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Tohka Dead End[]

Minowa is introduced by Kotori to Shido as part of her crew aboard <Fraxinus>, as well as being a member of the group that will help him on his second encounter with the nameless girl.

Kurumi Killer[]

During lunch period, the new transfer student Kurumi Tokisaki asks Shido to give her a tour of the school for her first day. Watching this on board <Fraxinus>, Kotori and the crew at Ratatoskr immediately get to work. With three choices on where to start, Kotori orders her crew to choose. When the rooftop is presented as the popular choice, Minowa argues that the school's rooftop is usually closed because it's too dangerous.

Yamai Tempest[]

When <Fraxinus> comes under attack by Deus Ex Machina Industries' <Arbatel> ship, Minowa helps position the Protect Mode Territory areas under Kannazuki's command.

Miku Lily[]

During Ratatoskr's strategy meeting with Shido regarding how he should approach Miku the second time around, the crew at <Fraxinus> unanimously agree to cross-dress Shido. Minowa shows up with a collection of wigs.

Shido comes back from that date having been challenged by Miku to beat her school at the Tenou festival contest. When Shido mentions to Kotori that his school will be covering a song, Kotori calls Minowa over, knowing that she has contacts of various singers and would be able to help Shido choose a song.

Much later, after Miku brainwashes Kotori into firing a <Mystletainn> at Shido, Reine tries to stop her, only to be restrained by a still-brainwashed Minowa.

Miku Truth[]

During <Nightmare's> raid on the Japanese branch of DEM, Ratatoskr watches on from <Fraxinus>. Kotori notices Anti-Spirit Team member Origami Tobiichi act independently of her team by fighting DEM's Ellen Mira Mathers. Kotori thus orders her crew to mobilize <Mystletainn> and support Origami. However, when Minowa is ordered to aim <Mystletainn> at Ellen, Minowa worries about getting Origami caught up in the blast. Kotori sighs, and gets Kannazuki to aim instead.

Natsumi Search[]

During Shido's initial confrontation with the Spirit <Witch>, Minowa proposes for Shido to respond with "I don't know anything. I was late in running away and when I noticed, I was over here", on the assumption that Shido is dealing with an older girl.

Natsumi Change[]

During Shido's search for Natsumi who had disappeared, Minowa is the first among the <Fraxinus> crew to spot a strange reading on her map. The rest of the crew identify this as a satellite being dropped onto Tengu City. Minowa later reports to the crew that the satellite deflected a <Mystletainn> strike at it.

Tobiichi Angel[]

When a Spacequake alarm sounds, Minowa reports back from <Fraxinus>, stating that no Spirit waves were detected, meaning that the alarm was a false alarm. Origami is revealed to have baited the alarm herself, doing so in order to lure Spirits and attack them.

Tobiichi Devil[]

During Shido's date with the new-timeline Origami, Minowa votes for Shido to take Origami shopping. She notes that while the option to take her to a cinema is tempting, being unable to talk during the date will make things difficult.

Itsuka Disaster[]

The Ratatoskr crew watch, from a secret underground facility, Shido's arrival at a Ratatoskr-constructed water park in the middle of the forest, where the Spirits had gathered in their swimsuits. When the crew note the effectiveness of the Yamai sisters' attempt at seducing Shido by licking an ice cream in front of him, Minowa and Hinako Shiizaki secretly suggest having the same thing done in front of their male colleagues.

Nia Creation[]

The Ratatoskr crew monitor Shido's date with Nia. Minowa and Shiizaki agree that if Shido complimented Nia's clothes, it would be taken as a sarcastic insult. Prior to the end of the date, Minowa notes that Nia's affection levels remained static since the start of the date.

Mukuro Planet[]

As part of Ratatoskr's plans to make contact with the newly-discovered Spirit <Zodiac>, Minowa helps Kannazuki prepare a hologram that Shido can control via Realizer.

As with every other Ratatoskr crew member, Minowa is given a dressing-down by the repaired <Fraxinus'> new AI, MARIA, who accuses her of using <Fraxinus'> equipment to spy on ex-lovers.

After the Spirits escape from the fantasy world that DEM trapped them in, a siren sounds on board <Fraxinus>, and Minowa alerts them of three DEM warships in space closing in on <Fraxinus>.

Mukuro Family[]

During the showdown between <Fraxinus> and <Goetia>, Minowa is the first to detect the signal of an opposing CR-Unit amongst DEM's Bandersnatches, which is revealed to be Artemisia Bell Ashcroft.

A while after Mukuro is brought back to Earth, her Spirit levels are monitored from onboard the <Fraxinus>. Minowa notices Mukuro's Spirit reading spike alongside a Category E reading from elsewhere. Kotori realizes that Mukuro is engaged in a violent clash against the Inverse Form of Tohka.

Kurumi Ragnarok[]

Minowa is seen onboard <Fraxinus> taking a command to contact Origami, Miku and Nia.