Light Novel Volume 17

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Volume Title Kurumi Ragnarok
Release Date August 19, 2017
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040709292
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4040709291
Number of Pages 328
Cover Character/s Nibelcole
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Kurumi Ragnarok (狂三ラグナロク, Kurumi Ragunaroku?) is the 17th volume of Date A Live light novel series.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Now――let us begin our all-out wardate

“I'll tell you, everything. What happened, everything that's happened up until now.”

Shido who has his life saved numerous times by Kurumi, reveals the truth to the Spirits. When he faces his own sealed memories of the past, <Ratatoskr> and DEM's full-scale war begins!

Fujimi Shobo's SummaryEdit

Now――let us begin our all-out wardate

In order to save Itsuka Shido from his fated death at the expense of herself, the girl called the Worst Spirit ―― Tokisaki Kurumi, repeatedly overturns the world.

Shido who is moved by her true feelings, reveals the truth to the Spirits……In order to avoid the worst future, and to save Kurumi who shoulders the fate of the world on her own. However, at the same time, Westcott gathers all force of DEM and proceeds to kill Shido.

The strongest Wizards, Ellen and Artemisia. A massive amount of <Bandersnatches> in addition to the pseudo Spirit, <Nibelcol>, results in an overwhelming difference of battle power.

“――Now, shall we start, <Nibelcole>? It's time for your battle with me.”

The targeted Shido appears at the frontline――!?

Story NotesEdit

  • The origin of the First Spirit is revealed.
  • Shido uses <Michael> to unlock his past memories as Shinji Takamiya.
  • After learning through <Beelzebub> that Kurumi has put herself in a time loop to avert Shido’s death, Westcott decides to break her resolve by mobilizing the entirety of DEM's forces to kill Shido.
  • Ratatoskr plans to utilize their entire arsenal and the Spirits to defend Shido and assist Kurumi. They aim to destabilize DEM by defeating Westcott and Ellen, deactivate the Bandersnatch by jamming Artemisia's brainwaves, and determine that the Nibelcole can be sealed with Shido’s kisses.
  • Artemisia fights against Origami, Mana, Yoshino and Mukuro, and is defeated when Mukuro unlocks her sealed memories.
  • Woodman uses his CR-Unit <Wodan> to return his body to its prime so he can fight Ellen.
  • After Shido wins over Kurumi's heart, Mio Takamiya violently emerges from Kurumi's chest. 


  • Fragment Chapter: The Birth of Spirits
  • Chapter 1: The Signal Outbreak of War
  • Chapter 2: Nightmare’s Secret Maneuvers
  • Chapter 3: The Final Rest
  • Chapter 4: Footsteps of Demise
  • Chapter 5: Revival of Spirit
  • Afterword




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