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Alert1 Spoiler Alert: This article/section contains details about future plot lines described in the light novels, not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.


Kurumi Killer[]

Kurumi the new transfer student

Kurumi transfers into Shido's class

Kurumi makes her debut in the story as a new transfer student to Raizen High School. There, she boldly introduces herself as a bona fide Spirit in front of all her classmates, surprising Shido and Tohka and angering Origami. Immediately afterward, she approaches Shido and requests for him to give her a tour around the school.

Owing to a mistake in the choices selected by Ratatoskr, Shido accidentally asks to see her panties, to which Kurumi teasingly decides to comply. However, she is stopped by a frantic Shido. Throughout their conversation, Shido is startled by the fact that Kurumi is the aggressive one in trying to seduce him. However, their conversation is cut short by Origami and Tohka, who both fall out of a closet from where they were eavesdropping.

After school, Kurumi kills three delinquents that she meets while walking along the streets and is then subsequently confronted by Mana Takamiya. Origami, having heard Mana’s report, is surprised to see Kurumi appear the next day at school. Confronted by Origami, Kurumi quickly forces her into a corner by summoning various hands from her shadows. She considers also devouring Origami, but ultimately decides to save the AST Wizard for a later date. When asked about her intentions, Kurumi reveals that she is after Shido.

Kurumi on her date

Kurumi on her date with Shido

As Shido is forced to take on a simultaneous triple date with Kurumi, Origami, and Tohka, he uses Fraxinus’ teleporter to constantly shift between Kurumi, Origami, and Tohka. During her date with Shido, Fraxinus' decision causes them to go into a lingerie store. In an attempt to test how far Kurumi will go, Fraxinus gives the command for Shido to ask her to put on a very revealing piece of underwear. Much to everyone’s surprise, Kurumi complies with the task. After Shido returns, Kurumi reveals she had bought the underwear because of Shido's compliment.

However, the date takes a darker turn after Shido is forced to momentarily leave for another date. After Shido leaves Kurumi, she finds some boys shooting at a stray cat and convinces them to let her play with them. Ratatoskr loses sight of Kurumi as Origami and Tohka run into each other. After they both proclaim that they are trying to find Shido for their date, Origami runs off, concerned that Shido could be in danger. Shido returns to look for Kurumi but instead finds blood, body parts, and Kurumi preparing to kill a man. As she holds Shido within her clutches, Mana Takamiya intervenes while wearing her CR-Unit.

Kurumi Summons her Clones

Kurumi reveals her clones

Mana Takamiya delivers the death blow to Kurumi and explains to Shido that <Nightmare> will always continue to return no matter how many times she kills her. Afterward, he is forced out of her way and avoids Origami and Tohka. Tohka finds out the reason for Shido's behavior and goes to his house in an attempt to cheer him up. After gaining some insight into Kurumi, the next day Shido declares to Kurumi that he'll save her. Hearing this, Kurumi tells him not to force his values onto others, as she hates that kind of wishful thinking. Frowning at Shido's proclamation, Kurumi tells him that he should put his words to the test and meet her at the rooftop of the school after class.

After arriving at the school roof, she lets out a chuckle and wonders if Shido still intends to save her after what she has planned. Summoning her shadow, she encases the school in her <City of Devouring Time>, which she uses to slowly steal the time of those who step within the boundary of her shadow. While Kurumi is threatening the school and the town, Origami and Tohka are engaged in battles with other copies of Kurumi. Shido seemingly manages to convince Kurumi, only for her to be killed by another Kurumi. It is revealed that the hands within Kurumi's shadow are actually the hands of other copies of herself.

Kurumi facing Mana

Kurumi versus Mana

Mana arrives again and immediately cuts off Kurumi’s arm, which she then quickly regenerates by rewinding time using the Fourth Bullet <Dalet>. She then proceeds to reveal that Mana has only been killing her clones and that she doesn’t even take her seriously. Freezing Mana in place by using the Seventh Bullet <Zayin>, Kurumi then easily defeats her with a barrage of bullets. Tohka and Origami show up but are immediately restrained by Kurumi’s copies. As Kurumi takes everyone hostage, she attempts to summon a Spacequake to destroy the entire town. However, Kotori appears and annihilates the Spacequake with her own, having taken back her Spirit powers from Shido temporarily to fight Kurumi.

