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Shido Itsuka & Shinji Takamiya[]

Mana takes pride in being Shido's biological sister despite the two having no memories of each other, with Mana's only memento of their time as siblings being a locket that contains a photo of them as kids.

She is protective of him and criticizes Kotori for letting him join an organization that makes him establish contact with the Spirits. At the same time, she seems to actually believes herself to be the one who should be taking care of him, despite being the younger sibling. Much later, after the Kurumi incident, she and Shido reunite during an assault on DEM's Japanese HQ and co-operate to rescue Tohka. Amusingly, not only was Mana aware of the fact that Shido dressed like a girl named Shiori, she was completely okay with it so long as he hadn't actually turned into one and offered, without Kurumi's teasing undertones, to even go shopping with him, much to his confusion and dismay.

Believing that he is in already in a relationship with Origami, she is shocked to learn that Shido has dated and kissed Tohka, and further appalled after learning that he has done the same with several other girls, including Kotori. However, she relents when he insists that they are all equally important to him.

In Volume 17, it is revealed that Mana's actual older brother was Shinji Takamiya, who was Shido's past life before Mio tried to recreate Shinji within herself. Later, Shido and Mana were both given a copy of their old memories by Mio, allowing them to finally remember their old life spent together as siblings before DEM abducted Mana. Despite this knowledge further complicating familial relations, Mana still considers Shido to be her biological older brother.

Kotori Itsuka[]

As Shido's biological sister, Mana occasionally argues with Shido's foster sister Kotori over who has the more valuable relationship. Once she found out that Kotori was a member of Ratatoskr and that she'd pulled Shido into the group, she berated Kotori for it, noting that she failed as a sister for getting Shido involved with something as dangerous as the Spirits without even a weapon to defend himself. After her defection from DEM, their relationship has improved significantly. She later prevented a hypnotized Kotori from killing Shido and brought her back to her senses, which Kotori is extremely grateful. They appear to acknowledge each other as sisters, or at least Shido's sisters, and care for each other, with Kotori even begging Mana to get her body treated.

Tatsuo Itsuka[]

Tatsuo was Mana's upperclassman in middle school who would one day marry her best friend Haruko. After Mana regained her memories, Tatsuo rearranges for her to reunite with Haruko. He recognizes her as his former classmate's little sister, while also noting the fact she has not aged since. She expresses amusement that Tatsuo and Haruko would become Kotori's parents while jokingly referring to him as her "father", rationalizing that the parents of her older brother should be her parents as well. This humorously causes a misunderstanding with Haruko, who overhears Mana referring to her husband as "otou-sama" and assumes her to be Tatsuo's illegitimate love child.

Haruko Itsuka[]

Mana and Haruko grew up as childhood friends that attended middle school together. According to Mana, the two of them were inseparable and did almost everything together. Mana was close enough to tease Haruko about her feelings for Tatsuo. After regaining her memories, Mana is disheartened to find that Haruko didn't immediately recognize her. Mana sadly blames her unchanged appearance against the passage of time for being the reason.

Kurumi Tokisaki[]

Mana shows a deep disgust of Kurumi’s very existence. She has killed Kurumi's clones so many times that she grew numb to it, treating it like a routine. However, the real Kurumi does not even consider Mana a threat and doesn't hesitate to prove to her that she is vastly stronger than she is. After defecting to Ratatoskr, an organization specially made for dealing with Spirits peacefully, Mana still notes her intention to defeat and kill Kurumi when she gets the chance. She immediately blasted Kurumi's head off on sight during the attack on DEM's Japanese HQ when she saw her near Shido. However, after hearing that Kurumi was on their side for the moment, she begrudgingly chose to accept it. Mana gradually accepts Kurumi as an ally after learning about her efforts to save Shido from DEM, eventually beginning to address her by name instead of <Nightmare>. Mana hesitated to use lethal force when Kurumi suddenly challenged her to one last fight. When her former archenemy reverted her to an ordinary human to restore her lifespan, Mana expressed annoyance over being saved by Kurumi.

Origami Tobiichi[]

From the moment she joined the AST, Mana deemed Origami their only capable fighter. She would later ask her for information about her older brother, and would come to view her as a sister-in-law after Origami proclaimed that she was Shido’s lover, though Mana was also appalled at how much personal information Origami knew about him. Mana saves her from Adeptus 3-12 when <White Licorice> becomes too much of a mental burden, and Origami later returns the favor by saving her from Ellen and Jessica.

Nia Honjo[]

Mana initially disapproved of the nicknames Nia gave her when they first met. The first nickname suggested she was less important as a sister to Shido than Kotori was; the second suggested she was an aquatic animal.

Mana continued to be wary of Nia since, once telling Tatsuo that Nia was only 70% trustworthy.

Artemisia Bell Ashcroft[]

During her time at DEM, Mana met with Artemisia at least once. Mana thus became familiar with Artemisia's status as a wizard, claiming that Artemisia would have been DEM's Adeptus 2 had she joined ahead of Mana.

Mana's interactions with Artemisia as an adversary are limited. In one of the timelines Kurumi went through to avert Shido's death, it is implied that Mana had defeated Artemisia before thwarting Ellen's assassination attempt on Shido.

Mio Takamiya[]

While Mana was initially cautious toward the speechless Spirit when Shinji brought her home, she later started to treat Mio as family. She happily offers to teach Mio about Japanese culture and how to prepare for a date. During Ratatoskr’s fight with Mio, Mana was hostile towards her for killing several Spirits. However, Mio then chose to restore her memories, which left Mana's mind confused from the sudden information overload before Mio transported her away from the battlefield.

Jessica Bailey[]

As Jessica was dying, Mana admitted that she truly hated Jessica for her jealous attitude when she was still part of DEM. Even then, she at least admired Jessica’s loyalty to Westcott and pitied her as what she could have become if she had stayed with DEM. She offered some comforting words to the former Adeptus 3 as she was dying, telling her a white lie that Westcott was proud of her so that she would be able to rest in peace.

Ellen Mira Mathers[]

While in DEM, Mana was one rank below Ellen. She is familiar enough with Ellen's lack of physical ability and clumsiness without her Realizer, going so far as to mock her for it during their fight.

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott[]

At first, Mana was a proud member of Westcott's organization DEM and took offense to anyone badmouthing the company. She was grateful to Westcott for taking care of her after she lost her memories. In actuality, Westcott had kidnapped her from her family and tried to use her as a bargaining chip to trade for Mio.

After learning that they had altered her body to increase her potential as a Wizard at the cost of her lifespan, Mana defects to Ratatoskr and holds particular contempt toward her former boss Westcott for treating his subordinates as expendable.