Light Novel Volume 04

DAL v04

Volume Title Itsuka Sister
Release Date March 17, 2012
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829137444
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3744-4
Number of Pages 318
Cover Character/s Kotori Itsuka
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Itsuka Sister (五河シスター, Itsuka Shisutā?) is the 4th light novel of the Date A Live series.The novel was released on March 17, 2012.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

「On your knees. It’s time to start the punishment session of love.」The fourth Spirit, Itsuka Kotori appears before the worst Spirit, Kurumi. 「Kotori, what are you!? 」「Shido’s cute little sister.」The beginning of everything occurred 5 years ago ――!?

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

Saving the worst Spirit Kurumi also meant saving Mana. In the end, Shido couldn’t do anything. If Kotori had not appeared at that time, everything would have been over. 「Five years ago, I became a Spirit. Shido’s recovery ability was originally my power.」She became a Spirit. The first Spirit sealed by Shido. The case arises of when Origami’s parents were killed by a Spirit five years ago. 「Not today, but tomorrow I’ll go on a date with Onii-chan.」The time limit is a single day. Be it the cute little sister or the confident Commander, to save her go on a date and fall in love!?―.

Story NotesEdit

  • Kurumi is defeated by Kotori but manages to escape due to Shido's interference.
  • Kotori is revealed to be the Spirit that caused the great fire 5 years ago.
  • Kotori tells Shido that she sometimes loses control when using her powers.
  • Origami believes that Kotori was the Spirit that killed her parents.
  • Shido is told to date Kotori and seal her powers.
  • Origami tries to kill Kotori, attacking her with the stolen White Licorice equipment. However, the sealed Spirits' interference, Shido's attempts at talking her down, and the equipment time limit, ultimately causes her to collapse.
  • During five years ago, there was another "being" called Phantom there, who told Kotori to save Shido from the flames by kissing him.
  • Phantom erases both Kotori and Shido's memories of the incident; however, both of them regain their memories after Shido seals Kotori for a second time.
  • Phantom is revealed to be the person who told Kurumi about Shido and his power to seal Spirits.
  • Kurumi reveals that her goal is to travel back in time to thirty years ago to kill the First Spirit and prevent the existence of other Spirits from ever happening.


  • Chapter 6 - Time Penetrating Flame
  • Chapter 7 - Kotori's Conference
  • Chapter 8 - Storm Air Battle
  • Chapter 9 - Last Date
  • Chapter 10 - Avenger from Five Years Ago
  • Epilogue - Encounter of Darkness
  • Afterword



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