Light Novel Volume 06

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Volume Title Miku Lily
Release Date December 20, 2012
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829138351
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3835-9
Number of Pages 230
Cover Character/s Miku Izayoi
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Miku Lily (美九リリィ, Miku Rirī?) is the 6th light novel of the Date A Live series. The novel was released on December 20, 2012.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

During the preparations for Tenguu cultural festival held by ten schools, Shido encountered the sixth Spirit, Miku. At every attempt at a conversation, 「What are you talking about? Please stop, you’re making me feel sick.」It seems like Miku hates men ――!?

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

September 8th, a cultural festival jointly organized by 10 high schools in Tenguu City - the Tenguu Festival is approaching. Itsuka Shido, while busy preparing as the executive committee leader, comes in contact with the sixth Spirit. 「This is ... a song ...?」The Spirit who wears a light dress on an uninhabited stage and makes a solo accompaniment, Miku. Without out delay, Shido tries to start a conversation ….「What are you talking about? Please stop, you’re making me feel sick. Stop talking.」Everytime you speak, the affection level plummets. Go on a date and make the man-hating idol Spirit fall in love!?

Story NotesEdit

  • Shido is made as the Tenou Festival executive committee due to the school's own student council being on leave.
  • Origami is released from her house arrest.
  • A new Spirit appears; Miku Izayoi.
  • Miku hates men, but she loves women, forcing Shido to crossdress as a girl named "Shiori".
  • The DEM wizards that are called in to capture Shido are intercepted by Origami, who is controlling White Licorice to stop them.
  • Miku loses the bet with Shiori due to the extra revenue generated by Raizen High School's maid cafe.
  • Miku uses her angel to control the entire festival, which in the process causes Miku finds out that Shiori isn't a girl and issues out a man-hunt for Shido.
  • Mana defects from DEM and joined Ratatoskr. Her timely arrival prevents a brainwashed Kotori from firing the Fraxinus cannon at the music stage and saves an exhausted Origami from DEM.
  • Tohka is captured by Ellen Mira Mathers.
  • Kurumi returns in front of Shido, who had been separated from all of his allies.


  • Prologue - The Girls Tryst
  • Chapter 1 - Incomprehensible Spirit
  • Chapter 2 - Male/Female
  • Chapter 3 - Edit time
  • Chapter 4 - Music
  • Chapter 5 - Azure Flash
  • Afterword



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