Itsuka Sister[]

Kurumi shocked

Kurumi sees Shido trying to protect her

Continuing from the sudden arrival of another Spirit, Kurumi is confronted by Kotori, who has taken back her powers from Shido. During their battle, Kurumi briefly gains the advantage by using her Seventh Bullet <Zayin> to freeze Kotori in place. Summoning numerous clones, Kurumi attacks Kotori with a barrage of bullets. Kotori falls over from Kurumi's attack, but her healing flames enable her to recover from her wounds. Shocked, Kurumi sends her copies to capture Shido, but he is pushed away by Kotori and her clones are instantly disintegrated into ash. Kurumi uses her Fourth Bullet <Dalet> to heal the injuries that she suffered and angrily tells Kotori that she will not let it end like that. In response, Kotori transforms her Angel into cannon mode and prepares to launch her attack. Frightened, Kurumi summons her copies to shield her. However, the resulting blast is still enough to destroy a quarter of Zafkiel and cost Kurumi her left arm. 

As Kotori prepares to deal the final blow, Shido immediately stands in front of Kurumi to shield her. Knowing that Kotori is no longer herself, he tries to reason with her to spare Kurumi. After the shot is launched, Kotori suddenly regains consciousness and changes the direction of the projectile at the last moment, saving Kurumi’s life in the process.

Kurumi talking to Phantom

Kurumi talks with Phantom

After the clash with Origami in the park, Kurumi is seen on a rooftop slowly regaining the amount of “time” she lost during her fight with Kotori. There, a mysterious silhouette appears, asking how it went with Shido. Apparently, this being is the one who told Kurumi about Shido’s existence and his ability to seal Spirits. When questioned by the mysterious person about her goals for seeking Shido out, she states that her true goal is to consume Shido and use him as fuel for the Twelfth Bullet, which will allow her to travel back in time to 30 years ago and kill the First Spirit. She believes that the results of her actions will prevent the birth of future calamities that humanity calls Spirits. The mysterious person mocks Kurumi for being “surprisingly gentle”, before disappearing into the shadows.[1]

Miku Lily[]

Kurumi briefly appears after Shido makes his escape from Tengu Square. With Tohka captured by DEM, the Fraxinus crew helpless under Miku's influence, and Miku in pursuit of Shido, Kurumi appears and offers her aid to Shido.

Miku Truth[]

Kurumi offering assistance

Kurumi agrees to help Shido

Kurumi and Shido decide that the best course of action is to convince Miku to leave them alone as they attempt to save Tohka from DEM. After arriving at Miku’s home, Kurumi relentlessly teases Shido about both “Shiori” and the size of Miku’s bra. However, the teasing is cut short as they find a CD and a mysterious photo. Kurumi uses the Tenth Bullet, <Yud>, on the picture and CDs to peek into Miku's past, but the sound of Miku's Army Breaker Diva, <Gabriel>, interrupts Kurumi before she can explain to Shido about Miku's oddity. Knowing that soon everyone in the area will be after them, Shido and Kurumi agree to confront Miku directly.

Kurumi clones attack

Kurumi's fight against DEM

As Kurumi and Shido stand against tens of thousands of people brainwashed by Miku, Kurumi summons her <City of Devouring Time> to take care of the mindless masses. However, Miku's <Army Breaker Diva> manages to give the people enough strength to overcome Kurumi's City of Devouring Time. While they are surprised by this, Miku boasts that her <Army Breaker Diva> isn't limited to enchanting people. Not one to be easily impressed, Kurumi promptly summons her past selves. The area immediately becomes engulfed in darkness as the battle begins.

With Yoshino and the Yamai twins busy fighting against the myriads of Kurumi's past selves, Shido is quickly taken to where Miku is by one of the clones under the acceleration effect of the First Bullet <Aleph>. Kurumi drags Shido and Miku into her shadow so that the two can speak privately. However, the strain of fighting three Spirits and maintaining the space proves to be too much for Kurumi, who resorts to using the Second Bullet <Bet> to slow down time for their escape.

Kurimi 210

Kurumi after the end of the battle

Afterward, Kurumi receives information about Tohka’s whereabouts from her other selves. She requests a pat on the head from Shido. Kurumi teases Shido further by adding another condition for helping him: something along the lines of saying "I like Kurumi better than Tohka" in front of the <Princess>. Kurumi tells the flustered Shido that she is only joking and reveals Tohka's location. However, as they arrive at DEM’s footsteps, Mana appears and attacks Kurumi. Seeing her chance to move on her own, Kurumi decides to leave Shido to Mana. Before leaving, she assures Shido that the frontal assault caused by clones will remain.

