Light Novel Volume 07

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Volume Title Miku Truth
Release Date March 19, 2013
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829138718
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3871-7
Number of Pages 259
Cover Character/s Tohka Yatogami
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Miku Truth (美九トゥルース, Miku Turūsu?) is the 7th light novel of the Date A Live series. The novel was released on March 19, 2013.

Publisher's Summary

「I only wish to help Shido-san! 」The worst Spirit, Tokisaki Kurumi appeared before Shido, who is in a desperate situation. She offers her power to help rescue Tohka from DEM――!?

Fujimi Shobo's Summary

「Hey Shidō-san, don’t you need help to rescue Tohka-san?」The sixth Spirit Miku used her angel to brainwash the citizens of Tenguu City, Yoshino, and the Yamai Sisters. With Tohka captured by DEM and unable to receive support from Ratatoskr, a girl appeared before Itsuka Shido -the worst Spirit that had once tried to kill him, Kurumi. Despite the risk of borrowing her power, Shido, determined to rescue Tohka, continues to fight. 「Let’s begin our war.」To save the Spirit, Miku, who possess warped perceptions about humans, go once more on a date and make her fall in love!?

Story Notes

  • Kurumi returns to help Shido due to him giving her an opportunity to escape Kotori.
  • Kurumi and Shido proceed to investigate Miku.
  • Miku's past as a human was brought up.
  • Shido tries to ask Miku to not target him until he saves Tohka.
  • Origami and Mana defeat all of the DEM Wizards except for Ellen.
  • Miku allies with Shido in his endeavor to save Tohka.
  • Tohka's Inverse Form was introduced.
  • Shido manages to seal Tohka's Inverse form.
  • Shido's declaration saying that he will always be Miku's fan prompts her to fall for Shido and allow him to seal her powers.
  • Kurumi reveals that she wants to find the Second Spirit in order to gain information on the Spirit of Origin.


  • Chapter 6 - Nightmare, Reappear
  • Chapter 7 - The Battlefield of Only Two People
  • Chapter 8 - Streets Engulfed in Fire and Shadow
  • Chapter 9 - Demon King
  • Chapter 10 - Slaughtering Tyrant
  • Epilogue - After the Festival
  • Afterword



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