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Volume 1[]

As an Empty[]

Waking up with virtually no memories in a vacant town, a single girl dressed in white begins searching for anyone else present. While arriving on the rooftop for a higher view, she encounters a girl who calls herself a Spirit. This girl, saying that her name is Kurumi Tokisaki, gives the nickname Empty to the white-haired girl. After Kurumi defeats and kills another Quasi-Spirit, she steals her victim's invitation to a battle royal, and lets Empty accompany her there.

During the induction, Kurumi introduces herself as well as Empty, declaring her to be bait. After each participating Quasi-Spirit declares their Unsigned Angel and Astral Dress, Empty suddenly declares that she doesn't have an Astral Dress. The other participants, as well as the battle royal's referees, reluctantly describe the situation to Empty. Kurumi, knowing that Empty has no power, encourages her to question each participant about their goals as they leave the room they were gathered in. Empty instead learns more about Reiryoku and Sephira Crystals.

Kurumi is the last to leave the room, doing so with Empty in tow. They are immediately ambushed by Aiai Nogi upon leaving; Kurumi dispatches Aiai with ease and flees the scene with Empty. They retreat to a house at dusk and stay for the night, due to rules forbidding fighting at night. While taking a bath, Empty looks at herself in the mirror for the first time. The morning after, Empty makes breakfast for Kurumi, only to learn that she is in the Neighboring World where starvation and sleep deprivation do not impact life, making her gesture meaningless. To her surprise, Empty also sees her left arm disappear and reappear for no apparent reason.

Kurumi leads Empty to a mall for a change of clothes. On the way, Empty is told about her location being the tenth region Malkuth. After they finish shopping, they are ambushed, as Kurumi predicted. During the ambush, the ground gives way, separating Empty from Kurumi. Empty touches one of the emerging black pillars and experiences fleeting memories of Tohka Yatogami's first appearance in the real world, then wakes up having been taken hostage at an abandoned factory by Sheri Musika and Furue Tonami. They are the first two to hear Empty's admission to falling in love with a boy who talks to Spirits. Sheri and Furue explain Compiles to Empty, and how Quasi-Spirits have been sharing feelings of love for that same boy.

Kurumi saves Empty by sneaking into the abandoned factory and shooting Empty to distract Sheri and Furue. Kurumi loses her right arm during the rescue mission, but throws it towards Empty as they escape from the factory, back to the same house they stayed in. There, and to Empty's shock, Kurumi begins to fade away, but Empty succeeds in convincing Kurumi to continue fighting. To distract Kurumi from the pain caused by the reattachment of her right arm, Empty asks about the boy the Spirits fell in love with. Kurumi doesn't recognize him, but does speak of a friendship with someone else.

The following morning, while Kurumi goes to have a shower, Empty manages the laundry and notices a picture of herself with someone else among Kurumi's clothes. Both are later approached at the front door by Tsuan, who came to fight them. Tsuan rebuffs a request from Empty to confront the Dominion that Kurumi told her about. Empty watches Kurumi and Tsuan duel each other to an eventual stalemate. She then witnesses False Proxy descending from the sky before exploding and summoning multiple dolls, including those of the participating Quasi-Spirits that had already been defeated. Kurumi quickly orders Empty to shelter under a manhole. Moments after feeling an explosion, Empty comes out of hiding and spots Kurumi impaled in the chest by the doll of Yue Hiryu. She manages to retrieve Kurumi's pistol and shoots at the doll, cutting off its right arm. The doll of Yue identifies Empty as Hibiki, a friend of hers, and helps fend off the dolls advancing on Empty and Kurumi. Empty manages to carry Kurumi to the abandoned factory. There, Kurumi wakes up, and finally reveals that her real identity is actually a Quasi-Spirit named Hibiki Higoromo. Hibiki had stolen Kurumi's identity using her Unsigned Angel <King Killing> and turned the real Kurumi into an Empty. After this revelation, the spell is broken and the two return to their true bodies.

As Kurumi Tokisaki[]

After regaining her true identity, Kurumi reappears to the dolls and makes light work of them before appearing to Doll Master for the first time, telling her that the Kurumi they've been fighting was someone else using her identity. The remaining dolls begin to retreat just as Kurumi summons her City of Devouring Time across the region. Kurumi eventually catches up to Doll Master at a school building and repeatedly fires the Third Bullet <Gimmel> at it to accelerate its age, causing the building to eventually collapse and bury all the dolls. With Doll Master cornered and unable to move, Kurumi waits for Hibiki to come out of hiding before passing her pistol to Hibiki, letting her be the one who kills Doll Master. Kurumi then begins her journey to the real world, and, in a reversal of roles, lets Hibiki follow her on said journey.

Volume 2[]