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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.
I'll destroy every particle in your body

—Mana Takamiya, to Kurumi Tokisaki

Mana Takamiya
Kanji 崇宮 真那
Romaji Takamiya Mana
Age 42-45 [1]
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 147 cm
Blood Type A
Species Human
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Brown
  • Adeptus 2 (Former DEM call sign)
  • Manacchi (by Nia Honjo)
Personal Status
Occupation DEM Wizard (Formerly)
Rank 2nd Lieutenant (Formerly)
Novel Debut Volume 2
Anime Debut Episode 6
Japanese Misato
English Felecia Angelle

Mana Takamiya (崇宮 真那たかみや まな, Takamiya Mana?) is the biological younger sister of Shido Itsuka and a temporary Second Lieutenant of the AST who used to work for the DEM Industries base in England as a Wizard.


Mana has no memory of her past except for a pendant she holds, which contains a photograph of her younger self and a young boy whom she calls her older brother. Mana was a DEM Wizard working with the AST when she was first introduced into the series.

Mana reunited with her brother by chance when she got stationed in Tengu City while on an assignment involving the Spirit: Nightmare. She is surprised that he knows about her occupation when she saves him after he gets attacked by the Spirit which she was hunting for. Later, Mana discovers that her brother and his foster sister are members of a secret organization that also deals with Spirits. Mana did not report this finding to her superiors, but she did try to make a deal with his foster sister, Kotori Itsuka, to get her brother out of it. However, they were interrupted by a Spacequake’s alarm. Mana was critically wounded while fighting the Spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki, and was hospitalized for a month while being unconscious. Mana was forcefully taken into <Ratatoskr> custody, which was close to being called kidnapping, at the moment when she finally woke up in the hospital from the aftermath of her fight against Kurumi on the school rooftop.

After discovering the truth about her body, Mana defects from DEM and joins <Ratatoskr>, the very same organization she criticized for getting her brother involved with Spirits. Since then, she has fought directly against her former comrades to protect Shido from them.


Mana appears to be around the age of a middle-school girl. She has long blue hair, tied up in a ponytail, with some bangs left out. She has brown eyes and a mole under her left eye. She resembles Shido a lot, particularly while he is cross-dressing as "Shiori".[4] Her casual outfits tend to lean toward boyish clothes such as hoodies and tank tops.

Her school uniform 30 years ago was a black sailor outfit. She would later wear a white uniform like Kotori when she joined the same middle school, and then the Raizen female uniform. When she is at the JGSDF base, she wears a military uniform. Due to her young age, however, it gives others the impression that she's cosplaying.

During combat, she wears a light blue CR-Unit. After joining Ratatoskr, she wears a black and blue CR-Unit vaguely resembling a wolf's fangs and claws.

Her three sizes are B74/W56/H80. [5]


Mana is a girl with different sides to her personality, depending on the situation at hand. On one hand, she can be a cold-hearted killing machine; a trained soldier. On the other hand, she shows herself as a young lady who cares for her brother, Shido, very deeply, and will place her family as her number one priority over any order she may receive. According to Kotori, she is very similar to Shido in regards to displaying reckless behavior when wanting to help others.

She appears also to be a tomboy, having a passion for sparring activities like kendo and a preference for sporty outfits.



Around 30 years before the events of the series, Mana was just an ordinary middle-school student living with her older brother, Shinji Takamiya. During this time, she was best friends with Haruko Homura. One day, she returned home to find her brother with a half-naked girl, causing her to immediately demand answers until the girl suddenly sneezed. Mana was about to leave to get the girl some of her own clothes, but she stopped when the girl suddenly created her own clothes by copying her school uniform. Afterwards, the girl, whom Shinji would name Mio Takamiya, began living with them. Mana would help by teaching Mio how to integrate with society.

However, at some point in time, DEM Industries discovered Mio's whereabouts and abducted Mana to use her as a bargaining chip for Mio. It was unknown what happened to her while in DEM's captivity, though Kotori and Nia theorized they may have tortured her. She seems to have been used in their experiments, granting her incredible prowess as a Wizard at the cost of lowering her lifespan and halting her physical aging. At some point, DEM sealed away her memories and incorporated her into their organization.

