Light Novel Volume 03

DAL v03

Volume Title Kurumi Killer
Release Date November 19, 2011
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829137045
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3704-8
Number of Pages 334
Cover Character/s Kurumi Tokisaki
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Kurumi Killer (狂三キラー, Kurumi Kirā?) is the 3rd light novel of the Date A Live series.The novel was released on November 19, 2011.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

June 5th. Disaster came unexpectedly. "I am a Spirit”, a girl who has been transferred to a class in a classroom smiled and said that. The worst Spirit that kills people with her own hands - Kurumi. Also, a girl who claims to be Shido’s real younger sister appeared!

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

June 5th. Disaster suddenly came to the high school that Shido attends. “I am a Spirit”, a shocking self-introduction by Kurumi, the transfer student. The girl gave a smile and asks to be shown around the school by Shido「I have a favor for Shido-san. Can you listen?」As if embodying a calamity killing this world, the worst Spirit that takes pleasure from killing people with clear murderous intent.「Spirits appear and there is nothing else to do but kill them」And the girl who hunts to kill the Spirit, Mana. A girl who kills people, and a girl who kills the Spirit. In order to break through the nightmare, go on a date and fall in love!?

Story NotesEdit

  • A new Spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki transferrs to Raizen High school.
  • Mana Takamiya is introduced and introduces herself as Shido's biological lost sister.
  • Kurumi tries to get close to Shido and vice versa.
  • Kurumi is confirmed to have killed over 1000 people.
  • Mana meets with Shido and Kotori, with Mana latter approaching Kotori.
  • Shido has a triple date with Kurumi, Tohka and Origami.
  • Shido returns to see Kurumi brutally murder civilians. He is then saved by Mana, who proceeds to butcher Kurumi
  • Mana states that she has killed Kurumi numerous times, only for her to come back to life everytime.
  • Reine reveals that Mana's lifespan has been reduced to only ten years left due to DEM's modifications.
  • Kurumi captures Shido, wanting Shido to take back his words on saving her.
  • Kurumi reveals that her angel Zafkiel can control time, with Mana having only killed her temporal clones.
  • Kotori intercepts Kurumi just as the latter was about to cause a spacequake.
  • Kotori is revealed to also be a Spirit as well.


  • Prologue - The Black Visitor
  • Chapter 1 - Second Transfer Student
  • Chapter 2 - A Spirit's Invitation
  • Chapter 3 - Sister Wars
  • Chapter 4 - Triple Date
  • Chapter 5 - Imitation Nightmare
  • Afterword



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