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Tamae Okamine[]

Kyouhei falls mutually in love at first sight with Tamae during a marriage interview party. To Kyouhei, Tamae has the appeal of looking like a little girl while still being an adult. As of Volume 21, Kyouhei is currently wearing a ring symbolizing his betrothal with Tamae. The two finished their marriage registry during the one year timeskip after Tohka's disappearance.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Because of his various and bizarre fetishes, Kyouhei sees Kotori as his "master that he wants to serve" and would obsessively provoke her to attack or punish him which due to his masochism, would excite him. Although he does not seem to mind the abuse, Kyouhei still begs for forgiveness when Kotori threatens to castrate him.

Kotori treats Kyouhei poorly due to his antics and tries to ignore him most of the time. However, she still trusted on his advice at times and even allowed him to command Fraxinus when she was not present.

Shido Itsuka[]

Kannazuki seems to have a very friendly relationship with Shido. He was willing to show Shido the news recording of the incident of five years ago in order to try and help him regain his memories and was concerned when Shido lost consciousness afterwards.

He was also the one who took Kotori's place of instructing Shido when Shido and Kotori were having their date to seal her Spirit powers.

Fraxinus' Crew[]

Like Kotori, the other crew members are often frustrated by Kyouhei's perversion. When Kannazuki was seemingly murdered in the "Kotori Mission" short story, they all express a grudge against him and sympathize with any murderous intent toward him while denying personal responsibility in the act; even the passive Reine lamented that he was "unfortunately" still alive. However, they were all stunned at Kyouhei's skill in fighting the <Arbatel>.


Kannazuki has a one-sided rivalry with MARIA, who he views as a potential contender for the position of Kotori's right hand subordinate. However, he still remains relatively friendly and even has offered rewards like cleaning up MARIA's CPU. On MARIA's side, she has shown blatant disgust towards Kannazuki's masochistic behavior, and the AI only relinquished control of the ship to him due to a truly dire emergency situation requiring her attention to be elsewhere.