Light Novel Volume 21

DAL v21 Cover

Volume Title Tohka Good End First Half
Release Date October 19, 2019
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040732677
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040732671
Number of Pages 328
Cover Character/s Beast
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Tohka Good End First Half (十香グッドエンド 上, Tōka Guddo Endo Ue?) is the 21st volume of the Date A Live light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

A girl who is killing the world has appeared in a world where Spirits should have vanished――

One day, one year after that Spirit disappeared; Itsuka Shidou encounters a single girl with a sense of loss.

“――You are……”

“……Name, huh? I have already forgotten such a thing……”

What is the identity of the girl who denies the world……

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

Story NotesEdit

  • One year has passed since the disappearance of Spirits.
  • Ellen has lost her memories of Westcott and DEM, and replaced Reine's position in Ratatoskr and Raizen High School. Current technology allows Maria to manifest a physical body without <Rasiel>.
  • Origami takes a picture with Shido in wedding outfits, and discusses Shido's freedom to safely pick one girl, including the late Tohka. Later, Origami is attacked by <Beast>.
  • Nia calls Shido to prepare a meal while she's working on her manga with Ellen and Maria. She then rewards him with a drinking date during which they discuss Shido's plans after graduation. Later, Nia is also attacked by <Beast>.
  • Kurumi reveals that she restored and returned to her human body before Mio's death, and visits Sawa's grave with Shido.
  • Yoshino learns her forgotten human past, including her surname Himekawa and her mother Nagisa, and visits the hospital where she once lived with Shido and Natsumi. She remembers that Yoshinon was a gift from her mother and receives Yoshinon Junior, which she had intended to give to Nagisa before the latter's death.
  • Shido is attacked by the Spirit <Beast>, who claims to have forgotten her name, using ten swords holding the powers of the Sephira Crystals' Angels, but she hesitates when he utters Tohka's name and he is transported to the <Fraxinus EX>.
  • Kotori refuses to let Shido approach <Beast> now that his sealed reiryoku is gone and his continued ability to seal it is unknown, confessing her love for him and her fear of losing him, but he eventually convinces her to allow it. <Beast> invades the briefing room using <Michael's> wormholes, as Shido prepares to confront her.


  • Chapter 0: Murasame Reine
  • Chapter 1: Tobiichi Origami
  • Chapter 2: Honjou Nia
  • Chapter 3: Tokisaki Kurumi
  • Chapter 4: Himekawa Yoshino
  • Chapter 5: Itsuka Kotori




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