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Without a doubt, Kurumi's most unique relationships are with her clones. Her clones are her companions, followers, and to some extent, her friends. However, Kurumi has also shown to be willing to sacrifice them to save herself, as well as punish and even kill them should they disobey her. Shido has even criticized her for the terrible way she treats her clones. The clones, on the other hand, seem to take no issue with it and even appear to be happy to sacrifice themselves for their original.

One unique relationship Kurumi had was with a clone of herself from 5 years ago. This clone displayed a particular care for Kurumi, most likely due to her still having morals her original and fellow clones had already abandoned. She showed this by leaking information to Shido when the original Kurumi was overstraining herself. However, this frustrated the original Kurumi to the point that she only decided not to kill her due to the upcoming battle between Ratatoskr and DEM. During the battle, the clone ended up sacrificing herself to protect Kurumi, with her last words being that she should be more honest with her feelings.

Having initially viewed all her goals to be accomplished during her stay in Tenka's world, Kurumi granted her remaining clones the freedom to spend their remaining lifespan however they see fit. She even compares the situation to a company that has gone under and forced its employees to seek an occupation elsewhere. Despite this, she was incredibly peeved that the Big Four Kurumi group chose to also enroll in the same school, viewing it as a terrible inconvenience and headache to explain to other people. After finding out the truth about Tenka's world through <Rasiel>, all of the clones loyally gathered around the original for one last mission to ensure that the creator of this world could enjoy her last moments happy.

Some of her clones, including the aforementioned clone from 5 years ago, are viewed as a source of humiliation because they remind Kurumi of her embarrassing past fashion sense, particularly the eyepatches she wore to conceal her left eye. However, Kurumi would keep the eyepatches as a memento after all her clones disappeared with the loss of Reiryoku caused by Mio's death. She suggests that her personality may have mixed with that of the clone she used as a substitute body to survive Mio bursting out of her original body. But as a result of saying this, she is comedically horrified when Shido suggests that the clone may have influenced her to take an interest in wearing eyepatches again.

Shido Itsuka[]

Kurumi first sought out Shido in order to consume him and gain the Reiryoku of the three Spirits he had sealed up to that point. When he attempted to seal her like the previous Spirits, she played along, before trying to make it clear that she could not be saved. She is very teasing and flirty towards him, especially in regard to the time he was forced to dress up as a woman named Shiori. After Shido nearly gave his life to defend her from Kotori, she appears to have become more affectionate of him to the point where she no longer tries to forcefully consume him, despite proclaiming that she still intends to do so. She has offered Shido her assistance on occasions, but made it clear that she had her own ulterior motives for helping.

Shido's kindness towards Kurumi has proven to be beneficial to both her and everyone around her as they are no longer in constant danger; a major sign of her goodwill was shown at the end of Volume 6, where she offered Shido help to rescue Tohka. Interestingly, she seems to enjoy teasing Shido—aside from her heavily hinted feelings towards him, which is the reason why she hasn't devoured him yet, even when doing so would allow her to accomplish her goals near-instantly.

After returning to Shido's class, Kurumi admits that she still plans to eat Shido, but is just as willing to let him seal her if he makes her fall for him first. She reveals her past to Shido after isolating him from contact with Ratatoskr and goes as far as offering to sleep with him in exchange for his Reiryoku, promising him that the success of her plans will undo his death. When Shido was killed by Ellen, Kurumi regained her Sixth Bullet <Vav> and put herself through 204 time loops in an attempt to avert his death at the hands of DEM. Despite her own intentions to eat him, she found herself determined to save his life, causing her to realize she was in love with Shido. However, Kurumi was unwilling to directly admit this to him because she felt she would be admitting defeat in their competition to make each other fall in love. In the Game Over Timeline, her eyepatch clone urges her to be honest with her feelings, leading to Kurumi offering to let him seal her should they both survive the war with DEM, though she is killed by Mio shortly afterward. In the True End Timeline, Kurumi finally kisses Shido to seal her powers, entrusting him to stop Mio. Before going off to confront the First Spirit, Shido gives Kurumi another kiss as a show of gratitude, leading her to praise him for having become a very capable man.

During the events of Tohka World, Kurumi shows a willingness to let go of her feelings towards Shido, by rewarding the winner of her proposed Spirit battle royale with the privilege to confess to Shido, while also holding back during the battle royale itself by not using <Zafkiel>.