During the aftermath of the battle, Kurumi remarks that she never found her true target, the Second Spirit; the Spirit captured by DEM and the one who knows the identity of the First Spirit.

Tobiichi Angel[]

DAL v10 10

Kurumi talks with Origami

Origami finds Kurumi and requests to be sent to the past with the power of Kurumi's Twelfth Bullet, <Yud Bet>. Kurumi jokingly asks Origami if she wants to go back so that she can see Shido when he was an innocent child, to which Origami replies that she wishes to travel back five years in order to kill the Spirit who murdered her parents, thus changing history. Sympathizing with Origami's desire to alter the past, Kurumi eventually agrees to send Origami back in time. However, she tells Origami that she is using the former AST Wizard as a test subject for the Twelfth Bullet, and she will use Origami's Reiryoku to fuel the time travel. Origami remains adamant and assures Kurumi that she is ready to pay the price as long as she is sent back before the incident which occurred five years ago. Then, Kurumi summons <Zafkiel> and shoots Origami with the Twelfth Bullet.

After seeing Origami tap into her Inverse Form, Kurumi pins down Shido with a concentrated version of her shadow. Kurumi tells him that everything he does will become meaningless once Origami goes into her inverse form. She then proceeds to shoot Shido with the Ninth Bullet alongside the Twelfth Bullet, sending him five years in the past to find out the reason for Origami's inversion.

Tobiichi Devil[]

After Shido realizes that he had traveled back in time, he suddenly hears Kurumi's voice in his head. He scans his surroundings to search for Kurumi, but she tells him that she is in a different "time". Kurumi explains that she has sent Shido five years into the past using the Twelfth Bullet, <Yud Bet>, as well as the Ninth Bullet, <Tet>, which allows her to connect –communicate telepathically and share senses– with people in a different time. Shido argues that he needs to return to the present to help Tohka and the others, but Kurumi tells him about how she sent Origami to the past before she returned as an Inverse Spirit. Kurumi says she wants proof that history can be changed. She gets a little sentimental and says she's talked too much. She then urges Shido to hurry and find out what caused Origami to go Inverse.

DAL v11 c02

Shido meets the Kurumi of 5 years ago.

After watching the events of five years ago unfold, Kurumi concludes that she has helped to create the current timeline by sending Origami and Shido back in time. She concludes that the best course of action is to send Shido back in time again to change history. However, in an attempt to conserve Reiryoku, the action will be done by the Kurumi of five years ago. Kurumi says that five years ago she was near where the fire broke out. Shido asks if she had met him at that time, but Kurumi states that she was just there to see the flames, as another Spirit was a likely suspect for causing a disaster on such a grand scale. Kurumi guarantees that she was around the fire then, but she did not meet Shido. As a result, history will be altered if such a meeting occurs.

Past Kurumi, who is wearing an eyepatch, asks what business Shido has in a place like this, which prompts him to ask her bluntly for help. Eyepatch Kurumi is surprised that Shido knows her name and warns him not to move. He tries to tell her that he was sent here by the Kurumi from five years in the future. Present-Kurumi tells Shido that they don't have a lot of time and asks him to touch the eyepatch Kurumi. Shido says it's fine if she keeps pointing the gun at him, but he'd like her to hold his hand due to present Kurumi wishing to talk to her. Eyepatch Kurumi cautiously complies, and present-Kurumi quickly explains the situation. After a moment of silence, eyepatch Kurumi agrees to shoot Shido with the Twelfth Bullet. Before Shido disappears, eyepatch Kurumi wishes him good luck. Shido also tells her that he thinks the eyepatch suits her well, which causes present Kurumi to force out a choking sound upon hearing this complement. Meanwhile, the other Kurumi thanks Shido and bids him farewell until they meet again five years later. During the second time jump, Kurumi eavesdrops on Shido’s conversation with Phantom. She quietly wonders if he knows more than he suggests about Phantom, but Shido denies being acquainted with a person who hides their identity with mosaics. Regardless, Phantom refuses to give answers to Shido on the basis that Kurumi is listening to their conversation.

DAL v11 06

Kurumi meets Shido in the new timeline

After Origami’s appearance in the new timeline, Kurumi reappears before Shido and reveals that she has also retained memories of the original world. She knows that Origami has become a Spirit, but she is uncertain as to what event could have caused Origami to become a Spirit in this world. Kurumi changes into her Astral Dress and says that she can find answers by using the Tenth Bullet <Yud> on Origami. Shido accepts Kurumi's offer to help, but Origami automatically assumes her Inverse Form the instant she sees Kurumi on the rooftop. Origami calls out the name of her Demon King, Devil of Salvation <Satan> to attack Kurumi and Shido. Kurumi leaps into air and shoots at Origami, but the shot is easily blocked by Origami's "feathers" as Kurumi is ruthlessly torn apart by Origami's attacks.

