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Tohka Dead End[]

Kawagoe is introduced by Kotori to Shido as a part of her crew aboard the <Fraxinus>. Kawagoe is introduced as the master of love, someone who has been married and divorced five times. Kotori then informs him that Kawagoe will be a part of the group that will help him on his second encounter with the nameless girl. When the girl asks Shido for a name to call herself, Kawagoe suggests the name "Misako" after one of his ex-wives. Shido instead names the girl "Tohka".

During Tohka's date with Shido, Kawagoe is in charge of a raffle wheel at the shopping district. Tohka shows interest in trying out the raffle wheel. After she spins it, Kawagoe overrides the prize that Tohka would have won, by announcing that Tohka won a pair of tickets to "Dreamland". When Shido finds out what "Dreamland" actually is, he discards the tickets and beckons Tohka out of the shopping district with him.

Kurumi Killer[]

During lunch period, the new transfer student Kurumi Tokisaki asks Shido to give her a tour of the school for her first day. Watching this on board Fraxinus, Kotori and the crew at Ratatoskr immediately get to work. With three choices on where to start, Kotori orders her crew to choose. Kawagoe says that the infirmary is the better option, but argues with Nakatsugawa over his rationale. Reine opts for the cafeteria, and after giving her reason, Kotori instructs Shido to show Kurumi the cafeteria.

Itsuka Sister[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting planned in advance for Shido's date with Kotori, Kawagoe shows Shido some footage of Kotori dated back to May 2nd, in which Kotori expresses a desire to relax in hot springs. Kawagoe also reveals that Shido and Kotori last bathed together five years ago. Kawagoe's passionate expectation of a steamy hot springs date that would get Kotori to sleep with Shido, and eventually kiss him, brings the rest of the crew to tears, except Reine.

Yamai Tempest[]

When <Fraxinus> comes under attack by Deus Ex Machina Industries' <Arbatel> ship, Kawagoe helps carry out the activation of <Fraxinus'> Protect Mode under Kannazuki's command, and comments on the mode's effectiveness at repelling <Arbatel's> attack.

Miku Lily[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting with Shido regarding how he should approach Miku the second time around, the crew at <Fraxinus> unanimously agree to cross-dress Shido. Kawagoe and Masaomi Mikimoto restrain Shido to prevent him from fleeing. Kotori then commands Kawagoe and Hinako Shiizaki to teach him how to put on makeup.

Much later, after Miku brainwashes Kotori into firing a <Mystletainn> at Shido, Shiizaki tries to stop her, only to be restrained by a still-brainwashed Kawagoe.

Miku Truth[]

During <Nightmare's> raid on the Japanese branch of DEM, Ratatoskr watches on from <Fraxinus>. Kotori notices Anti-Spirit Team member Origami Tobiichi act independently of her team by fighting DEM's Ellen Mira Mathers. Kotori thus orders her crew to mobilize <Mystletainn> and support Origami. When Kawagoe asks why, Kotori explains that she cannot ignore someone trying to save Shido, no matter the reason.

Natsumi Change[]

After the <Fraxinus> crew identify the satellite being dropped onto Tengu City, Kawagoe hurriedly follows an order from Kotori to steer <Fraxinus> close to where they can pick up Shido without being hit by the satellite.

Tobiichi Angel[]

The <Fraxinus> crew witnesses Origami attack several Spirits right in front of the Itsuka house. Kawagoe makes a comment about Origami's Maryoku reading, and worries for the Spirits in their limited Astral Dresses. Kotori's attempt to retrieve the Spirits is interrupted by an external attack on <Fraxinus> itself.

Tobiichi Devil[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch Shido's date with the new-timeline Origami, and vote on a place for Shido to take Origami to. Kawagoe notices that most of the crew voted for Shido to go shopping with Origami. When Shido asks what she wants to buy, the Ratatoskr crew decide for Shido. Kawagoe curiously asks about the third choice of going to a pharmacy.

Itsuka Disaster[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch, from a secret underground facility, Shido's arrival at a Ratatoskr-constructed water park in the middle of the forest, where the Spirits had gathered in their swimsuits. Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto move to restrain their acting leader Kannazuki, who was about to command Shido to go for the least popular choice in his situation.

Nia Creation[]

The Ratatoskr crew monitor Shido's date with Nia. Kawagoe objects to the option chosen by Mikimoto, saying that Nia is comfortable with the joke intended by the option "you sure are wearing something that’s worth trying to take off".

At the New Year's Eve Comico, Ratatoskr crew members Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto are tasked with delivering the shipment of Ratatoskr's doujin to sell at their booth.

Mukuro Planet[]

As with every other Ratatoskr crew member, Kawagoe is given a dressing-down by the repaired <Fraxinus'> new AI, MARIA, who accuses him of using <Fraxinus'> equipment to spy on his ex-wives.

Later on, Kawagoe cries out after hearing an explosion that shakes <Fraxinus'> bridge. Within moments, several DEM Wizards and Bandersnatch units infiltrate <Fraxinus>.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Kawagoe is first seen onboard <Fraxinus> continuing to track Kurumi on Kotori's command. Later on, he helps inspect Ratatoskr's ground facilities as war beckons.

Mio True End[]

The Ratatoskr crew, along with the remaining Spirits, watch Shido's date with Reine. At one point, the screens stop relaying visual footage of the date while continuing to provide audio. This elicits verbal protest from Nakatsugawa, Kawagoe, and Mikimoto.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

Shido is picked up by Fraxinus in the middle of his sudden encounter with Beast. Kotori directs Nakatsugawa and Kawagoe to bring Shido to the medical Realizer.