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Light Novel Volume 22

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Volume Title Tohka Good End Second Half
Release Date March 19, 2020
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040735811
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040735818
Number of Pages 348
Cover Character/s Tohka Yatogami
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Tohka Good End Second Half (十香グッドエンド 下, Tōka Guddo Endo Shita?) is the 22nd and final volume of the Date A Live light novel series.

Publisher's Summary[]

Now──let us end our war.

The mysterious Spirit <Beast> appeared in front of Shido Itsuka and the others. Even with the power of the Spirits gone, there is one thing this boy needs to do──date and make her fall in love. The last war begins to reunite with the girl he met on April 10th!

Fujimi Shobo's Summary[]

The mysterious Spirit "Beast" that appeared in a world where Spirits should no longer exist. With an unknown goal and purpose, the girl appears to have a mysterious attachment to Shido Itsuka, as the boy risks his life to try and open a discussion. The former Spirit girls gather on the battlefield prepared to answer Shido's determination. It doesn't matter whether they have the power of the Spirits or not. Date and make her fall in love──that is the accumulation of everything so far.

"──I came to save you."


And so, the war to meet once again on April 10th, the story's beginning, the fated day. The conclusion of a new generation of boy meets girl!

Story Notes[]

  • After Shido tackles <Beast> out of <Fraxinus EX>, the girls split into three groups to support the former, confront the latter, and evacuate civilians. Mukuro, who had previously resolved to stay out of her adoptive family's lives after seeing that they were happy without her, encounters her older sister Asahi, who overcomes <Michael>'s lingering effects to remember her younger sister and encourage her.
  • After realizing that <Beast>'s swords are Angels owned by the former Spirits, Kotori and MARIA devise a plan to temporarily extract the swords with <Yggd Ramus>, a device based on <Michael>. <Beast> overwhelms the girls and destroys the devices, leaving only Natsumi after Yoshino protects her from falling rubble. Natsumi overcomes her lack of self-esteem brought on by the memories of her abusive mother and succeeds in piercing <Beast> with Yoshino's <Yggd Ramus>.
  • The girls use <Beast>'s detached swords to temporarily regain their Angels, leaving <Beast> with only her claws.
  • Kaguya and Yuzuru, having learned about their past as the human Yamai Kazamachi, fuse into a single Spirit. <Beast> merges her claws into <Sandalphon>, but is overwhelmed by the Spirit Yamai's power and suddenly retreats by cutting a portal open with her sword.
  • Shido learns that <Beast>'s remaining 10th sword is actually <Nahemah>, containing a will that urges him to follow after <Beast>. Miku, who had been hesitant to expand her idol career to America and leave everyone behind, reassures the others while alleviating their fatigue and pain. Shido cuts open a portal with <Nahemah> and reunites with <Beast> in a parallel world, where he kisses her and learns that she is an alternate Tohka.
  • Having regained her sanity, the parallel world's Tohka discusses the differences between her world and Shido's, particularly the death of her world's Shido that caused her to transform into <Beast>, kill the other Spirits, and destroy her world. She decides to stay in her world so as not to abandon the memories with her world's Shido and sends this Shido back to his world.
  • Tohka later learns that her world's Kurumi survived her rampage (which is why the other Kurumi only regained half of her bullets from <Zafkiel>'s sword), and is offered a chance to reset her world.
  • The following April, Kotori, Mana, Yoshino, Natsumi, and Mukuro begin their first year at Raizen High School, while Shido, the Yamai sisters, Origami, and Kurumi start attending university.
  • Kotori and MARIA detect the Spirit Formula being performed, which Nia's use of <Rasiel> during the fight with <Beast> attributes to the "will of the world" after inviting <Beast> to this world to speed up the process of recreating a similar Spirit.
  • Shido reunites with the resurrected Tohka at the same place as his last date with her.


  • Chapter 6: Mukuro Hoshimiya (第六章 星宮六喰, Dairokushō Hoshimiya Mukuro?)
  • Chapter 7: Natsumi Kyouno (第七章 鏡野七罪, Dainanashō Kyouno Natsumi?)
  • Chapter 8: Yamai Kazamachi' (第八章 風待八舞, Daihachishō Kazamachi Yamai?)
  • Chapter 9: Miku Izayoi (第九章 誘宵美九, Daikyūshō Izayoi Miku?)
  • Chapter 10: Tohka Yatogami (第十章 夜刀神十香, Daijūshō Yatogami Tohka?)
  • Afterword (あとがき, Atogaki?)



  • Rather than writing chapter 10 as ‘一〇章' like in previous volumes, it is written as ‘十章’ in Japanese. Tachibana mentions that the kanji for ten was deliberately chosen to emphasize that this was Tohka's chapter. [1]


  1. Date A Live Material 2, Date A Interview


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