Kurumi is humiliated when Shido finds her wearing her departed clones' accessories, only relenting after he shows her a picture of himself during his chuunibyou phase. When Shido apologizes for not being able to keep his promise to change history with <Yud Bet> in her stead, Kurumi reassures him that the resolution to the conflict with Mio that he helped bring about was nothing to feel remorse over.

Mana Takamiya[]

Kurumi has allowed Mana to kill her clones in the past pretty much just to mess with her and then later appears again someplace else. However, she acknowledges Mana's abilities to a point, noting that Shido would be safe with Mana protecting him in her stead during their assault on DEM's Japanese HQ. Funny enough, Kurumi admits to liking killing others but also liking being killed by them (her clones’ experience is hinted to translate back to her), so it can be inferred that she has only been killed by Mana in the past because she let her kill her, this is proven more than true when she effortlessly defeats Mana in the first battle where the real Kurumi was even present. Kurumi would reluctantly seek help from Mana when DEM started targeting Shido, seeing her as the only potential ally strong enough to fight Ellen and Artemisia. Despite their animosity, Kurumi would end up using her Reiryoku supply to rewind Mana's body to a state before DEM's life-reducing treatment, admitting some respect for the "ally of justice".

Nia Honjo[]

After her encounter with Shido, Kurumi dedicated the majority of her effort to finding Nia, the Second Spirit, so that she may obtain information about the First Spirit. To that end, she agreed to help Shido save Tohka from DEM because she wanted to find Nia, who was captured by DEM at the time. After finally finding her, Kurumi requested information about the First Spirit, to which Nia complied in gratitude for Kurumi ensuring that there wasn't a DEM escort when she was being transported to Japan.

In the True End timeline, Kurumi recovers Nia's Sephira Crystal from DEM but does not immediately give it back to Nia, which causes Nia to become jealous over Kurumi's use of <Rasiel>.

Sawa Yamauchi[]

Sawa was Kurumi's best friend. Kurumi was devastated to the point of nearly Inversing when she realized that Mio had tricked her into killing Sawa as part of the Sephira Crystal purification process, which made saving her one of her primary motivations to change history by killing the First Spirit. Kurumi was able to reunite with her within Tenka's artificial world, and in a rare display of emotion, sheds tears while reflecting on the time they spent together afterwards. Every year, Kurumi pays a visit to Sawa's grave to leave flowers.

Origami Tobiichi[]

She considers Origami "delicious" and pinned her to a wall while noting her intent to eat her after Shido. After Origami becomes a Spirit, she seeks out Kurumi and requests to be sent back in time, which Kurumi ultimately agrees to out of empathy for Origami wanting to fix her broken past. She sincerely hoped that Origami would be able to save her parents, as doing so would reinforce the plausibility of her own goal of traveling back in time. Kurumi is displeased to find that she indirectly contributed to Origami's Inversion when Origami turns out to be her own parents' killer, something which would not have been possible without Kurumi’s own powers.

Natsumi Kyouno[]

Kurumi acknowledges Natsumi as being one of the more clever Spirits. In Spirit Werewolf, Kurumi chose to use her vote to try and eliminate Natsumi early in the game, with her intuition telling her that Natsumi would become more troublesome to herself as the game progressed. The short story Kurumi Friend marks their only other direct interaction, with Kurumi approaching Natsumi for use of <Haniel's> powers to recover a lost cat.

Natsumi is aware of the danger Kurumi poses, such that she did not attempt to use <Haniel> to copy <Zafkiel>.

Tohka Yatogami[]

For much of the story, Kurumi only sees Tohka as potential “food” who poses little threat in her sealed state. Kurumi was the first to realize that Tenka had placed everyone in an artificial world, but she hid the reason for its creation in order to stall Tohka’s disappearance for as long as possible. In turn, Kurumi set up the Spirit battle royale to secretly help Tenka maintain the world while Tohka and Shido went on their presumed final date. Kurumi would later express gratitude to Tenka and Tohka for allowing her to reunite with Sawa within the artificial world.

Yoshino Himekawa[]

During the Spirit battle royale, Kurumi praised Yoshino for her resolve to win. Despite holding back and fighting only until she exhausted <Rasiel>'s powers, she allows Yoshino to win the contest, which causes Yoshino to question if she can really be declared the winner.

