Light Novel Volume 09

DAL v9 Cover

Volume Title Natsumi Change
Release Date December 20, 2013
ISBN-10 ISBN 4047129747
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-04-712974-0
Number of Pages 320
Cover Character/s Natsumi
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Natsumi Change (七罪チェンジ, Natsumi Chenji?) is the 9th volume of Date A Live light novel series. It was released on December 20, 2013 along with the BD of the anime's Episode 13.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

「Shido. I’m hungry, Shido! 」「Ah, um…. ….Shido-san.」Shido struggles as Tohka and the others have been transformed into children by Natsumi’s angel. Meanwhile, DEM’s anti-Westcott fraction has made a disturbing movement――!?

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

「Shido. I’m hungry, Shido! 」「Oh no! Oh no!」「Everyone settle down!」The seventh Spirit Natsumi, after Shido had won her game and found who she had disguised as, used her angel to transform Tohka and the others into children. 「Natsumi, why are you doing this!?…」Natsumi, who was ignored by the world, developed a complex and transformed herself to hide her real appearance from view.「Let me tell you. Even without an angel, girls can transform.」Draw out the charm of a Spirit who continues to deny herself through a date and make her fall in love!?

Story NotesEdit

  • Natsumi has changed all the Spirits and Origami into children.
  • Shido has to deal with the de-aged girls and Natsumi.
  • During DEM's assault to capture Natsumi, Ellen injures her, canceling Natsumi's powers in the process.
  • Shido and the Spirits try to help improve Natsumi's self-esteem.
  • DEM's board of directors try to assassinate Westcott through dropping down three satellites onto Tenguu City.
  • Shido manages to seal Natsumi.
  • Origami officially joins DEM in order to gain more power in combating Spirits.


  • Chapter 6 - The ChildrenLittle Monsters
  • Chapter 7 - Beckoning From The DarknessHead Hunting
  • Chapter 8 - TransformMakeup
  • Chapter 9 - It's Definitely A LieI'd Like To Believe
  • Chapter 10 - Despair Is FallingFall Down
  • Epilogue - DEM's WizardFriend Or Enemy
  • Afterword



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