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Mukuro Planet[]

Upon arriving at Ratatoskr headquarters, Shido and the others are greeted by the ship's AI once they get onboard. While MARIA has always existed within the ship's systems, the AI explains that it’s thanks to the upgrades that have allowed her to now directly communicate with the crew. Taking advantage of her newfound ability to speak, she admonishes the crew members for either placing too many personal items onboard the ship or abusing Fraxinus' technology for their own hobbies. Afterward, she informs Kotori that Elliot Woodman has arrived to talk to them.

When DEM Wizards invade the new Fraxinus, MARIA assists in helping Kannazuki incapacitate an enemy Wizard by creating a hologram of a tiger as a distraction. Due to Hinako and Munechika's efforts in taking down the other Wizards, MARIA remarks that she has reconsidered her prior rule of no straw dolls or anime figures onboard the ship. After Shido and the sealed Spirits escape from the fantasy world, MARIA assists in launching the Fraxinus EX's maiden voyage into outer space so Shido can confront Mukuro.

Mukuro Family[]

After arriving at their destination, MARIA first expands the ship's Territory so that Shido can remain unharmed from the dangers of outer space when confronting Mukuro. The AI is then at the forefront when the new Fraxinus EX is confronted by Goetia. Due to the ship's new upgrades, it is now able to fight against the DEM warship to a stalemate.

MARIA later monitors Shido's date with Mukuro, the first time she does so as a speaking AI. Kotori asks if MARIA thought up the choices for the crew to vote on, and MARIA explains that the choices are determined based on old gambling principles. On the following day, after everyone's memories of Shido and Mukuro are sealed, Origami and Tohka escape from a routine meeting of the Spirits, and Kotori duly returns to the Fraxinus to coordinate a search for them. MARIA eventually reports Spirit wave readings from two unknown individuals.

Kurumi Refrain[]

During Shido's Valentine's date with Kurumi, MARIA can be heard through Shido's communications with Kotori. MARIA initially gives choices of destination for the crew to vote on, only for Shido to already decide on his own, where to bring Kurumi to. MARIA approves of Shido's desire to take the initiative during the date.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

MARIA oversees the emergency meeting of the Spirits with Ratatoskr's crew. The options discussed regarding DEM's imminent attack on them are evacuation, negotiation and counterattack. After Woodman joins the meeting and proposes specifically targeting Westcott and Ellen as part of Ratatoskr's counter-offensive, MARIA chimes in with a possible means to defeat the Nibelcole. But when MARIA is about to clarify, Nia suddenly interrupts with her worry that Westcott might be snooping on the meeting already, clarifying that <Beelzebub> cannot read the future or people's thoughts. MARIA responds to Nia's next comment by asking Nia to touch the console on the table. A compliant Nia subsequently receives an electric shock, and the meeting is disbanded.

On February 20th, as DEM mobilizes, Origami consults with MARIA, who confirms that she would be able to jam the Realizer controlling DEM's Bandersnatch units. MARIA then discusses the strategy to neutralize the Nibelcole, which would involve Shido kissing them. MARIA reminds everyone of how the Nibelcole were created in the first place. Due to the Nibelcole being derived from Nia's powers, Shido's ability to seal them would be dependent on Nia's affections instead. In other words, Shido can seal away the Nibelcole, who would still react to his flirtation despite their own preferences.

Mio Game Over[]

Kurumi's death is witnessed by everyone on board Fraxinus watching the live feed and Kurumi's monitored Spirit levels. Their suspicions grow towards one of their own, Reine Murasame, who bears a likeness to the girl that emerged out of Kurumi's chest. On Kotori's command, MARIA proceeds to electrocute Reine, whose hands were in contact with the monitor screen in front of her, but Reine remains calm and eventually teleports herself out of Fraxinus. MARIA's subsequent words appear to rile Kotori, who had resumed command regardless.

A while later, after the Ratatoskr crew rescue the former AST squad fleeing Mio's light, MARIA begins to prepare Fraxinus' Spirit-powered cannon, <Gungnir>, for launch. She also recommends transferring the unconscious and non-combatants to sister ship Ulmus, an action that Kotori had planned to take regardless. After MARIA charts a path to the location for the former AST squad's evacuation assignment, she helps Kotori aim <Gungnir> towards her target. <Gungnir's> blast is deflected without much effort, sending Fraxinus plunging towards the ground and resulting in the subsequent loss of MARIA along with Fraxinus.

Mio True End[]

MARIA is the third entity that Shido talks to in the new timeline, doing so from the privacy of a restroom cubicle. MARIA is in fact, the first to hear from Shido that he travelled back from the future in which all the Spirits had died. MARIA also notes that just like Reine, Shido will also require Kotori's permission for the date.

While monitoring Shido's date with Reine, which reached the point where the two enter a hot spring together, MARIA turns off the visual from those watching on the Fraxinus while maintaining the audio recording. After hearing complaints from some of the crew, MARIA restores visual representation, but with Shido and Reine represented as dots on a heat map instead.

