Light Novel Volume 11

DAL v11 Cover

Volume Title Tobiichi Devil
Release Date September 20, 2014
ISBN-10 ISBN 4040701437
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-4-04-070143-1
Number of Pages 200
Cover Character/s Origami Tobiichi
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Tobiichi Devil (鳶一デビル, Tobiichi Debiru?) is the 11th volume of Date A Live light novel series. The novel was released on September 20, 2014.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Change the past of the 8th Spirit Tobiichi Origami and make her fall for you!?

Five years ago. The fateful day where Origami's parents were killed by a Spirit and when Kotori turned into a Spirit. The day of despair when Tobiichi Origami who has been turned into a Spirit, was crushed. In order to avoid the worst outcome, Shido now stands in the Tengu City, 5 years in the past in order to change the world[1].

Story NotesEdit

  • Shido is sent to Tenguu City five years into the past.
  • Kurumi instructs Shido to change the past and prevent Origami from inversing.
  • Shido meets with a young Origami and encourages her to move on from her despair, in the process recreating the events leading up to Origami having feelings for him in the original timeline.
  • Shido is instructed to find Kurumi's past self from five years ago in order to travel further back to the past to stop Origami.
  • Shido encounters <Phantom>, who takes the form of Rinne Sonogami to converse with him.
  • Shido manages to save Origami's parents from herself and returns to a newly created present timeline.
  • Origami is now no longer a part of AST, but her Spirit powers remain in the new timeline, and she will automatically assume her Inverse form if there are Spirit powers detected.
  • Shido goes on a date with Origami, only for her to inverse upon sensing his Spirit power.
  • With the help of the other Spirits, Shido seals Origami's powers after bringing her back from her despair.
  • The Spirits regain their memories from the old timeline.
  • Origami reveals the true nature of her feelings for Shido.


  • Chapter 6: The One Struggling
  • Chapter 7: Phantom
  • Chapter 8: <Devil>
  • Chapter 9: Instinct
  • Chapter 10: The Angel Of The Night With Falling Stars
  • Epilogue: Tobiichi Origami
  • Afterword




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