After Origami reverts to her usual school uniform and excuses herself, unaware of her happenings, Kurumi shows up again and tells Shido that it was only a clone created from the Eight Bullet, <Het>, whom Origami had torn apart. She tells him not to worry but says that it will be difficult to use the Tenth Bullet on Origami like this. Shido wonders if he made a mistake, but Kurumi remarks him that their current situation is not as bad compared to what transpired in the original world. Shido understands Kurumi's logic, but he can't fully agree with her because he wants to know what happened to Origami. Kurumi says she's also interested in how altering past events can change the world, but tells Shido that she's not that softhearted and will be taking extra fees for any favors from now on. She bids Shido farewell and disappears into the shadows.

Itsuka Disaster[]

As <Material A> is being prepared to be transported from Neryl Island to DEM’s Japanese headquarters, Kurumi launches a swarm of her clones to retrieve the captured Spirit. However, at that instant, all of her clones are swiftly defeated by the new Adeptus 2

After Shido’s condition stabilized, Kurumi emerges from the wreckage of the transport aircraft. She uses the Tenth Bullet <Yud> to recall the memories of the plane before it crashed. She witnesses a scene where the airplane trembled as a pillar of light erupted from the distance. She concludes that the event has something to do with Shido, and is grateful to him that she can now retrieve the Second Spirit without sacrificing many of her clones. However, much to her surprise, the Second Spirit already escaped.

Nia Creation[]

Kurumi comes to visit Nia, the Second Spirit, after the latter received a manga sales challenge from Kotori and the others. During their conversation, both parties obtain information about the other. Kurumi through her clones, and Nia through her Angel. Using <Rasiel>, Nia can determine that Kurumi is the reason why the transport plane had no escorts. Kurumi responds that she was merely there to have her questions answered.

While grateful towards Kurumi, Nia responds that she is a pacifist and won't give critical information to someone like Kurumi. Kurumi sarcastically replies that no one will receive misfortune from her inquiry. Then, she asks Nia about the First Spirit, who appeared in the world 30 years ago. She inquires about the reason for its appearance, the exact time and coordinates of its manifestation, its power, and a way to kill it.[2]

The rest of the conversation occurs off-screen. However, the next time Kurumi appears, she is seen talking to one of her clones. She remarks that it would be impossible for her to defeat the First Spirit. However, she feels that all the murders she committed aren't in vain since her Angel can rewind time. Before leaving, she utters her disdain for the three people responsible for the First Spirit's appearance 30 years ago: Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott, Ellen Mira Mathers, and Elliot Baldwin Woodman.[3]

Mukuro Family[]

One month after the conflict with Mukuro is resolved, Shido, Tohka, and Origami are shocked to see Kurumi at school. She asks them what is the problem, as homeroom is about to start. Giving a slight laugh, Kurumi informs them that she has returned to this school starting today and looks forward to having a great time with them again.

Kurumi Refrain[]

As Shido remains flabbergasted by Kurumi's appearance in the classroom, Kurumi relaxes her expression and jokingly mocks Shido for not having anything else to say to a long-lost classmate who has just returned to class. In response, Origami and Tohka step forward to protect Shido, asking Kurumi about her motives for coming here. Kurumi tells them that she harbors no intentions to cause trouble and how heart-rending it is that they don't trust her. Then, behind her cheerful façade, Kurumi lets out a few snickers. She states it would be easy for her to utilize a more violent method by summoning her Angel and clones to take the other classmates as hostages. As Shido shouts back her name in protest, Kurumi laughs that she implores him to trust her word on it. Meanwhile, their conversation begins attracting gossip from their classmates, which Kurumi deliberately feeds into by voicing out loud even more outlandish and false stories about her staying as a servant in Shido's house. As things settle down, Shido retorts that he wants to do more than welcome her, but also still desires to seal her Reiryoku. Much to his surprise, Kurumi agrees but also adds that she has a stipulation to add, but suddenly stops herself as class begins.

