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Tohka Dead End[]

After Shido wakes up, he is brought to the main deck of the ship by Reine. There, Kannazuki greets him and introduces himself. At first, Shido assumes he is the captain of the ship. However, when Kannazuki calls out to the actual commander, it is revealed to be Shido's little sister, Kotori, whom Kannazuki is completely subservient to. While Kotori explains the situation to Shido, Kannazuki is asked by Kotori to come close to her for a moment and is immediately flown a stick from the lollipop Kotori had just finished into his eye, clutching his eye as he stumbled back. As Kannazuki falls on the floor, he pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and calmly wraps it around the lollipop stick that was just shot with an ecstatic expression, stating it as a reward in his line of work.

During Shido's second encounter with the Spirit from before, Kyouhei is among the crew helping Shido decide on which approach to take in order to talk to her. He and the rest of the crew also press Shido to finally ask Tohka out on a date. After Shido is accidentally shot by Origami at the end of his and Tohka's date, unlike the rest of the crew aboard <Fraxinus>, Kannazuki's face is tinged red and drooling from his mouth, prompting a kick to the shin by Kotori, who tells him to get to his workstation. Later, with Shido now having sealed Tohka's Reiryoku, Kannazuki and the rest of the crew are able to put the day to an end with their mission accomplished.

Yoshino Puppet[]

During Shido's encounter with Yoshino, when it's time for the crew of Fraxinus to decide on the option for engaging with Yoshino, Kyouhei is the only one who voted for the third option of trying to appeal to a distressed Yoshino "as a man filled with a humorous sense." When Kotori sees that, she briefly chides the decision as Kyouhei is unsure why it seemed wrong. Eventually, Shido successfully seals Yoshino.

Kurumi Killer[]

When Shido is assigned to capture Kurumi, during one of the choices to probe for more information from Kurumi, Kyouhei is the only one who chooses the third option of asking what kind of panties Kurumi is wearing. When Kotori asked Kyouhei's reasoning for choosing that, Kyouhei stated that "The thighs that are being isolated by black colored stockings can be said to be the treasure of humans." As a result, Kyouhei is sent away by two men. However, due to a miscommunication, Shido ends up using the third choice.

Soon after, Kyouhei is shown to have escaped the two men's attempts to "punish" him, although he had lost his pants during the process. Kyouhei then comments on the choices presented for Shido to try and get his relationship with Kurumi better and mentions that there is a better way. When prompted by Kotori, Kyouhei wants Shido to lie down on the floor to see Kurumi's panties. He reasons that Kurumi would feel embarrassed enough to step on Shido, deepening their master-servant relationship. Kotori subsequently summons the two men to take him away again.

In the end, the attempt to seal Kurumi ends up a failure. As Kurumi intends to "devour" Shido for her own purposes, Kotori is prompted to take action.

Itsuka Sister[]

As Kotori regains her Reiryoku, she is temporarily placed in quarantine, causing Kyouhei to be placed in charge as the acting commander during this time. Kyouhei then summons Shido to Fraxinus and makes some prep talk about their devotion to Kotori. The crew members then brainstorm ideas to make Kotori fall in love.

While there are many ideas presented, Kyouhei rejects most of them, but he has shown interest in Kawagoe's idea of Shido going to the hot springs and bath with Kotori. In the end, with Reine's declaration that the crew will get to see Kotori in a swimsuit, it is decided that Shido will bring Kotori to Ocean Park for the date.

Later on, Shido is shown to have doubts about dating Kotori, but Kyouhei goes to see him and encourages him to go on, saying that had Shido remembered the events 5 years ago, he could be very different from it by now. Kyouhei then offers Shido some footage of the fire from 5 years ago, but Shido soon noticed "someone" else was there and passed out.

During the date, Kyouhei first chose the least favored option of letting Shido comment on Kotori's physique despite many protests from his own crew. Later on, Reine tells Shido to let the girls be picked up by some Ratatoskr staff as Kyouhei reasoned that despite how they can act, most girls wanted a prince in a white horse to save them. When Shido questions the reliability of his statement due to Kyouhei being a man, Kyouhei instead confesses that he cross-dress from time to time. Much later, Kyouhei once again ignored the crew's vote and let Shido choose the third, unpopular option of being an exclusive float for Kotori. This time, Kyouhei is subdued by the crew and Reine is chosen to take over.

