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Kyouhei Kannazuki
Kyouhei Kannazuki04
Kanji 神無月 恭平
Romaji Kannazuki Kyōhei
Age 28
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 74 kg
Blood Type A
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Nicknames October Kyouhei (Pseudonym) [1]
Personal Status
Relatives Tamae Okamine (Wife)[2]
  • Vice Commander of Fraxinus
  • Captain of the AST (Formerly)
Novel Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
English J. Michael Tatum
Aaron Roberts (Season 4, Episode 1)[3]

Kyouhei Kannazuki (神無月 恭平, Kannazuki Kyōhei?) is a vice-commander of Fraxinus, a ship located 15,000 meters above Tengu City.


Kyouhei is the vice-commander of <Fraxinus>. He, along with the other crew members, usually serves as mission control for Shido Itsuka during his dates to save the Spirits.


Kyouhei is a very tall man with long blonde hair and light brown eyes. He wears a white suit with black outlines and blue covering some parts. He also wears a black shirt underneath and a silver-white tie with a black belt that can be seen around his waist. Kyouhei is also noted to look younger than his actual age.


Kyouhei is described to be a nice individual with elegant manners. However, he is also a masochist and often lets his masochistic antics make his coworkers question his authority and reliability. This is shown by Kyouhei's tendency to choose options that tend to have perverted intent or illogical actions when advising Shido.

Kyouhei has an extreme obsession for young girls like Kotori, and would often purposefully do actions that will anger her just to be punished in order to satisfy his masochism. Conversely, Kyouhei has shown to have a distaste for grown women with large breasts, although he does admit that he still does not mind getting into sadomasochistic kinks with them.[4] Despite his fetishes, when in danger or when the situation truly calls for it, Kyouhei has shown to be highly perceptive and analytical in various situations. It is because of these redeeming qualities that earned him a grudging respect from his coworkers.



Ryouko mentioned that Kyouhei was the AST's captain when Ryouko, the current captain, just joined. He kept the AST in line with unusual punishments whenever they stepped out of line; first-timers had to cosplay for a day, second-timers had to step on him on top of having to cosplay, and so on. However, he was well-respected due to his skills with Realizers. He left the AST to find a suitable master to serve and joined Ratatoskr later, although he stated that he wanted to be reinstated in the AST if he was ever to return.


Powers and Abilities[]

Despite being known more for his antics and questionable fetishes, Kyouhei is one of Ratatoskr's most exceptional users of Realizers. When battling with DEM during their mission with the Yamai twins, Kyouhei was shown to skillfully control a Command Realizer (which has a combined stress output of 7 Realizers and would have burned out an average Wizard) in addition to directing the crew. He managed to subdue the DEM Wizards attacking the Fraxinus during DEM's raid on Ratatoskr HQ. As it was known that he was the former captain of AST, he is likely a capable Wizard as well. Despite his accomplishments, he was noted to be inferior compared to Ellen in terms of controlling the Realizers.

In case of an emergency, Kannazuki can be given direct control of Fraxinus' movements, allowing him to freely control the ship through the Realizer. However, due to finding the mere idea of this detestable, MARIA will only consider this if the situation is truly desperate, and she herself is preoccupied with another matter.


  • Kyouhei gives handmade "Saint Kotori" badges with a picture of Kotori to the crew of Fraxinus when they have done something that perks his approval.[5]
  • The name Kyouhei means "respectful" (恭, kyou) and "peaceful" (平, hei).
  • Kannazuki refers to the tenth month in the traditional Japanese calendar. It can be translated literally as "the month when there are no gods", since all of the Gods of Japan left their shrines and congregated annually at Izumo Taisha.


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