Light Novel Volume 02

DAL v02

Volume Title Yoshino Puppet
Release Date August 20, 2011
ISBN-10 ISBN 4829136723
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-8291-3672-0
Number of Pages 318
Cover Character/s Yoshino
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Yoshino Puppet (四糸乃パペット, Yoshino Papetto?) is the 2nd light novel of the Date A Live series.The novel was released on August 20, 2011.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Tohka, who has just transferred to High School, is consistently fighting with Tobiichi. Everyday has become bloodbath for Shido. Returning to the peaceful home, it now occurs that he must live together with Tohka as training. Before the trembling Shido, the second Spirit appeared ――! ?

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

Tohka, who has just transferred to High school, is fighting against her classmate Origami every day. Shido, who has to step in every time to stop the two of them, encountered the second Spirit by chance while coming back from school. Under the pouring rain, the girl lacked an umbrella, but has a rabbit-like doll in her left hand. Jumping beside the road happily ―a magnificent slip occurred. The girl seemed frightened as Shido tries to help her up. 「Please, don’t…hurt me…」Even if denied by the world, rejected and confronted with murderous intent, the gentle Spirit Yoshino refuses to hurt the opponent.「Help me, Kotori. …I want to help this child…!」To stop the girl killing this world, go on a date and make her fall in love!?―.

Story NotesEdit

  • Tohka has difficulty adjusting to everyday life.
  • It is revealed that Kotori joined Ratatoskr 5 years ago.
  • Shido can only fully seal a Spirit's powers if the Spirit fully loves him.
  • New Spirit introduced: Yoshino.
  • Yoshino has a puppet named "Yoshinon", who to act as a mental limiter to prevent herself from hurting the AST in retaliation.
  • Tohka learns and agrees to help Shido save other Spirits, but makes Shido promise to not kiss anyone else.
  • Shido crosses a snowstorm in order to deliver Yoshinon back to Yoshino, nearly killing himself in the process despite his healing factor.
  • After promising to become Yoshino's hero, Shido manages to successfully seal Yoshino's powers.
  • A new recruit, Mana Takamiya is transferred into AST. She identifies Shido from a footage and says that he is her older brother.


  • Prologue - New Daily Life
  • Chapter 1 - Mission: Under One Roof
  • Chapter 2 - Rainy Girl
  • Chapter 3 - Excessively Distorted Compassion
  • Chapter 4 - Multiple Requests at Tobiichi's House
  • Chapter 5 - Frozen Earth
  • Epilogue - The Past that Starts to take Action
  • Afterword



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