Later on, Reine has to leave the ship to administer some drugs to Kotori and Kyouhei tries to divert Shido away. However, Shido finds out and ultimately decides to leave Tohka and Yoshino to Fraxinus' hands, and he brings Kotori on a more exclusive date to a theme park. Although he feels uneasy, Reine assures Kyouhei. When Shido and Kotori enter the Haunted House attraction causes them to hold hands, Kyouhei gives a shocked response. When asked why, he explains that Shido should have hugged Kotori to enjoy her body and perhaps, even be "blessed" by being stepped upon. When they went to the Bumper cars, Kyouhei once again was upset that Shido did not masochistically let Kotori drive the car over Shido. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are relieved that Shido removed his earpiece earlier.

Eventually, it is revealed that Kotori's affection for Shido was always high, therefore Shido successfully sealed her powers again, allowing Kotori to resume her position as commander.

Yamai Tempest[]

Due to Kotori having to attend a meeting with the Rounds and Reine having to go with the class on the school trip, Kyouhei is reluctantly given the position of commander during this time. However, when Shido is going to capture the Yamai twins, <Fraxinus> is cut off from their communications and suddenly ambushed by DEM's ship, <Arbatel>. Despite initially receiving doubts from his crewmates, Kyouhei is able to outmaneuver <Arbatel> through his genius utilization of Fraxinus' <Yggd Follium>, and even push the opposing ship into a corner. In the end, Fraxinus is able to capture the captain of the ship and Shido is able to seal the Yamai twins.

Miku Lily[]

When Shido approaches Miku, Kannazuki once again believes in choosing the third, disliked option of saying the view below Miku's skirt was the best. Kotori tries to punish Kannazuki by making him a fish bait, but he says that he chose option 2 instead. As the misunderstanding was made clear, Kannazuki says that he would accept the apology by having some of Kotori's striped stockings in exchange and is immediately sent away.

When it is discovered that Miku is not interested in men, Kotori summons Kannazuki (who is drenched and smells like fish) and with the aid of the rest of the crew, forces Shido to crossdress as a girl to capture Miku.

When Miku discovers that Shido is cross-dressing to trick her, she immediately uses her Angel to mind control everyone on the ship. However, despite not being controlled by Miku, Kannazuki is very willing to let Kotori sit on him and even considers it his "utopia" as Kotori is preparing to use Fraxinus' weapons on Shido, Mana manages to knock both Kotori and Kannazuki unconscious.

Miku Truth[]

After the crew of Fraxinus is freed from Miku's control, Kyouhei notices that Origami fighting with Ellen Mira Mathers; DEM's strongest wizard. Kotori then decided to let Kyouhei assist Origami using the ship. In the end, Shido managed to seal Miku.

Natsumi Search[]

When Shido is told to confront Natsumi, Kotori is surprised that Kannazuki chose a normal answer and he answers that he has no interest in big breasted women, but he did mention that he would have been in a difficult position if the third choice was to lick the back of Natsumi's knee and Kotori then hits him.

Natsumi Change[]

Later, when Shido and the others are trying to convince that Natsumi is beautiful in her own right, Kotori has Kannazuki pose as a modeling manager to recruit Natsumi. When Natsumi remains unconvinced, Kannazuki tries to talk about Natsumi's good points (mainly talking about his fetish for small, maturing physiques) but at the end, Natsumi remains in denial of the praises and overthinks that Kannazuki intends to kill her and harvest her organs. Natsumi tries to run away, but Kannazuki grabs her. Kannazuki tries harder to convince her, but he is slapped by Natsumi, much to his enjoyment.

Later on, DEM attacks <Fraxinus> again. With approval from Kotori, Kannazuki takes charge in defeating the <Bandersnatch> Units, and even managing to destroy a Satellite falling towards Tengu City. Despite it, Kannazuki is unable to stop the second and third satellite, but the other two are stopped by Natsumi and Origami. Shido then manages to seal Natsumi.

Tobiichi Angel[]

When Ellen attacks <Fraxinus>, Kotori tells everyone to escape if they cannot withstand Ellen's might and despite the threats. None of the staff want to escape. Kannazuki then says that the thought of being punished for running away excites him and is stepped on by Kotori for that.

Kannazuki then prepares himself and begins to have a dogfight with Ellen, even being impressed by the latter's skill. However, despite their best efforts, <Fraxinus> loses to DEM and everyone has to retreat and prepare the ship for repairs. However, because Origami was turned into a Spirit and had inversed, Kotori tries to use <Fraxinus> to teleport Shido to them but the entire ship is destroyed.

