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Maya Yukishiro

Maya profile pic.jpg

Kanji 雪代 真矢
Romaji Yukishiro Maya
Gender Female
Species Quasi-Spirit
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Occupation Dominion
Novel Debut Date A Bullet 3

Maya Yukishiro (雪代 真矢?) is the Dominion of the Second Region: Chokmah.



Maya has blue eyes and wears red reverse half-rimmed glasses, and are noted to be a trademark to her appearance.[1] Her blue hair is styled in a bob cut with bangs over her forehead. She wears a winter coat over a blue turtleneck sweater, and also wears fashionable blue gloves. Her attire is highlighted by white, fluffy accents that exemplify her winter-themed appearance.


While usually looking very serious, Maya has bad social skills. Just like Rinemu who talks without thinking, Maya also can't read situations, such as when she seriously praised Kurumi by comparing the Spirit to a gorilla and then insisted on her words being sincere praise.[2] Befitting her appearance, Maya loves reading. Her love for it is so great that she stated she would rather lose her legs than her arms because she can't read without her arms.[3]

Maya and Chokmah keep a secret larger than Maya herself could handle. To protect this secret, she is ready to even kill the other Dominions.[4]




Powers and Abilities

Maya's Unsigned Angel is in form of a bookshelf. She has 10 books, with each one referencing one of the 10 spirit types, allowing her to use different types of abilities. Each book is triggered by the command: break the seal (開封). Maya claimed herself to be an all-rounder, while Kurumi points out she's a jack of all trade and master of none.[5] The shortcoming of her abilities is that she needs time to take out each book.

  • First Book: Novum Testamentum [第一の書 (光あれ彼女は告げたノーヴム・テスタメントウム)]: A shining book which summons a broadsword made of book pages. Maya doesn't like to use this ability because it is paid with rare real world books kept in the Chokmah library. [6]
  • Third Book: Cats Rule [第三の書 (事象隠匿理論キャッツ・ルール)]: Summons a translucent curtain to isolate whatever is inside. Useful to avoid being eavesdropped. [7]
  • Fourth Book: Light Law Apostles: [第四の書 (絶対正義直下ライト・ロウ・アポストロス)}: Summon golden scales and chains that bind someone and act as a contract keeper. The person chained makes a declaration of promise and will receive punishment if they break the contract.[8] Maya has only used it on herself, but based on Kurumi and the other Dominion's refusal, it seems to be applicable to other targets if given consent.
  • Fifth Book: Fire House Mystery [第五の書 (焔屋敷殺人事件ファイアホウス・ミステリ)]: A shinso-ban size book[9] which page turns into box shaped flame. The flame can not only burn someone, but it also consumes oxygen like any other fire, which can cause suffocation.[10]
  • Ninth Book: Soul Stalker [第九の書 (かの多摩市の方鱗よソウルストーカー)]: An A6 size book. The torn page is folded into origami that can track down the location of a Sephira shard.[11]

Surprisingly, despite her appearance, Maya is a combat type Dominion. Hibiki reasoned that while her abilities aren't as outright destructive as some of the other Dominions'. However, Maya is still able to fight and is likely a summon-type fighter, meaning she prefers to send in what she creates from her abilities and books to fight for her.[12]


  • (To Mizuha Banouin and Rinemu Kirari) “Kind of but slightly different. My Unsigned Angel is a bookshelf. I have booked several abilities and put them on a bookshelf for use. Because it has to go through the process of choosing books on the bookshelf, it’s not suitable for combat──but at such times it’s all-purposeful.” [13]


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