After class is over, Kurumi asks Shido to speak to her on the school rooftop. Upon seeing Shido's arrival, Kurumi greets him with a small theatrical curtsy. Giving a slight introspective glance, Kurumi half-heartedly jokes that Shido has grown considerably more mature since their last meeting, which she justifies probably due to the vast amount of carnage he must have seen. Slightly flustered by the response, Shido quickly brings the topic back to Kurumi's condition. However, just as she is about to give her reply, Shido is struck by a sudden dizziness reminiscent of the numerous times he felt when on the verge of death. Meanwhile, Mana, who had intercepted Ellen's attack against Shido, is overwhelmed in numbers after Ellen summons the numerous Nibelcole for reinforcements. Just when it seems hopeless, the numerous silhouettes of Kurumi's clones appear behind Mana. One of the clones adds that they are more than willing to help her in this situation, as even they find it distasteful to bully the weak. Mana, having to deal with DEM first, bitterly states that she will be coming after her when she is finished dealing with DEM.

Meanwhile, Shido wakes up after hearing Kurumi call out his name. Beckoning a return back to the topic at hand, she tells him that her aim is still the Reiryoku sealed within his body. Now that he has accumulated ten Spirits worth of energy, she fancies that the time should now be ripe for that goal. Additionally, Kurumi also recalls that Shido's goal is also to seal her Reiryoku. Giggling in a seductive manner, Kurumi states that she has no interest in the happy life Shido is offering and cannot be deprived of her Reiryoku at any cost. To that end, Kurumi stipulates a challenge between the two of them; whoever makes the other fall in love first will be able allowed to accomplish his or her goal.

The next day, Kurumi arrives at the Itsuka residence to walk to school with Shido. While flustered at first by the unexpected arrival, Shido retaliates by taking a detour to visit an alleyway where stray cats typically would gather. When Shido teases her over her reaction to the cats, Kurumi retaliates by petting and treating Shido like a cat. During lunchtime, Kurumi and Shido decide to trade their lunchboxes with each other. Upon eating Shido's lunchbox, Kurumi briefly hallucinates numerous cat paws coming at her. Afterward, Kurumi points to the other Spirits hiding in the corner and subtly hints that she would want more privacy next time. She then tells Shido that she intends to settle their confrontation by Valentine's Day.

On Valentine's Day, Kurumi goes on her date with Shido after school has concluded. After being told that they likely are thinking the same thing, Kurumi allows Shido to take the lead in deciding where they are going. Much to her initial surprise, Shido has planned a recreation of his original date with Kurumi, wanting to let the original know why her clone fell in love with him. In the evening, they go to a park. Shido asks for more detail about Kurumi's motives, having heard of them from Nia. In response, Kurumi brings out her pistol and shoots towards the sky, destroying the Ratatoskr cameras that were spying on them. She also crushes Shido's earpiece. Despite becoming vulnerable, Shido still wants to know. Thus, Kurumi leads Shido to an abandoned building with a bed inside one of its rooms, and, after getting Shido to rest on her chest, fires <Zafkiel's> <Yud> at his temple, allowing Shido to see a memory of Kurumi as if it were his own dream. Once <Yud> wears off, Kurumi fully explains the rationale behind her actions, before stripping naked as her offer to give Shido everything except her Reiryoku. She pushes Shido onto the bed and attempts to strip him too, only for several <Nibelcole> to interrupt them. Kurumi shoots a <Zayin> at all of them before absorbing them into her shadow, then passes out.

Shido helps the passed-out Kurumi into the bed in place of himself. A Kurumi clone appearing identical to that of the eyepatch-wearing Kurumi from five years ago, then steps in to explain what had happened. She says that Shido should have died by now, and a flashback reveals that at the end of Kurumi's first day back at school, when she was talking to Shido at the rooftop, Ellen stabbed him in the back, then summoned a few <Nibelcole> to finish him off. The <Nibelcole> instead kept four other arriving Spirits occupied. When Kurumi tried to summon <Zafkiel>, Artemisia cut her arm off, allowing Ellen to decapitate Shido directly. Kurumi's clones then helped the real Kurumi escape the scene with Shido's corpse, before recovering all severed limbs for the real Kurumi to reconnect via <Dalet>. However, it couldn't save Shido's life. Having realized this, Kurumi wailed in despair before deciding to kiss the lips of Shido's corpse. This unsealed the Sixth Bullet, <Vav>, which had been sealed since the fight against Kotori. Kurumi gave a final pep talk to her clones before shooting <Vav> at her temple to reset time. The Kurumi clone who tells Shido this, reveals that the real Kurumi had already used <Vav> 204 times to save Shido. When Shido asks why Kurumi didn't just eat him, the Kurumi clone starts to respond, only to be interrupted by a gunshot from the real Kurumi who had woken up. She reacts in a tsundere manner to what Shido was about to ask her, before excusing herself and disappearing into the shadows with her clone.

