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Shido Itsuka[]

Before his first encounter with the real Kurumi, Shido nearly convinced this Kurumi clone to pursue a normal life and atone for her murders, only for her to be killed by the original. Kurumi would later unintentionally recreate the same clone, who decided to spend the little time she had before being hunted down with Shido for Tanabata. Afterward, she leaves behind a wish to reunite with Shido once more.

After arriving at the Neighboring World, Kurumi saw a first-person perspective of Tohka's memories, particularly the one where Shido gave the Spirit her name. Having lost her memory and identity at the time, the scene deeply moved her to the extent that she fell in love with Shido again. To that end, she has made it her life's goal to leave the Neighboring World and reunite with Shido in the real world.

Hibiki Higoromo[]

Despite their initial rough first encounter where Hibiki stole Kurumi's identity, the two quickly developed a close bond, with Hibiki often acting as both Kurumi's guide in the Neighboring World and her best friend. As time goes on, Kurumi begins to develop a level of concern for Hibiki's safety and is absolutely livid at Cistus for sending Hibiki off on what could be a suicide mission. During their time in the Eighth Region Hod, Kurumi also developed a sense of jealousy over Hibiki having fun without her, causing Kurumi to take the Eighth Region's mock war much more seriously than she would have otherwise.

Other people like the White Queen, Yuri, and Ariadne have noticed their close bond and have even singled out Hibiki as a target, knowing full well that it would be an effective method to provoke Kurumi.

White Queen[]

The White Queen is Kurumi's antithesis, with Kurumi displaying murderous hostility towards her from their very first encounter. Her grudge grew stronger after Kurumi's initial defeat and imprisonment by the White Queen. By the time of their second fight, Kurumi wastes no time in providing her own slew of insults for the White Queen, mocking her for also being another Kurumi Tokisaki clone. However, after discovering the White Queen's machinations on Kareha's life, Kurumi swears revenge on not only the White Queen, but also makes an oath to eliminate anyone that she has brainwashed, seeing that as the only solace that can be given to the White Queen's victims.

However, upon discovering that the White Queen's main personality is her childhood friend, Sawa, Kurumi is left in a dumbstruck and shocked state, forgetting to even aim her gun which she had pointed towards the Queen beforehand. During the final battle, Kurumi comes to terms with the White Queen’s identity as Sawa after hearing her backstory. However, due to the fact that their goals involving the boy from the other world are now mutually incompatible, Kurumi resolves that this conflict can now only be settled with a fight to the death.


Tsuan and Kurumi's relationship is largely one-sided, with Tsuan heavily obsessed with Kurumi and the idea of fighting her. Kurumi, while oftentimes disturbed by the intensity of Tsuan's feelings and frustrated by her excitement, does value the help that Tsuan provides in battle and in strategy. When Tsuan confronts Kurumi about her desire to leave the Neighboring World, however, Kurumi shuts her down instantly. Although faced with Tsuan's intense sincerity, Kurumi fails to outright deny Tsuan's proposition and instead defers it. Their relationship is solid despite this, with the two able to trust each other in battles against each other and when fighting alongside one another.

Rinemu Kirari[]

Kurumi initially thought of Kirari as a means to an end, agreeing to help restore the former Dominion's ability to sing in exchange for being able to leave Yesod. During their journey together, Kurumi isn't above mocking or getting easily annoyed at Kirari for her grating personality. However, they do learn to work together as an idol unit along with Tsuan. After Kirari watches the memories from the Voice of the Moon, Kurumi sincerely promises to always be Kirari's fan in order for her to continue singing again.


As a fellow Kurumi clone, Kurumi relies on Cistus' knowledge when both are captured and imprisoned by the White Queen. Kurumi trusts Cistus enough to loan her Zafkiel's rifle to use as a weapon during their escape. During the time together, Kurumi notices Cistus is developing an identity separate from the concept of Kurumi Tokisaki, which she curiously remarks upon noticing her unique fondness for the cistus flowers found in Binah. However, even after being betrayed by Cistus, Kurumi calmly accepts Cistus' request for a duel to determine who would be able to move on and face the White Queen. After emerging victorious, Kurumi shows sympathy for Cistus' plight and accepts her request to devour her to unlock Zafkiel's full power.

Upon doing so, Kurumi's first action is to recreate Cistus through the Eighth Bullet Het. Since then, Kurumi has served as Kurumi's trusty lieutenant, often performing roles such as espionage and surveillance for Kurumi. With that said, both know that Cistus' role as a clone of another clone meant that her life came second and could be potentially sacrificed for Kurumi's goals. Fortunately, because Cistus didn't follow Kurumi into Keter during the final battle against White Queen, she wasn't further endangered. Kurumi amicably parts ways with Cistus after accepting her decision to stay in the Neighboring World as her own identity.

Kareha Banouin[]

Perhaps owing to their similar personalities, Kurumi and Kareha end up playfully bantering and teasing each other whenever possible. However, upon finding out about Kareha's deteriorating health and transformation into becoming an Empty, Kurumi shows sympathy for her condition and outright refuses to be the one to give her a mercy kill. Upon recognizing that Kareha's condition had become irreversible, Kurumi personally went to massacre the White Queen's spies in the form of the Empty population, ensuring that Kareha could at least enjoy her last moments in peace.

Ariadne Foxrot[]

During the Texas hold'em battle royal, Kurumi singles out Ariadne as the biggest threat due to her ability to gauge and manipulate emotions. Their card game battle is enough to excite the usually lethargic Ariadne, although she does end up frustrated when Kurumi attributes her victory to her feelings of love for the boy from the other world. Afterward, Kurumi enters into an unsteady alliance with Ariadne against the White Queen, with Ariadne taking the role of guiding Kurumi's group to Gevurah as the party mage during their RPG adventure. Kurumi remains slightly annoyed by Ariadne's sheepish behavior often resulting in the Dominion purposely acting lazy. Nevertheless, both are aware that their alliance is temporary due to Kurumi's goal of returning to the real world running contrary to the Dominions' wish to protect the Neighboring World. Fortunately, the two never come to blows and they part ways amicably when Kurumi does leave for the real world.