Queen goes in first. Maya quickly directs Kurumi and Hibiki to get in before the gate closes.

After White Queen's ultimate death, Hibiki succeeds her as the Dominion of Keter, and announces the opening of the gate to the real world. Maya goes with Haraka and Ariadne to say goodbye to the Quasi-Spirits who have decided to migrate to the real world, including Hibiki herself. Maya gives a book to Hibiki before she departs. Some time after the gate closes, the Dominions meet up somewhere in the Neighboring World. Maya begins to declare Yui as the new Dominion of Netzach, and Cistus as the new Dominion of Tiphereth, Hod, and Malkuth. Just as she does so, one of Maya's assistant Quasi-Spirits detects the arrival of a new Quasi-Spirit from the other world, and the Dominions rush over to have a look. Maya opens with formal greetings to welcome the new Quasi-Spirit to their world.