Kurumi resurfaces in her Astral Dress alongside the rest of her clones at the roof of an unknown building, demanding an explanation from the eyepatch-wearing clone for disclosing confidential information about her mission. A voice then calls out to them, and all the Kurumi clones position their guns. Recognizing the mosaic-covered figure as Phantom, Kurumi dismisses Phantom's offer to help, and shoots a <Zayin> at Phantom to prevent her escape. Phantom's real identity is exposed at that moment, and Kurumi commands her clones to absorb Phantom into the shadows. She scathingly remarks to Phantom that no hell could ever be deep enough for her.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Kurumi falls to her knees, and her clones begin to worry for her. The real Kurumi then reminds her clone army that her destination is 30 years in the past. However, one clone starts to question Phantom's motive for dividing her powers. This makes the real Kurumi think briefly before continuing to depart her location.

On the following day, the eyepatch-wearing Kurumi clone emerges from the shadows to appear in front of Kotori and Shido inside their own home. Kotori isn't happy at the clone's intrusion. Nevertheless, the Kurumi clone discloses a tip-off about DEM's plans to mobilize their forces to kill Shido in four days' time, while also revealing that the real Kurumi does not know about this. Before the Kurumi clone can return to the shadows, Shido interrupts, asking her to deliver a message from him to the real Kurumi. The Kurumi clone laughs at the delivered message, but is unable to guarantee that she'll be able to pass it on, and wonders if she should wager her own life to do so. Word of the tip-off goes back to the real Kurumi, who holds the eyepatch-wearing clone at gunpoint a few hours later at an unknown building. The eyepatch-wearing clone, not afraid of death, decides to relay the message she received from Shido, but her exaggerated delivery leaves the real Kurumi flustered. This suggests that the real Kurumi also found out about Shido's message. The real Kurumi shoots, but is off-target. She states that she wouldn't foolishly pare down her forces during wartime, and demands that her subject be useful and die on the battlefield for her.

On the day before the final battle, Kurumi uses her clones to extend the range of her shadow, which allows her to absorb enough time from an entire town. While doing so, she kneels down and holds her hands similar to a position of prayer seeking forgiveness. Finally, she shoots herself with <Het> around 1000 times to bolster her clone army. Each clone disappears into the shadows once formed. The following day, the clone army begin their counter-offensive against DEM, shooting down the first wave of Bandersnatch that they deployed. They proceed to take on the second wave of Bandersnatch assisted by the Nibelcole army.

After Shido's charm offensive against the Nibelcole is put into action, the real Kurumi emerges from the shadows, first shooting down a Nibelcole that attempted to jump Shido from behind. Kurumi pays no heed to Shido's gratitude and attempts to bargain for his Reiryoku, all the while shooting down Nibelcole on sight. She even finds it amusing that Shido willingly let himself enter the battlefield to deal with a threat that can regenerate endlessly. However, Kurumi finds herself arguing with Shido over feelings she is suspected to have for him. When Shido suggests that he be the one who uses <Zafkiel> to travel back in time and seal the Spirit of Origin by making her fall in love, Kurumi ends up at a loss for words, allowing a stray Nibelcole to launch herself towards Kurumi while wearing paper armor that lets her dodge a bullet and Shido's blown kiss. Fortunately, the eyepatch-wearing clone emerges from the shadows to take the hit. The armored Nibelcole is dealt with by a shot of <Dalet> and a kiss from Shido. Afterwards, Shido witnesses the eyepatch-wearing clone, now fatally wounded, tell the real Kurumi to be honest with her own feelings before disappearing entirely. Ultimately, the real Kurumi admits defeat in their contest and decides that it might not be a bad idea to kiss Shido once both of them survive the war. However, this peaceful agreement is soon interrupted by Kurumi screaming in agony as a hand extends out from her stomach.

Mio Game Over[]

The mysterious hand extending out of Kurumi's stomach soon emerges completely, leaving Kurumi dying in the process. This enigmatic person is revealed to be Mio Takamiya, who had escaped from being imprisoned in Kurumi's shadow. Using the last of her strength, Kurumi fires one last bullet from Zafkiel, which seemingly misses. Kurumi curses Mio one last time before collapsing dead from her injuries, with the subsequent death of the original also removing all of her clones from the battlefield. As a show of respect, Mio gently closes Kurumi's eyes after retrieving her Sephira Crystal.

