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White Queen's Demon King

Japanese (Ruby) ルキフグス
Japanese (Base) 狂々帝
Base meaning Lunatic Emperor
Wielders White Queen
Novel Debut Date A Bullet Volume 2
Anime Debut Dead or Bullet

Lucifugus (狂々帝ルキフグス, Rukifugusu?) is the Demon King of space corresponding to the third order of the qliphoth. Its original wielder is White Queen, the Inverse Form clone of Kurumi Tokisaki. When summoned, a giant astronomical clock materializes behind the wielder, who becomes armed with a saber and a flintlock pistol.


The White Queen's Demon King has the ability to control space, which is split between her saber and pistol. Some abilities of Lucifugus, such as Sartan and Betulah, are activated by using her saber, while others are triggered by shooting her bullets. Similar to its Angel counterpart <Zafkiel>, Lucifugus consumes Reiryoku and time as a cost for activating its special powers.

  • Cancer Sword Sartan (巨蟹の剣サルタン, Sarutan?): Warps space-time in order to protect the user or assault the enemy.
  • Leo Bullet Arie (獅子の弾アリエ, Arie?): A tracking bullet, guided by the White Queen's will, that devours space. The devoured space takes the form of a white trail that the bullet leaves behind. Anything that comes into contact with the trail or bullet will be shredded or annihilated into pieces. The White Queen dislikes using this bullet due to the noisy sound that the bullet makes while devouring space. In order to use this bullet, the White Queen must focus on her target so it can track them, so the White Queen is immobile while using this bullet.
  • Virgo Sword Betulah (乙女の剣ベトゥラー, Beturā?): Creates a crack in space and allows a person to travel between places. It is primarily used for instantaneous travel between different regions in the Neighboring World.
  • Libra Bullet Moznaim (天秤の弾モズニーム, Mozunīmu?): Rules over space and can reverse cause and effect within that space.
  • Scorpio Bullet Akrab (蠍の弾アクラヴ, Akuravu?): The true power of the Scorpio Bullet is the cause for the White Queen's multiple personalities. These personalities also function as storage batteries, which can then be consumed for a quick boost of power. As a surplus of the power, the user can also turn Empties into chess pieces under her control. The White Queen uses this bullet to turn Empty girls into her three personal executives; Rook, Bishop and Knight. All the executives inherit the memories of their previous incarnation. Unlike Rook and Knight who are made from Empty, Bishop has a parasitic nature and can be created from normal Quasi-Spirits. Bishop also has the ability to infect other Quasi-Spirits with her memories and change her victim into another Bishop, which means unlike the other two chess pieces, there can be more than one Bishop. Because of this nature, her personality varies depending on the influence of her vessel.
    • Eighth Scorpio Bullet Het Akrab (八と蠍の弾ヘット・アクラヴ, Hetto Akuravu?): A new power of Lucifugus, created by modifying the Scorpio Bullet using the RPG system of Gevurah. Using this adjusted bullet, the White Queen is able to transform her Empties into near-perfect replicas of herself. Additionally, she also gave the ability to use this bullet to the first five clones she created. These five then spread out through their ranks to create a clone army of nearly 400 White Queens from their Empties. While the clones further created from the initial five have not been shown using Lucifugus' special abilities, their physical abilities have been bolstered to the point where they can put up a good fight against the Dominions.
  • Aquarius Bullet D'li (水瓶の弾ドゥリ, Duri?): Heals the target completely. Its effect is reciprocal, and as such, surroundings of the target are also healed.
  • Gemini Bullet Teomim (双子の弾テォミーム, Teomīmu?): Originally, this power had the ability to create a degraded copy of the White Queen. However, the Queen disliked how the copies would tarnish her image, and thus she modified the powers of this bullet. By diluting the copies even further, they became Empties unrecognizable from herself. The end result was an artificial army created with the sole input of obeying the Queen's orders.
  • Taurus Sword Shawl (牡牛の剣ショール, Shōru?): An ability that accelerates the speed of the user. Sawa uses this in conjunction with her saber to perform a forward thrust with the tip of her blade.
  • Sagittarius Sword Keshet (射手の剣ケシェット, Keshetto?): The attack is described as both a sword as if a bullet, and a bullet as if a sword. Regarded as the White Queen's trump card, it has speed exceeding Mach 10 and is imbedded with enough destructive power to gouge out the space of the surrounding area. However, the White Queen only used this power during her final battle against Kurumi, as it can only be used once before never being usable again.


Due to Kurumi being able to reverse her mental state with the Fourth Bullet, normally it should be impossible for Lucifugus to properly manifest. However, when creating a clone from her past, she accidentally recreated the moment where she nearly entered her Inverse Form. After the clone was destroyed, she entered the Neighboring World as a soul and merged with Sawa Yamauchi, creating the entity known as the White Queen, who subsequently gained possession of Kurumi's Demon King.


  • Lucifugus is named after the archdemon Lucifuge Rofocale, which literally translates to "one who flees from light". This demon is referred to as the prime minster of hell in the Grand Grimoire.
  • The special abilities of Lucifugus are named after the 12 western zodiac signs in Hebrew.
  • Kōshi Tachibana was in charge of the names of Lucifugus' sword and bullet attacks.[1]
  • After the conclusion of Date A Bullet, the powers of the Aries, Capricorn, and Pisces symbols remain unknown.


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