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This article deals with MARIA, the Fraxinus AI in the light novels. For the game-exclusive character, please refer to the Maria Arusu article.


Kanji マリア
Romaji Maria
Gender Female
Species AI
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Nicknames Roboko (by Nia Honjou)
Personal Status
Affiliations Ratatoskr
Novel Debut Volume 14

MARIA (マリア, Maria?) is the Fraxinus AI. After the ship's upgrade to Fraxinus EX, she gains the ability to talk to the crew members


As the Fraxinus AI, MARIA is responsible for compiling the data options given for Shido's date with each Spirit. After her upgrade, she gains the ability to talk to the crew members and offer her opinion in combat matters. During the final battle with DEM, she was able to gain a physical form through Nia's powers.


After being given physical form through Rasiel, Maria's appearance looks virtually identical to Maria Arusu.


As the Fraxinus AI, MARIA has an insight perspective and delivers her advice at any given scenario when needed. At the same time, she can be remarkably childish and hold grudges on people like Nia Honjou for insulting her. In these cases, she shows a more snarky and vindictive side to herself. Shido notes that this side of her personality makes her more remarkably human than an AI would normally be considered. MARIA is also very hard working, willing to put up with a part time job with Nia to ensure that she can gain the funds to buy the things that she wants.



Powers & Abilities

As Fraxinus AI, MARIA has complete control over the ship, being able to control every function on the ship as if it were her own limbs. During times of emergency, she can relinquish control to Kyouhei Kannazuki, allowing the former AST Captain control of the ship through using the ship's main Realizer. However, MARIA finds the mere thought of this detestable and would only ever consider it during emergency situations where she is too preoccupied with another matter.

After being given a body through Rasiel's power, she gains the ability to duplicate herself and revive continuously like the Nibelcole as long as Nia still has Reiryoku left. After Nia lost her powers, she was able to retain physical form through just the Realizer alone. Her Realizer body is remarkably human-like, being able consume food and sweat just like a normal human. Each MARIA body is equipped with its own internal Realizer, which means MARIA often likes to summon multiple copies of herself to double check the accuracy of the main Fraxinus ship's calculations.




  • MARIA's design is based off the game-exclusive character Maria Arusu.
  • Despite her name being written in katakana, the novel mentions that her name is spelled in English letters when being displayed on the monitor.


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