After Mio finishes eliminating the other Spirits, a Kurumi clone suddenly appears and saves Shido at the last moment. The clone was sent to the future through the Eleventh Bullet Yud Aleph, which was the bullet that the original fired in her last moments. Despite the death of the original, this clone would remain alive during the duration of the Eleventh Bullet. Kurumi taunts Mio and charges recklessly forward again, which Mio views as strange since Kurumi should know it's futile to fight against her. Shido soon realizes that Kurumi is trying to subtly remind him that he still has the Sixth Bullet Vav sealed in his body. After Mio eliminates the clone, Shido uses the Sixth Bullet to travel back to the past to prevent this tragedy from ever occurring.

Mio True End[]

After traveling back to the past, Shido contacts eyepatch Kurumi to inform her of what will happen with Mio in the future. The clone then relays the information to her original, who then begins preparations to avoid her predestined demise. The original Kurumi soon arrives to interrupt Reine's date with Shido, much to the latter's surprise since he had already warned her about Mio. Kurumi engages in a brief skirmish against Reine, who also equips her own Astral Dress. The fight quickly ends once Reine summons her other self from within Kurumi's shadow, causing the Spirit of Origin to emerge from Kurumi again. However, after Reine and Mio fuse together, Mio notices that she failed to retrieve Kurumi's Sephira Crystal, ultimately concluding that Kurumi must have done something clever.

Much later, just as DEM is about to be victorious against Ratatoskr, Kurumi sneaks up from the shadows and stabs Westcott from behind to take back Nia's Qlipha Crystal. She then shoots the Fourth Bullet <Dalet> to rewind time, instantly purifying the crystal in the process. Taking in the retrieved Sephira Crystal, Kurumi manically laughs over now obtaining a second Angel. This act also causes her Astral Dress to transform into a new scarlet and white gothic lolita dress decorated with crosses. Kurumi's clones prepare to finish off Westcott, but her execution attempt is hindered by Ellen, who retrieves Westcott and orders a strategic retreat. Nevertheless, Kurumi's victory is short-lived, as Mio soon returns after having annihilated the DEM armada. Seeing there is no other alternative, Kurumi finally allows Shido to seal her Reiryoku, granting him the power of all ten Angels in the process. Before going off to confront Mio, Shido gives Kurumi a second thank you kiss out of gratitude.

Shido's confrontation with Mio ends with both of them enveloped into a cocoon of light. Left behind with the other Spirits, Kurumi tries to use her newly acquired Rasiel to find out what has happened. Her attempt is stalled by the Spirits nosily asking for an immediate answer, Nia complaining that Kurumi having Rasiel feels like NTR, and Miku trying to creep up on her. After offering her condolences to Kotori for having to manage such a rowdy group, Kurumi gets back to work investigating, only to leave the others confused by cryptically remarking that Shido and Mio are currently at a beach.

When Westcott returns with the means to assert himself as the second Spirit of Origin, Kurumi contributes to the resistance by shooting <Aleph> at Tohka to increase her speed while manifesting <Halvanhelev>. At the end of the final battle, Kurumi gathers with all the other Spirits, Mana and MARIA, having found Shido at the familiar beach. Kurumi then witnesses Tohka grab the Sephira Crystal left behind by Mio after her passing.

Tohka World[]

After the final battle against Westcott, Kurumi is taken in under Ratatoskr's protection and continues to attend school at Raizen High. One month later, Kurumi passes by the Itsuka residence with her friend Sawa on the way to school. A few days later, Kurumi emerges from the shadows inside the Itsuka residence, in front of Shido, Kotori and Mana, to reveal the truth about Mana's condition. Bringing out <Rasiel> as proof of how she knows, Kurumi challenges Shido to investigate in a similar manner, but recommends that Shido shoot himself with <Zafkiel>'s <Yud> instead. Once Shido finds out the truth from his repressed memories, Kurumi lowers her head, not satisfied that all their problems had suddenly been resolved without explanation, and unable to find out why "Tohka" created the world they're living in. However, she warns that the world does not last, and swiftly departs to the shadows.

