Light Novel Volume 08

DAL v8 Cover

Volume Title Natsumi Search
Release Date September 20, 2013
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829139382
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3938-7
Number of Pages 318
Cover Character/s Natsumi
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Natsumi Search (七罪サーチ, Natsumi Sāchi?) is the 8th Light Novel of the Date A Live series.The novel was released on September 20, 2013.  

Publisher's SummaryEdit

『I’m inside here. Can you guess who I am?』The seventh Spirit with a transformation ability, Natsumi. Shido must go through dates to discover who Natsumi is masquerading as among 12 suspects!?

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

『Nē , nē Shidō kun , what do you think is beautiful about Onēe-san?』October 15th, as Halloween is approaching, Shido encountered the seventh Spirit, Natsumi. Although Shido started a favorable conversation, something drastic made Natsumi’s mood take a turn for the worst. 「I’m going to end your life…!」A game against Natsumi, who has the power to transform into any disguise. The suspects are Tohka, Origami, Kotori, Yoshino, Yuzuru, Kaguya, Miku, Tamae, Tonomachi, Ai, Mai, and Mii『I’m inside here. Can you guess who I am before everyone disappears?』In order to find the Spirit who hid her identity, date them all and make them fall in love!?

Story NotesEdit

  • New Spirit appears; Natsumi.
  • Ratatoskr's founder, Elliot Baldwin Woodman and his secretary, Karen Nora Mathers make their first appearance.
  • Shido tries to get close to Natsumi but she was somehow angered.
  • DEM's board of directors try to impeach Westcott; however, he responds by having Ellen slice off the hands of every member who voted against him
  • Westcott expresses a desire to recruit Origami into DEM.
  • Natsumi transforms herself to impersonate Shido in an attempt to ruin his reputation.
  • Natsumi then gives Shido a challenge to find who she had disguised herself as among the 12 photos.
  • Shido eventually correctly guesses that Natsumi had disguised herself as Yoshinon.
  • Natsumi is offended that Shido saw her true form.
  • Natsumi transforms all of the other Spirits and Origami into children.


  • Prologue - Another ShidoDoppelganger
  • Chapter 1 - Witch of OctoberHalloween
  • Chapter 2 - Twelve PhotosSuspect
  • Chapter 3 - Morning Twelve O'clockDelete
  • Chapter 4 - Suspect DesignationHigh Risk
  • Chapter 5 - Witch's WorkWitchcraft
  • Afterword



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