Kotori Itsuka[]

Kurumi was dismissive toward Kotori when the latter showed up to fight her, but she gradually grew frustrated at Kotori’s taunts and overwhelming power. After losing to Kotori during their fight, she remains cautious against fighting the Spirit of Fire again, preferring to simply leave rather than risk another confrontation with her.

After finally letting herself be sealed by Shido, Kurumi sympathizes with Kotori for having a job that requires managing so many Spirits at once.


<Phantom> was the one who told Kurumi about Shido's existence and powers, motivating her to transfer into Shido's class. In Volume 4, Phantom approaches her about how it went with Shido. Then, she questions Kurumi on what she wants to use the 12th bullet for. When <Phantom> finds out it was to kill the First Spirit and undo the existence of all consequent Spirits, she mocks Kurumi for being "surprisingly gentle". Kurumi responds violently to the taunt and tries to shoot Phantom, but the attempt ends in failure.

Other than that mocking reply, <Phantom> has made no further comments towards Kurumi's goal. There also seem to be things that <Phantom> wants to keep hidden from Kurumi, as she cited Kurumi's eavesdropping as one of the reasons why she couldn't tell Shido about his past. <Phantom> would express concern when Kurumi exhausted herself from 204 time loops to save Shido, but Kurumi lashed out and seemingly devoured her.

Mio Takamiya[]

Kurumi once worked together with Mio to protect humanity from monsters. However, when she learned that Mio had tricked her into fighting humans who had become corrupted Spirits, and had in fact just obliviously killed her best friend Sawa, Kurumi developed a deep hatred toward the First Spirit. The true purpose of consuming the lives of over 10,000 people was to travel back 30 years from when Mio first appeared and kill her (though this goal is later revised to preventing Mio's creation after learning from Nia that killing her was impossible). Despite her animosity toward Mio, Kurumi reluctantly ends up siding with her to save the world from Westcott.

Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott[]

Kurumi despises Westcott for being one of the three people responsible for the creation of the First Spirit. After learning that she will never be able to win against Mio, she resolves to go back in time to kill the DEM founders in order to prevent Spirits from ever coming into existence. Later, through her usage of the Sixth Bullet, Kurumi was the deciding factor resetting Westcott's attempts to murder Shido, much to Westcott's own ire. To that end, Westcott resolves to use all of DEM's might in order to kill Shido to the extent that Kurumi would never be able to reverse the outcome no matter how many times she tried resetting history.

In the True End Timeline, Kurumi viewed Westcott as her primary target to gain a second Angel, launching a surprise attack against him when he was left vulnerable while on the brink of victory against Ratatoskr. In doing so, Kurumi stole back Westcott's Qlipha Crystal, took it in after purifying with the Fourth Bullet, and left the DEM founder in a near-death state. When Westcott becomes the Second Spirit of Origin, Kurumi reluctantly acknowledges that he is the bigger threat, even willing to team up with her hated nemesis Mio in order to stop the rogue Inverse Spirit from rewriting the laws of reality.

Elliot Baldwin Woodman[]

Due to Woodman being one of the three creators of the First Spirit, Kurumi holds barely restrained contempt toward Ratatoskr's founder while reluctantly acknowledging that he is not an enemy. During the organization's 30th anniversary, she passive-aggressively shamed Elliot for abandoning his childhood friends in favor of the newly-created First Spirit and openly laments not having the chance to kill him.

Matsurika Sukarabe[]

Kurumi was originally very annoyed by Matsurika's energetic personality, and she considered her request too much of a hassle to even humor. However, she soon changed her mind after hearing that the request involved a magic bullet. After the case is solved and revealed to be a test, Kurumi agrees to help Matsurika recover her family's stolen magical artifacts, as any one of them could be used to create an impossible crime. However, Kurumi only does so reluctantly, as she is still slightly peeved that Matsurika anticipated her reply. Nevertheless, Kurumi was left further exasperated by the lengths Matsurika would reach in her endeavors, and the former Spirit was left speechless that the rich heiress would go so far as to create a detective agency without her permission in pursuit of their goal. [1]

Upon discovering Matsurika's true nature as the culprit of the crime, Kurumi arranged for Matsurika to be publicly humiliated and even took violent precautions to prevent the fake heiress from escaping. She was also unimpressed by Matsurika's obsession with becoming a Spirit, calling it an impossible dream. Despite this, Kurumi still remarked that she would have helped Matsurika atone if she had accepted her sins.


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