Kurumi does not attend the subsequent Spirit meeting that Kotori calls up. However, she does find out that Tohka gatecrashed the meeting. In the morning, Kurumi gives a phone call to Kotori, who had been monitoring Shido and Tohka's date until communications were cut. Kurumi invites Kotori to a park, without disclosing that she similarly invited each other Spirit (except Tohka) to the same location. Kurumi emerges from the shadows to greet the Spirits she had invited, before announcing that the Spirits will be battling each other in order to circulate Reiryoku and preserve the world created by "Tohka" for as long as possible. Without doing so, Tohka's body may suddenly explode and bring the world down with it. Kurumi stresses that she could not tell the Spirits this while either Shido or Tohka were around, for the sake of their date. Kurumi lets Nia use her version of <Rasiel> to confirm the truth, and also assures Kotori that she will be in control of her Spirit powers when she fights. When Natsumi raises her own objections to having the Spirits fight each other, Kurumi decides to reserve a reward for the last Spirit standing - the right to confess to Shido.

Despite being the one to propose the Spirit battle royale, Kurumi deliberately holds back by using <Rasiel> to avoid fighting. When she comes across Nia using the same tactic, they clash and Kurumi comes out on top, eliminating Nia from the competition. Kurumi continues to largely hide away, witnessing Yoshino defeat Natsumi and deciding to come out of hiding to challenge Yoshino. Kurumi is faced with a newly-defiant Yoshino. After the battle royale concludes with Yoshino expressing doubts about her own victory, Kurumi emerges from the shadows to clarify that she was indeed eliminated by the eventual victor Yoshino, having exhausted her Reiryoku supply for using <Rasiel>.

Having seen Kurumi emerge while wearing her old Astral Dress, Mana realizes that Kurumi deliberately held back, which the Worst Spirit confirms that she intended to save enough Reiryoku to finally settle the score against Mana. A brief skirmish occurs between Kurumi and Mana, in which the Kurumi fighting Mana is revealed to actually be a clone, the real Kurumi having hidden herself in the shadows all this time to eventually fire a <Dalet> at Mana to restore her body's state to the way it was 30 years ago. Once the clone disappears and the real Kurumi finally explains this to Kotori, Kurumi's Astral Dress and Angel disappear, forcing Kotori to quickly grab a change of clothes for her. Once Kurumi is redressed, she smiles at Mana, having found respect for her "ally of justice".

Just then, an earthquake occurs, and Kurumi sees the bleached color of the sky, now certain that Tenka's artificial world is coming to an end. She voices encouragement to Shido while following the other Spirits to find Shido and Tohka. Once found, Kurumi and the other Spirits begin to cry as they have to say farewell to Tohka, who would disappear together with the artificial world.

Tohka Good End First Half[]

A year after the disappearance of the Spirit of Origin, Kurumi invites Shido to her home and explains how she managed to survive, though admits embarrassment at her obsession with eyepatches acquired from the clone she had transferred her consciousness from. She then has Shido accompany her to Sawa's grave to pay respects. While still at the cemetery, Kurumi suggests that Spirits haven't really disappeared - because they were life forms created from the mana gathered in one place, the "disappearance" of a Spirit just means a dispersal of mana. She claims that the Realizer Manifestation Device could generate a Sephira Crystal with a higher accuracy than the method used by Westcott, but takes back her claim, saying it was only a joke. As they leave the cemetery, Kurumi tells Shido that she knows what he wishes for, and is happy that her own wish written down on the tanzaku came true.

Kurumi attends the emergency meeting of the former Spirits at Fraxinus after the Spacequake alarm sounded for the first time in a year. When Natsumi suggests that the Spirit that triggered the Spacequake may have crossed time planes, Kurumi agrees, suggesting that it may have arrived from the past via <Yud Aleph>, or from the future via <Yud Bet>.

Tohka Good End Second Half[]

During the confrontation with Beast, Kurumi and the other former Spirits were able to descend safely from Fraxinus using headsets connected to <Yggd Folium> Realizer units. Kurumi, Yoshino, and Miku are assigned the duty of protecting Shido from Beast's attacks by generating Territory from their headsets. After Natsumi successfully lands an <Yggd Ramus> through Beast's back, Beast's swords disappear. One of them reappears in front of Kurumi, who grabs it; the sword transforms into Kurumi's Astral Dress, and she temporarily regains her Spirit powers. However, Kurumi and Nia watch the other Spirits keep Beast at bay, eventually causing Beast to retreat. Kurumi admits that all she did was summon a City of Devouring Time around Beast. After Shido wields <Nahemah> and goes after Beast, Kurumi comes to Nia's defense when the other Spirits accuse Nia of withholding foreknowledge that she gained from <Rasiel>. To demonstrate, she summons <Zafkiel>, which the other Spirits see has six of its twelve bullets sealed. It turns out that Kurumi didn't fully regain her Spirit powers because the Kurumi from Beast's world managed to survive.


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