Mana's missions for DEM primarily involved hunting down the Spirit Nightmare, who was infamous for killing over 10,000 people outside of Spacequakes. She would kill her on multiple occasions, but Nightmare would always reappear. This caused Mana to believe she was immortal. In reality, however, she was merely killing clones of the original <Nightmare>.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volumes 2-3, 5-8, 12-14, 16-22
      • Date A Live Encore 2-5, 8, 10-11
    • Mentioned:
      • Volume 4

Powers and Abilities


Mana is considered a very strong Wizard, with her skill in wielding the Realizer considered among the top five in the world.[6] She was ranked as Adeptus 2 within DEM when she was still a member of that organization, though she admits that Artemisia would have taken her rank if their memberships had coincided. Not only that, she is also famous for single-handedly killing a Spirit. However, unknown to her until the event where she reunited with her brother by coincidence, those Spirits were actually Kurumi clones with less power than the original one. Even so, she is still a very strong Wizard that can easily beat most Wizards of AST or DEM, and even suppress a Spirit if she needs to. She won a ten-on-one sparring match against the AST, with only Origami posing any sort of challenge. Much later, she single-handedly defeated DEM’s Adeptus 3-12, something which Origami had failed to do even with <White Licorice>. Her strength is attributed to excessive Maryoku treatment, granting her a body similar to a Spirit at the cost of drastically shortening her lifespan.[7]

Even without her CR-Unit equipped, Mana can use her Territory to move Shido and form a barrier to prevent him from getting closer. [8] Her Territory can be used to strengthen herself to perform feats of strength impossible for a person of her build.[9] She is also quite swift in deploying her Territory, being able and move Haruko and Tatsuo out of the way from an incoming vehicle.[10] Her Territory can also be used for treatment purposes, as Reine notes that it was used to cure Fraxinus' crew members from Miku's brainwashing.[11]

During the events of Tohka World, Kurumi uses her Fourth Bullet <Dalet> on Mana to rewind her body to a state before receiving treatment from DEM. As a result, she is no longer a Wizard, but her reduced lifespan has also been fixed.

Equipment & Weapons

  • Combat Realizer Unit (CR-Unit): Unlike most Wizards, Mana has had special CR-Units made for her personal use.
    • <Murakumo> (ムラクモ, Murakumo?): A light blue CR-Unit used by Mana when she was DEM's Adepteus 2. Some parts of her CR-Unit can be changed into weapons depending on its modes.
      • Sword Style (双刃形態ソードスタイル, Sōdosutairu?. lit. "Twin Sword Form"): The shield extensions on her shoulders turn into twin swords used for close range combat. [12]
      • Blaster Style (砲剣形態, Hōken Keitai?. lit. "Cannon Sword Form"): Parts on her shoulders and her twin swords can change its form into a cannon that fires up multiple beams whose trajectory Mana can change at will. [13]
    • <Vánargandr> (ヴァナルガンド, Vanarugando?): A new black and blue CR-Unit that Mana requested from Reine after defecting to Ratatoskr.[14] It is equipped with enormous thrusters mounted on the back, a laser sword on her right hand, and a mechanical jaw on her left arm.
      • <Wolftail> (ヴォルフテイル, Vorufuteiru?): The sword equipped to Vánargandr. In battle, she coats it with Maryoku to increase its sharpness like a chainsaw. It is not as powerful as Ellen's Caledfwlch, which has a blade entirely made of Maryoku, but it has a lower Maryoku consumption rate for prolonged use. [15]
      • <Wolffang> (ヴォルフファング, Vorufufangu?): The wolf-like jaw equipped onto the left arm of Vánargandr's user. Its gripping strength is enough to clamp off the mechanical heads of the <Bandersnatch> units. Inside it contains a Maryoku cannon that can be used to fire a beam of concentrated energy at the enemy. [16]


  • (To Kurumi Tokisaki) "It's my mission and reason for living to keep murdering you. If you don't fall, I'll kill you until you fall, and if you don't die, I'll kill you until you die." [7]
  • (To Jessica Bailey) "“…You have hit your limits. Jessica! The outcome has been decided! Surrender──" [17]
  • (To Kotori Itsuka) "That goes to both of us. ──Even I was saved by you. Paying you back as fast as possible would make me feel relieved." [18]
  • (To Shido Itsuka) "Nii-sama! What is this! And what was that earlier──who is Mio-san!?" [19]


  • Mana's full name translates to "True Self of the Noble Palace".
  • Despite appearing in both the opening and ending themes, Mana does not make an appearance throughout the Anime's third season.
  • Season 2's ending credits erroneously write Mana's surname Takamiya as 宮 instead of 宮.
  • Mana enjoys sparring and hates people who lack guts. [20]
  • Murakumo means “gathering clouds”, which is a reference to Ama-no-Murakumo no Tsurugi, one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan.
  • Vánargandr is another name for Fenrir, the infamous giant wolf in Norse mythology.
  • According to Kotori, Mana was quite popular during their time in junior high. However, Natsumi adds that she received nine out of ten confessions from other girls within the span of a year, with the last one being an elementary school boy. [21]


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