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Tohka Dead End[]

Mikimoto is introduced by Kotori to Shido as part of her crew aboard <Fraxinus>, as well as telling him that he will be a part of the group that will help him on his second encounter with the nameless girl.

Itsuka Sister[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting planned in advance for Shido's date with Kotori, Mikimoto proposes a unique flavor of lollipop to give to Kotori, but his idea is dismissed as insufficient.

Miku Lily[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting with Shido regarding how he should approach Miku the second time around, the crew at <Fraxinus> unanimously agree to cross-dress Shido. Mikimoto and Kyouji Kawagoe restrain Shido to prevent him from fleeing.

Shido comes back from that date having been challenged by Miku to beat her school at the Tenou festival contest. In response, Kotori pulls out footage of Shido playing guitar badly during his middle school years, and has Mikimoto train him up to play the guitar properly in time for the contest.

Natsumi Change[]

After the <Fraxinus> crew identify the satellite being dropped onto Tengu City, Mikimoto is commanded to calculate the satellite's landing point based on its trajectory.

Tobiichi Angel[]

During the ship battle between Ratatoskr's Fraxinus and Deus Ex Machina Industries' <Goetia>, Mikimoto is the first to notice that <Goetia> dodged a <Mystletainn> strike. Vice-Commander Kannazuki responds by controlling the Territory to make <Mystletainn> strike <Goetia> from behind.

Tobiichi Devil[]

While watching Shido's date with the new-timeline Origami, Mikimoto notices Origami's mood levels drop when Shido takes her to a love hotel.

Itsuka Disaster[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch, from a secret underground facility, Shido's arrival at a Ratatoskr-constructed water park in the middle of the forest, where the Spirits had gathered in their swimsuits. Mikimoto, Nakatsugawa, and Kawagoe move to restrain their acting leader Kannazuki, who was about to command Shido to go for the least popular choice in his situation. Mikimoto later notes that the Yamai sisters' attempt at seduction by licking an ice cream in front of Shido was successful at increasing his excitement levels.

Nia Creation[]

The Ratatoskr crew monitor Shido's date with Nia. Mikimoto suggests for Shido to follow option two because helping a girl choose her clothes would raise her affection. However, Nakatsugawa objects to the suggestion because Nia didn't go on the date to buy clothes.

Mikimoto is the first to react when Nia somehow gets a call through to Ratatoskr despite their facility's encryption of communications, only to realize that Nia wields <Rasiel>, making all their encryptions meaningless.

At the New Year's Eve Comico, Ratatoskr crew members Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto are tasked with delivering the shipment of Ratatoskr's doujin to sell at their booth.

Mukuro Planet[]

When Kotori briefs Shido on the discovery of a new Spirit, Mikimoto is seen at the <Fraxinus> playing video proof of the new Spirit's existence, on Kotori's command.

As with every other Ratatoskr crew member, Mikimoto is given a dressing-down by the repaired <Fraxinus'> new AI, MARIA, who accuses him of using <Fraxinus'> equipment to spy on patrons at his day job.

Mikimoto also witnesses the sudden infiltration of <Fraxinus> by a group of DEM Wizards and Bandersnatch units.

Mio True End[]

The Ratatoskr crew, along with the remaining Spirits, watch Shido's date with Reine. At one point, the screens stop relaying visual footage of the date while continuing to provide audio. This elicits a reaction from Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto.