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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
Matsurika Sukarabe

Matsurika Sukarabe

Kanji 栖空辺 茉莉花
Status Alive
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Occupation Student Teacher (Temporarily) [1]
Novel Debut Magic Detective Kurumi Tokisaki's Case Files

Matsurika Sukarabe (栖空辺 茉莉花, Sukarabe Matsurika?) is a wealthy lady who approaches Kurumi about being a detective to solve impossible crimes committed through abusing magical Artifacts.


A fellow college student, Matsurika first approaches Kurumi under the premise of solving a threatening letter that reached her family home. Despite Kurumi's initial misgivings, her quick wit in solving the real mystery of the incident being a test earns Matsurika's approval. This leads to Matsurika becoming Kurumi's primary benefactor in establishing a detective agency, where she also serves as Kurumi's assistant in solving supernatural crimes.

In truth, her initial story was a lie fabricated to convince Kurumi to work with her. In actuality, Matsurika was the thief who targeted the storehouse. In doing so, she triggered a fail-safe that scattered the Artifacts throughout the city. By replacing the actual young lady of the household, the culprit assumed the role of the victim.


Matsurika often wears a gorgeous dress with her hairstyle done in splendid vertical curls. It was as if her entire body was dressed to accentuate a lady-like appearance.


Matsurika has an energetic disposition that causes her to have no qualms about dragging people into her personal affairs. However, this often comes at the cost of being short-sighted and doing things without another person's permission, such as establishing a detective agency for Kurumi without her consent or enrolling Kurumi in an undercover investigation. In fact, Kurumi even half-jokingly compared her to a bulldozer in terms of her forceful demeanor. She can also be quite loud, typically yelling out in a dramatic tone of voice.

However, underneath that mask lies a person who is utterly obsessed with her dream of becoming a Spirit, being all too willing to cross any moral and ethical lines to achieve that goal.



Matsurika's family is a descendant of magicians who have existed since antiquity. However, the passage of time eventually led to their lineage losing their ability to use magic. Over ten years ago, Matsurika was held for ransom by DEM due to her father's refusal to comply with the organization's demands. She was saved by Kurumi Tokisaki, causing her to develop an obsession with becoming a Spirit. To that end, she plotted to steal magical Artifacts in pursuit of this ambition. However, in the process, she accidentally triggered the warehouse's fail-safe, which scattered the items across the city to the various descendants of trusted collaborators. In order to retrieve them, she took the place of the real owner of the items and approached Kurumi with a request to become a detective to solve the various crimes that would arise from these Artifacts being abused. [2]


Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being a descendant of magicians who can use magic, Matsurika admits that her lineage has long since lost their power. As a result, she is only an ordinary human with knowledge about magical Artifacts. Despite this, Matsurika is a capable physical threat as a martial artist, using a style self-described as a combination of karate, capoeira, and her own family's hidden assassination techniques to disarm and render Hatoko unconscious. [3]


  • The kanji in her given name Matsurika (茉莉花) is the Japanese name for the Arabian jasmine flower.


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