Tobiichi Devil[]

In the new timeline, when Shido tries to save Origami from her Inversed Spirit self, Kotori tries to have Kannazuki use his abilities to help Shido. However, like in the previous timeline, Origami manages to shoot down <Fraxinus> from the sky. Nonetheless, everyone onboard manages to survive the crash while Shido is able to seal Origami.

Itsuka Disaster[]

When Shido loses control of the sealed powers from the Spirits, Kyouhei is placed in charge of the arranged dates, as Kotori too had to charm Shido this time around. Kotori then warns Kyouhei not to place weird or perverted ideas as Kyouhei promised not to. When the first option was placed, Kyouhei is surprised that none chose the third option of making Shido dress up as a banana and use him as a boat for sightseeing. When the rest of the crew heard this remark, Kyouhei is immediately subdued and tied to a chair. In the end, Shido manages to regain control of his powers.

Nia Creation[]

Kyouhei is brought along as part of the Fraxinus staff to buy the doujin sold by Shido's group. While Shido questions if its okay to bolster their sales through Kotori's subordinates, Kotori retorts that such practices are akin to asking friends to come support them. Much later, Kyouhei is on board <Fraxinus> when Shido eventually manages to partially seal Nia.

Mukuro Planet[]

When Shido has to enter space to communicate with the new Spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya, Kyouhei gives Shido a headset that will be able to transmit his hologram to space and talk with her. Later when DEM attacks Fraxinus again, Kyouhei is able to defend the ship using his abilities, but he notes that it won't do much good against real bullets and Wizards. Kyouhei then allows the ship's AI, MARIA, to build a hologram for a distraction and manages to defeat the invading Wizards. Kyouhei praises MARIA and says that he will clean her motion unit as a reward, which prompts MARIA to call him disgusting. After the event, Kyouhei remarks he is glad that Kotori was not in trouble and proceeds to provide her lollipop as usual.

Mukuro Family[]

Later on, Kyouhei using the new rebuilt Fraxinus EX, manages to defeat Ellen's personal ship, <Goetia>, which causes everyone to celebrate the victory. Later on, as the options for Shido to choose to deal with Mukuro's long hair appear, Kyouhei yet again chooses the questionable option of propping Mukuro's hair like a ceremonial dress and occasionally rubbing and licking her. Kotori punishes him by allowing him to sit on an air chair for thirty minutes, which Kyouhei happily complies to.

Like the rest of the Fraxinus crew, Mukuro manages to seal Kyouhei's memories of Shido's existence. Eventually, despite Mukuro locking up everyone's memories of Shido, the latter manages to seal her and in turn, restore everyone back to normal.

Mio Game Over[]

Upon Reine's admission that she and the figure that emerged out of Kurumi's chest are one and the same, Kyouhei adopts a combative stance in order to protect Kotori. However, he can do nothing about Reine's sudden teleportation out of Fraxinus.

Kyouhei later has a fateful re-encounter with his former AST subordinate Ryouko Kusakabe, who was rescued and taken on board Fraxinus alongside the rest of her squad. Ryouko attempts to warn Kotori of Kyouhei's perverted tendencies, and Kyouhei's response warrants a kick from Kotori. Nevertheless, Kyouhei begins commanding Fraxinus' <Yggd Folium> units to break through enemy Territory and get close to where the other Spirits are. When Mio retaliates against Fraxinus’ usage of its main cannon on her, Kyouhei is onboard the ship as it ultimately crashes to the ground.

Tohka World[]

After losing communication with Shido from onboard Fraxinus while watching his date with Tohka, Kyouhei appears to argue with MARIA over the next course of action. Kotori strikes Kyouhei in the gut to prevent escalation.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Kyouhei cries at the realization that his immediate superior is about to graduate from middle school, but is also joyful in anticipation of his marriage to Tamae Okamine.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

Kyouhei is tasked with maintaining navigational control of Fraxinus after a hole was blasted through it by Beast from inside, causing it to stall.

When Kotori, on her first day of high school, goes on board Fraxinus before the school day starts, in order to monitor a Spirit wave response detected in the past hour, Kyouhei sees her in her high school uniform and makes a comment, for which he receives a direct hit from Kotori.