The DEM interrupt their date and Shido returns to Fraxinus. There, MARIA informs Kotori of an outside communication attempt, to which Kotori asks to be connected. This turns out to be Westcott pre-empting a direct invasion of Fraxinus by the occupants of DEM's warship Goetia. MARIA notices Goetia strike Fraxinus before assimilating their voluntary Territory, but it comes too late to stop the invasion.

Much later, after Mio's power allows Nia to use <Rasiel> again, the latter sits out the aerial battle fought by Shido and the other Spirits against Westcott. MARIA manages to convince Nia that she is useful. With the help of <Rasiel>, MARIA gains a human form for the first time. <Rasiel> is also able to manifest clones of MARIA from its pages, similar to Westcott's previous use of <Beelzebub>. The MARIA clones shield Origami and Mana from the dark powder emitted by Westcott's <Athiel>.

At the end of the final battle, MARIA in her human form gathers with all the other Spirits and Mana, having found Shido at the familiar beach. MARIA then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

MARIA begins to assimilate in her human form, often visiting Shido and Kotori at their home to have breakfast. One month after the final battle with Westcott, MARIA begins to see off Kotori and Shido for the day, but is visited by the other Spirits passing their home to meet with Kotori and Shido. MARIA notices that the passing Nia has been riding a moped while holding an expired license.

Several days later, MARIA returns to Fraxinus to resume duty. She oversees another Spirit meeting, this time to discuss Kurumi's discovery that they've been living in an artificial world created by Tohka. The following day, MARIA helps oversee Shido and Tohka's date, but communications are jammed before the date can be monitored, and MARIA appears to argue with Kannazuki over the next course of action.

During the Spirit battle royale, a clone of MARIA watches over Nia as she tries to avoid fighting. MARIA suggests a strategy of hit-and-run by using <Rasiel> to know where her opponents are at the present time, only to then point Nia to the figure behind her, which is an eavesdropping Mukuro. Nia somehow convinces Mukuro to fight alongside, by creating clones of MARIA through <Rasiel> to then jump out of the wormholes opened by <Michael>. The strategy interrupts the Yamai twins' own personal clash. Before the strategy can be used on the other participants, Shido pays a visit, claiming that his date with Tohka went well. Although Nia does correctly deduce that "Shido" is actually Natsumi in disguise, one MARIA tries to alert Nia to another presence, but it comes too late and the Yamai twins aim for Nia from the sky. Nia flees, begging for her MARIA army to help. They duly buy more time for Nia until they are themselves overwhelmed.

The MARIA still stationed onboard Fraxinus as an AI would later find out who won the battle royale, expressing her own surprise in the process.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, MARIA's human form is maintained by progressed Realizer technology. She is first seen at Fraxinus talking to Kotori. On a later date, MARIA interrupts Kotori's café break with her middle school friends in order show Kotori a suspected Spacequake response that Fraxinus had detected. At the same time, four MARIA clones help Nia meet her deadline to submit a manuscript.

During the emergency meeting of the former Spirits at Fraxinus after the Spacequake alarm sounded for the first time in a year, MARIA apologizes for her miscalculations that caused Shido to face danger only moments after hearing the alarm. After Shido returns to the meeting fully healed, MARIA gathers images of the detected Spirit to show to the attendees. For now, Ratatoskr has decided to give this Spirit the codename Beast.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

MARIA witnesses Beast's sudden intrusion of Fraxinus, and tries to mitigate the airship against Beast's rampage. After Mukuro reports that Shido jumped out of Fraxinus while holding Beast, MARIA duly responds by expanding the Territory around Shido. She then warns that Beast and Shido are falling towards an area that had not yet been evacuated, therefore lets the former Spirits eject themselves from Fraxinus and descend towards Shido while connected to Fraxinus' <Yggd Folium> Realizer units via headsets. With the help of ten clones on board, MARIA coordinates communication with each former Spirit. She identifies Beast's swords to be the Angels once wielded by the former Spirits, and quickly devises an experimental weapon, <Yggd Ramus>, based on <Michael>, that would remove the Angel of a Spirit that it touches. MARIA assigns an <Yggd Ramus> to each former Spirit in the hope that at least one of them could injure Beast with the experimental weapon. In the end, Natsumi eventually lands an <Yggd Ramus> through Beast's back, allowing the girls to claim the swords to temporarily regain their powers.

When the former Spirits regain their Spirit powers, MARIA warns them of <Yggd Ramus'> temporary effect on Beast. Fortunately, Beast retreats before the time limit is reached. On Miku's request, MARIA connects the speakers of the nearby evacuation shelters to Fraxinus in order for the evacuees to listen to Miku's song delivered through her <Gabriel's> <Fantasia>. While Shido tails after Beast, MARIA takes control of the local area's networks to prevent any sightings of the Spirits from being shared online.

A month later, a clone of MARIA helps Shido prepare breakfast for a big occasion - the first day of high school for Kotori, Yoshino, Natsumi, Mukuro, and Mana. Having done so, she notices a Spirit wave reading from Fraxinus, but Shido reassures everyone that the parallel-world Tohka had calmed down after their date. Kotori returns to Fraxinus as a precaution, and the MARIA there shows Kotori the reading centered at one location.