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Shido Itsuka[]

As the Fraxinus AI, MARIA's purpose is to help instruct Shido during his dates with the Spirits. To that end, Shido has an app on his smartphone that allows him easy communication with MARIA at all times.

Kotori Itsuka[]

MARIA's role as the Fraxinus AI is to assist Kotori in her duties as commander of the aerial ship. After gaining the ability to communicate with the crew, MARIA is willing to speak up if she feels Kotori's decision is inadequate. For instance, the AI told Kotori that their role is strictly to provide support, so Shido should be granted a degree of autonomy in his date. However, MARIA is also willing to provide emotional support for Kotori during key moments like consoling her after Reine's betrayal.

Nia Honjo[]

MARIA is relentlessly condescending toward Nia, even berating her for losing most of her Sephira Crystal to Westcott. She would occasionally take pity on Nia's self-proclaimed weakness and offer her aid, devising a method of materializing bodies like the Nibelcole with the help of Nia's <Rasiel> and agreeing to fight for her in the Spirit battle royal provided Nia shared the reward of confessing to Shido if she won. Following the disappearance of Spirits, MARIA reluctantly sought employment at Nia's manga studio in order to gain the monetary funds to spend at her own leisure. 

Tatsuo Itsuka[]

Due to Tatsuo being one of the engineers responsible for the construction of <Fraxinus>, MARIA considers him to be like a father to her.

Kyouhei Kannazuki[]

Despite Kannazuki's one-sided rivalry with her for the role of Kotori's second-in-command, MARIA usually treats him indifferently if he isn't bothering her. Nevertheless, she reacts with disgust at the thought of him cleaning her CPU systems as a reward. MARIA does trust Kannazuki enough to grant him manual control of the ship while she is preoccupied with another task. However, MARIA clarifies she would only do so as a last resort during an emergency situation.